NEET 01/12/2021 (Tue) 14:40:33 No.294764 del
Well I'm not an expert, I thought I was going mad but turns out it's a recognized phenomenon.
So you have a regular nightmare, I get them every night.
Then you have a night terror/sleep paralysis, might get one a month.
But this is on a whole nother level.

You get auditory or visual hallucinations when you are waking up or falling asleep
I had a nightmare, but then when I woke up there was this high pitched alien sound coming from my neck (I know, doesn't make sense) and I started seeing shadows of objects in the room- like the silhouette of an object that isn't there.
I saw the silhouette of my ironing board in my room- there wasn't really anything there, my ironing board has never even been in my room.
>how did you know it was your ironing board
It just was, it's my hallucination so of course I know what it was.

It's poorly understood, no known cause, nothing really in the way of treatment.
Shit fucked me up, I thought I was going crazy- maybe I am