NEET 03/26/2020 (Thu) 08:27:25 No.119140 del
It wasn't that bad.
Big Ol' Webbo
Quality catch up full of tasty (You)'s.

Got smashed on two beers and a small cone of new weed.
About ten minutes after I had it, Monaro's brother came outside and sat with me so I drunk the beer quick and grabbed another to hopefully hide my whackedness. I started talking about racial gangs at his school and told him to get a job. Or a trade. I invited him to help me re-tile the bathroom. I am not sure whatelse I said. There was some shit about Monaro being closer to Irish traditionalism than white chicks that I would've been with them if they were closer to that than the fucked up sluts I was presented with. I then had a shower and opened the door while playing this at full blast. [Embed]
Got chicken nuggo's in the airfryer. I am not sharing with him. He can make his own.

Gina wants to get in your gape.
I miss you the most.

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