NEET 09/10/2019 (Tue) 09:42:43 No.11509 del
Nope. It's largely dead, every now and then something decent comes out, but it cannot compare to earlier stuff in any measure, specially if the earlier one is hand drawn. I've watched loads of recent anime. Ergo Proxy, Konosuba, gabriel dropout, shoujo shuumatsu ryoukou, lucky star, and those are just a few random ones that immediately came to mind.
But in the end, most of them fall prey to being rehearsed cliche shit that sets your eyes on fire from how ugly it is. The greatest of recent anime is probably ergo proxy right there, it does everything perfectly, except it has fallen for the digital animation poison. Lots of digital series that do the same thing while being pretty to boot.
Is there anything digital as well animated as Robot Carnival? Is there a modern shounen that can at any moment compare to Saint Seiya's 12 temples arc? Is there a greater love story/idolshit anime to come out in the digital era that compares to Kimagure Orange Road?
Not at all. No competition. It's not because others are new, it's because they're trash. If anything you're part of the collective prideful mindset that says things automatically get better over time, when making this assumption and not acting towards the goal has caused the mess we're left it today.