NEET 07/22/2021 (Thu) 02:41:00 No.382360 del
You might have just been subjected to hostile interviewing.
It's becoming more common now.

They were probably trying to gauge the response pattern of applicants, it's a sneaky tactic that comes from(((freudian))) sociology.

Imagine I gave a ten year old a 15 year old math question, to see if he would guess, quit, cheat or start crying.
It's entirely possible that you were not expected to complete the question, and the interviewer was simply seeing how you respond to this kind of stress.
You quit, they decided they don't want quitters- the rationale being that if the position is remote employees quitting is a risk to their company and an applicant who quits in testing is likely to quit during a project.

I mean it could be that you just lack the technical aptitude- but in the real world you have resources and work as part of a team.
It's really only people who are "taking point" that need these kind of autonomous executive skills, and who logically should be tested in a hostile environment.