NEET 05/20/2020 (Wed) 02:06:08 No.157779 del
I did a mission into Sydney. I hid myself in different places at night and walked around during the day. It was almost deserted in places. The security women at Bondi Beach were Irish and the lifeguard women were German. The police were mostly Aussie with a smattering of foreigners.

There were a few good places with interesting people. These were mostly hidden and I needed to explore and talk randomly with people to find them. Many people think that the government response to COVID-19 is bullshit. But many more are willing to do whatever the government tells them to.

The mission lasted about a week and a half including initial preparation and training. I found that the most important things were stealth, then mobility. Water was more important than food in remote areas, but both were easy to come by in the city. Leaving my phone behind forced me to interact with people more and by the end I was feeling quite social.

The next mission for me to do is the infiltration mission that was discussed here before.