NEET 04/08/2021 (Thu) 06:51:33 No.339051 del
I don't think it's anything personal against Nuro. My guess would be the person who keeps doing the spam is upset at endchan as a whole and sees Nuro as a good target for his bullshit. If I were Nuro I wouldn't respond to the spammer's posts, seeing people get upset and paying attention to his antics probably gives him a kick.
Him holding a banana in the CCTV footage was so surreal.
Unfortunate, I hope you remember your password and get your money.
I knew the differences in beer glass names and sizes between states was confusing but I didn't know it was this confusing.
I like this, you should make some more and maybe even vocaroo it.
Sounds very weird, maybe he wants to cuddle you.
27 degrees today in Shitbourne, came back from staying in country VIC with some friends of mummybot's late on Tuesday evening, I spent most of my time out there bushwalking, while mummybot sat at the house drinking wine and gossiping with her friends, I took a lot of pictures, which I'll try and post some of later.