NEET 04/07/2021 (Wed) 07:24:44 No.338680 del
After weeks, perhaps months of procrastinating the linen part of the wardrobe, I've just organised it in 15 minutes.

Sounds good on paper but I'd rather not stir the pot that much. I sort of need this place as a referee in the future. I basically have none at the moment. The only issue is my boss is not pissed but not exactly happy about how many sickies I've taken and told him I need to work from home. Most of which are legitimate if you consider insomnia a real 'sick day', which I do because I can't do fucking anything under that artificial light surrounded by ringing phones and people talking etc when I'm fatigued.
The other sickies have been hangovers though. I don't wanna open up about the mong doc and ruin my reputation further incase I can squeeze a referr out of this guy.