NEET 11/27/2021 (Sat) 00:19:05 No.437592 del
It's going to be a hard shock to the system in two days, when I have to return to the wage. Listening to the Allman Brothers - Dreams (live) and going to have a couple more cones and a third 5th-ish stando whiskey. They want me to get the vax, like I expected them to. Now I need to threaten them with fairwork shit that won't actually do anything but may be enough to put them on the back foot to let me work from home. I may end up having reduced hours. I fucking hate all this shit. Nation is gay, I want to go bush. Got a haircut lined up tomorrow. The lady flirts with me a bit. Going to have a sliced turkey loaf, swiss cheese, cucumber and relish roll. Might have two. Need to clean the car. Probably wont because I'm lazy. Need to move a couple cabinets to the shed. Ditto. As bad as being a neurotic, worrisome, goon'd out fuckwit is, I think it's my natural state. My middle ground. It's been good to be able to be like this for a few weeks. I haven't been really smashed and near death so I think I haven't won the game. No matter how bad the boonging, I want to level up a little more. Wish I had some codeine and endone. Back to the semi-clean living next week. Need to cut back the choof to once a fortnight and drinking to only social. Need to eat healthy and schedule shopping bi-weekly into the google calendar. I think that's all of today's posts in one. I'll have a shower and that roll, then watch youtube after another couple choofs and another standard. I'm sure there's something more productive I'm able to do but I'm productive enough.