NEET 03/26/2020 (Thu) 07:43:57 No.119105 del
This is the email I got from my support worker
So basically I cant go anywhere or really do anything but management want to send someone around to fill out their forms so all the paper work is in order for them,so they will feel good about themselves, while leaving me by myself with no one to help me, I originally replied we will just fill out the forms but I feel like telling management to get fucked and shove the paperwork up their arse (all my support is related to transport)

::::::Hi NEET

At the moment we have not cancelled supports. However, we have closed down the activity centre and are not running any group activities.

Having said this there have been some changes to the way we are doing supports whilst the coronavirus thing is ongoing.

Any support involving transport is to be restricted to a maximum of 15 minutes in the car and only when the transport is essential. Further to this change you will have to sit in the back seat as we have been directed to maintain the 1.5 metre distancing rules.

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