NEET 09/10/2019 (Tue) 10:41:58 No.11567 del
Well NEET, save for kemono friends you made me look up references for specifically the good recent anime.

If we're talking the game references of lucky star, there's nothing, because hand drawn anime predates most of the gaming stuff explored there. If we're talking slice of life, try Urusei Yatsura. It's the original slice of life.
Kimagure Orange Road is very much a slice of life also. Every other anime by UY's author qualifies too, there's Maison Ikkoku from that author that's heavier on the slice of life. Half of Megazone 23 is the characters going about their daily lives while the protagonist moves around in his bike.
>shoujo shuumatsu
People wandering a post-apocalyptic earth, mostly lonely. A very original setting, even if it doesn't sound like it immediately. So much there's nothing like it other than shoujo shuumatsu, new or old.
If we exclude that and start talking about its other aspects, then there's plenty done before.
If we're just talking cute girls being cute, that's basically what most anime have. I think when people say this they really mean moe. That's nearly non existent since it's mostly a modern invention. I can point out Dragon Pink and Magic Knight Rayearth for the closest to moe I'm aware of. But if you're looking for attractive girls, you won't find more attractive or original ones outside old anime.
Closest to being all about cute girls doing cute things is the mahou shoujo genre where the main characters are always girls and they get involved in girly stuff.
If we're talking comfy, that's also mahou shoujo, or just the downtime of any shounen. There's Galaxy Express 999, maison ikkoku, any slow-paced anime.
If we're talking post apocayptic, trigun, area 88.

>kemono friends
Dora the goddamn Explorer.