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RIP Helen 08/11/2020

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NEET General #209 - Pie Edition NEET 08/18/2020 (Tue) 07:00:45 [Preview] No. 208314
How many pies are the right number to eat?

OLD: >>207298

NEET 08/18/2020 (Tue) 07:01:11 [Preview] No.208316 del

NEET 08/18/2020 (Tue) 07:02:00 [Preview] No.208319 del
Good thread, fren.

NEET 08/18/2020 (Tue) 07:02:15 [Preview] No.208320 del
Yeah those are nice.
I remember this was first posted when we would joke about NK being a boong, and we said that it was him.
Unlike Weber, they need a warrant to surveill your arse.
Back from a walk, going to make an egg sandwich now.

NEET 08/18/2020 (Tue) 07:02:36 [Preview] No.208321 del
Regular, family or mini pies?

NEET 08/18/2020 (Tue) 07:02:37 [Preview] No.208322 del
Seven (7) pies.

NEET 08/18/2020 (Tue) 07:02:44 [Preview] No.208323 del
It may annoy that NEET who doesn't like sweet pies though.

NEET 08/18/2020 (Tue) 07:02:53 [Preview] No.208324 del

NEET 08/18/2020 (Tue) 07:03:53 [Preview] No.208328 del
Your choice.

NEET 08/18/2020 (Tue) 07:03:56 [Preview] No.208329 del
No, there's like a 3 foot corridor, but the fence has been pushed against the shed.

NEET 08/18/2020 (Tue) 07:04:29 [Preview] No.208330 del
Fuc 'im, that's what I reckon m8

NEET 08/18/2020 (Tue) 07:06:01 [Preview] No.208331 del

NEET 08/18/2020 (Tue) 07:06:31 [Preview] No.208332 del
(30.78 KB 300x100 Add this one..png)
When more banners are made and you need to delete them to make space, delete this one.

NEET 08/18/2020 (Tue) 07:06:40 [Preview] No.208333 del
Why would you waste backyard space for the fence. If it was done well it doesn't need more than a few inches?

NEET 08/18/2020 (Tue) 07:07:12 [Preview] No.208334 del
And your poo did this?

NEET 08/18/2020 (Tue) 07:07:23 [Preview] No.208335 del
There's a fucking 60 year old SA Water inspection point there, that's why??

NEET 08/18/2020 (Tue) 07:07:28 [Preview] No.208336 del
>delete this one.
Why I like the great variety of them? I may delete them if we reach a limit but it doesn't seem to be there.

NEET 08/18/2020 (Tue) 07:07:37 [Preview] No.208337 del
Council rules.

NEET 08/18/2020 (Tue) 07:08:25 [Preview] No.208338 del
(1.75 MB 3636x1727 IMG_3678.JPG)


NEET 08/18/2020 (Tue) 07:09:50 [Preview] No.208339 del
Post a video of you doing a burnout or a handbrake turn.

NEET 08/18/2020 (Tue) 07:12:31 [Preview] No.208340 del
The colour of the writing is wrong, it's the colour of the onion.

NEET 08/18/2020 (Tue) 07:12:54 [Preview] No.208341 del
A fine for not having a front licence plate?

NEET 08/18/2020 (Tue) 07:12:57 [Preview] No.208342 del
Kinda looks like a 72 Celica from that angle Celica is better tbh

NEET 08/18/2020 (Tue) 07:15:12 [Preview] No.208343 del
Based front-plateless.

NEET 08/18/2020 (Tue) 07:15:41 [Preview] No.208344 del
Mostly all of the food ones are designed that way...

NEET 08/18/2020 (Tue) 07:16:16 [Preview] No.208345 del
Bolt on some wheel flares and run 275s or 280s.

NEET 08/18/2020 (Tue) 07:16:23 [Preview] No.208346 del
Sorry it is not.

NEET 08/18/2020 (Tue) 07:17:37 [Preview] No.208347 del
I like the way the front driver's side wheel has like a 3kg weight on it.

NEET 08/18/2020 (Tue) 07:19:53 [Preview] No.208348 del
This is the Based Department, your request has been denied, try again once you have installed a chrome bumper.

NEET 08/18/2020 (Tue) 07:21:39 [Preview] No.208349 del
These are all the banners. For the problem with the banners, please tell me what ones as I just add them as they come through. I will not be removing banners for someone disliking them unless there is a group census.

NEET 08/18/2020 (Tue) 07:22:01 [Preview] No.208350 del
Hmmmmmmm the file size threw the image.

NEET 08/18/2020 (Tue) 07:22:27 [Preview] No.208351 del

NEET 08/18/2020 (Tue) 07:22:32 [Preview] No.208352 del

NEET 08/18/2020 (Tue) 07:23:28 [Preview] No.208353 del
300 x 100

NEET 08/18/2020 (Tue) 07:23:57 [Preview] No.208355 del
Shire's bulge needs to be the only flag.

NEET 08/18/2020 (Tue) 07:26:59 [Preview] No.208356 del
The application I used corrupted the image halfway through and that must have caused it.

NEET 08/18/2020 (Tue) 07:27:53 [Preview] No.208357 del
(1.60 MB 7780x1642 banner.png)
Make this a banner.

NEET 08/18/2020 (Tue) 07:30:37 [Preview] No.208358 del
No, it would be the page and add lag.

NEET 08/18/2020 (Tue) 07:33:16 [Preview] No.208359 del
Chicken burgers for dindins, made from Coles Chicken schnitzels, I highly recommend them.

NEET 08/18/2020 (Tue) 07:33:28 [Preview] No.208360 del

NEET 08/18/2020 (Tue) 07:34:14 [Preview] No.208361 del
What else is going on them?

NEET 08/18/2020 (Tue) 07:35:25 [Preview] No.208362 del
Lettuce, tomato, onions, mayo and some chilli flakes.

NEET 08/18/2020 (Tue) 07:35:32 [Preview] No.208363 del
(313.00 B 9x9 lag banner2.png)
My file must've been too big too.
This is one 1/10000 of the size.

NEET 08/18/2020 (Tue) 07:36:44 [Preview] No.208364 del

NEET 08/18/2020 (Tue) 07:37:06 [Preview] No.208365 del
This post is about the size a manner needs to be.

NEET 08/18/2020 (Tue) 07:39:21 [Preview] No.208366 del
That's the size of the flag.

NEET 08/18/2020 (Tue) 07:40:37 [Preview] No.208367 del
>A man driving "erratically" to buy a fish tank for his pet frog is among the 174 Victorians fined by police over COVID-19 breaches.

NEET 08/18/2020 (Tue) 07:50:58 [Preview] No.208368 del
A snack-pack would be awesome right now. Will you be adding any Worcestershire sauce to the sammich?

Besides apple, have sweet pies ever really been an Aussie thing?

That file name contradicts what you're asking. Make sense or fuck off!

The 12-year olds at the skate park will be very impressed...

They are nice. I can get two burgers out of one schnitty but then again I'm a skelly.

Nice selection. Only a fool would eat a chook burger without lettuce and mayo.

NEET 08/18/2020 (Tue) 07:52:10 [Preview] No.208369 del
https://youtube.com/watch?v=aDpYYj0jdx0 [Embed]

Possum is a Juggalo

NEET 08/18/2020 (Tue) 07:52:36 [Preview] No.208370 del
>Besides apple, have sweet pies ever really been an Aussie thing?
Apricot pie is as ubiquitous as apple. Cherry danish etc.

NEET 08/18/2020 (Tue) 07:53:55 [Preview] No.208371 del
I'll serve your ass like a rabid chef
If your girl steps up, I'll stab her to death
Word to your mother, A scrub from the gutter
That'll cut through your neck, hot knife to butter

I turn the moon off and dance in the darkness
Choke the life, right up out of your carcus
I got sick jokes for you, there not fun
Fuck you in the ass with a shotgun

NEET 08/18/2020 (Tue) 07:54:05 [Preview] No.208372 del
>have sweet pies ever really been an Aussie thing?
Not really, we typically have pastries that have different types of fruit.

NEET 08/18/2020 (Tue) 07:55:35 [Preview] No.208373 del
>I turn the moon off and dance in the darkness
I don't doubt that part.

NEET 08/18/2020 (Tue) 07:58:21 [Preview] No.208374 del
Can't believe I didn't think of that. It's a childhood favourite.

We're known for savoury pies. Fruit pies are a seppo thing.

NEET 08/18/2020 (Tue) 08:00:49 [Preview] No.208375 del
Floppy Disk

NEET 08/18/2020 (Tue) 08:01:15 [Preview] No.208376 del
Based. Nice one Nuro.

NEET 08/18/2020 (Tue) 08:02:09 [Preview] No.208377 del
https://youtube.com/watch?v=bHLHF-nUEzQ [Embed]

NEET 08/18/2020 (Tue) 08:04:50 [Preview] No.208378 del
Some fine banners. Some of Cruisey's best work.

NEET 08/18/2020 (Tue) 08:07:54 [Preview] No.208379 del
https://youtube.com/watch?v=o52wpb3nv0Y [Embed]

NEET 08/18/2020 (Tue) 08:09:03 [Preview] No.208380 del
Edmund Barton? My like Edmund fartin'.

NEET 08/18/2020 (Tue) 08:09:10 [Preview] No.208381 del
Something takes a part of me
You and I were meant to be
A cheap fuck for me to lay
Something takes a part of me

NEET 08/18/2020 (Tue) 08:10:19 [Preview] No.208382 del
No I did not put Worcestershire sauce on the sandwich.

NEET 08/18/2020 (Tue) 08:11:03 [Preview] No.208383 del
https://youtube.com/watch?v=35kbiqjnJog [Embed]

NEET 08/18/2020 (Tue) 08:11:51 [Preview] No.208384 del

NEET 08/18/2020 (Tue) 08:15:36 [Preview] No.208385 del
I miss him fellas.

NEET 08/18/2020 (Tue) 08:17:50 [Preview] No.208386 del
https://youtube.com/watch?v=QYVqQEsvP18 [Embed]

NEET 08/18/2020 (Tue) 08:18:01 [Preview] No.208387 del

NEET 08/18/2020 (Tue) 08:19:31 [Preview] No.208388 del
meat and veggies for dinner lads

NEET 08/18/2020 (Tue) 08:20:30 [Preview] No.208389 del
https://youtube.com/watch?v=qLAbAp5tbU0 [Embed]

NEET 08/18/2020 (Tue) 08:20:46 [Preview] No.208390 del
i wish i was a lounge piano player

NEET 08/18/2020 (Tue) 08:21:13 [Preview] No.208391 del
is half life 3 coming out?

NEET 08/18/2020 (Tue) 08:22:44 [Preview] No.208392 del

NEET 08/18/2020 (Tue) 08:22:54 [Preview] No.208393 del
Soon, right after Half life 2.75

NEET 08/18/2020 (Tue) 08:24:24 [Preview] No.208394 del
when is full life being realeaed???

NEET 08/18/2020 (Tue) 08:24:27 [Preview] No.208395 del
This is why https://youtube.com/watch?v=L8wZHsZJm0I [Embed]

NEET 08/18/2020 (Tue) 08:27:04 [Preview] No.208396 del

NEET 08/18/2020 (Tue) 08:27:55 [Preview] No.208397 del
haha thats funny kyle xD

NEET 08/18/2020 (Tue) 08:28:12 [Preview] No.208398 del
yeh when??

NEET 08/18/2020 (Tue) 08:28:27 [Preview] No.208399 del
who is kyle?

NEET 08/18/2020 (Tue) 08:29:45 [Preview] No.208400 del
im iss him :(

NEET 08/18/2020 (Tue) 08:31:09 [Preview] No.208401 del
Time to move on m8.

NEET 08/18/2020 (Tue) 08:33:08 [Preview] No.208402 del
Mr. Teddy loves me

NEET 08/18/2020 (Tue) 08:33:15 [Preview] No.208403 del

NEET 08/18/2020 (Tue) 08:35:17 [Preview] No.208404 del
A harmony of twangs.

NEET 08/18/2020 (Tue) 08:35:44 [Preview] No.208405 del

NEET 08/18/2020 (Tue) 08:36:32 [Preview] No.208406 del
Got news for you m8, Teddy has been cheating on you with another neet.

NEET 08/18/2020 (Tue) 08:37:38 [Preview] No.208407 del
>Shire's bulge
Still thinking about it.

NEET 08/18/2020 (Tue) 08:38:14 [Preview] No.208408 del
wh-which one?

NEET 08/18/2020 (Tue) 08:38:14 [Preview] No.208409 del
This is the only ICP song I like.

https://youtube.com/watch?v=q3I2EVNE7Ms [Embed]

NEET 08/18/2020 (Tue) 08:39:29 [Preview] No.208410 del
I thought it would be the one about magnets.

NEET 08/18/2020 (Tue) 08:41:44 [Preview] No.208411 del
I also enjoy the magnet song.

NEET 08/18/2020 (Tue) 08:43:51 [Preview] No.208412 del
I hope all you NEETs with good dads spend time with them this father's day.

NEET 08/18/2020 (Tue) 08:44:15 [Preview] No.208413 del
Will do.

NEET 08/18/2020 (Tue) 08:46:38 [Preview] No.208414 del
(62.09 KB 1273x656 34324234.JPG)
>A yo shaggy this pelican ate my phone

Motherfucking miracle.

NEET 08/18/2020 (Tue) 08:51:24 [Preview] No.208415 del
Beer no.8

NEET 08/18/2020 (Tue) 08:51:32 [Preview] No.208416 del
he's dead you insensitive bastart

NEET 08/18/2020 (Tue) 08:53:15 [Preview] No.208417 del
Are you the NEET that had all weird bruises and purple shit happening on your back?

NEET 08/18/2020 (Tue) 08:53:58 [Preview] No.208418 del
My dad disowned me before I was born and my mum is dead. Yet I still tell the NEETs on here with good parents to spend time with them on Father's/Mother's day, get over yourself.

NEET 08/18/2020 (Tue) 08:54:47 [Preview] No.208419 del
i bet u smel of fartz

NEET 08/18/2020 (Tue) 08:56:39 [Preview] No.208420 del

NEET 08/18/2020 (Tue) 09:04:24 [Preview] No.208421 del
Were you the one posting this morning about not having alcohol or marijuanas yesterday and feeling good?

NEET 08/18/2020 (Tue) 09:07:36 [Preview] No.208422 del
Having tempura chicken nuggets for dinner

NEET 08/18/2020 (Tue) 09:13:20 [Preview] No.208423 del
(27.09 KB 448x401 manofculture.JPG)
Fine choice neet. What sort of condiments will be accompanying the tempura?

NEET 08/18/2020 (Tue) 09:14:25 [Preview] No.208424 del
If the neets are from bad homes won't spending time with their parents just make them worse?

NEET 08/18/2020 (Tue) 09:15:02 [Preview] No.208425 del
Tomato sauce

NEET 08/18/2020 (Tue) 09:15:32 [Preview] No.208426 del
>wanted to save some of the pepes from the last thread, but too lazy to go back and get them

NEET 08/18/2020 (Tue) 09:15:58 [Preview] No.208427 del
u lazie fuk

NEET 08/18/2020 (Tue) 09:16:07 [Preview] No.208428 del
Fancy nuggies.

NEET 08/18/2020 (Tue) 09:17:28 [Preview] No.208429 del
Did you read my post?
>NEETs on here with good parents
I even specified that for the NEETs from bad homes.

NEET 08/18/2020 (Tue) 09:20:57 [Preview] No.208430 del
You probably shouldn't have waded into the issue at all. It is a sensitive subject for some of us broken NEETs.

NEET 08/18/2020 (Tue) 09:23:38 [Preview] No.208431 del
(1.91 MB 4032x3024 IMG_5109.JPG)

NEET 08/18/2020 (Tue) 09:24:06 [Preview] No.208432 del
Hello Shitey.
How is your plumbing?

NEET 08/18/2020 (Tue) 09:25:07 [Preview] No.208433 del
no sauce?

NEET 08/18/2020 (Tue) 09:25:20 [Preview] No.208434 del
You have wonderful Golden Nugs

NEET 08/18/2020 (Tue) 09:26:05 [Preview] No.208435 del
Jesus fucking christ...

NEET 08/18/2020 (Tue) 09:26:27 [Preview] No.208436 del
1 litre of Worcestershire sauce

NEET 08/18/2020 (Tue) 09:26:34 [Preview] No.208437 del
Do not blaspheme!

NEET 08/18/2020 (Tue) 09:26:59 [Preview] No.208438 del
Nice nuggers.

NEET 08/18/2020 (Tue) 09:27:08 [Preview] No.208439 del
New Firefox mobile browser sucks.

NEET 08/18/2020 (Tue) 09:27:29 [Preview] No.208440 del
Fuck off.

NEET 08/18/2020 (Tue) 09:27:55 [Preview] No.208441 del
Oh so rude

NEET 08/18/2020 (Tue) 09:28:36 [Preview] No.208442 del
I'm not the one being a cunt for no reason. I just tried making a nice fucking post.

NEET 08/18/2020 (Tue) 09:28:50 [Preview] No.208443 del
Hello, I haven't encountered any issues with the plumbing yet

NEET 08/18/2020 (Tue) 09:28:54 [Preview] No.208444 del
He can only use so many words.

NEET 08/18/2020 (Tue) 09:29:32 [Preview] No.208445 del
The tomato sauce is in a seperate bowl

NEET 08/18/2020 (Tue) 09:29:55 [Preview] No.208446 del
it was a good post

NEET 08/18/2020 (Tue) 09:30:13 [Preview] No.208447 del

NEET 08/18/2020 (Tue) 09:30:37 [Preview] No.208448 del
Put some Garlic and chillis in it.

NEET 08/18/2020 (Tue) 09:31:05 [Preview] No.208449 del
(64.82 KB 300x100 nuggos.png)

NEET 08/18/2020 (Tue) 09:32:18 [Preview] No.208450 del
A sure sign of a bad upbringing.

NEET 08/18/2020 (Tue) 09:32:45 [Preview] No.208451 del
I got told off twice today because I used the C word.

NEET 08/18/2020 (Tue) 09:33:05 [Preview] No.208452 del
I was just tying to make a nice post and then others come along and be a cunt to me, yet I'm the one with the bad upbringing.

NEET 08/18/2020 (Tue) 09:33:27 [Preview] No.208453 del

NEET 08/18/2020 (Tue) 09:34:59 [Preview] No.208454 del
Ignore em neet

NEET 08/18/2020 (Tue) 09:36:08 [Preview] No.208455 del

NEET 08/18/2020 (Tue) 09:36:40 [Preview] No.208456 del

NEET 08/18/2020 (Tue) 09:37:58 [Preview] No.208457 del
extremely pleasant

NEET 08/18/2020 (Tue) 09:38:05 [Preview] No.208458 del
I suspect that some of you may have homosexual tendencies.

NEET 08/18/2020 (Tue) 09:39:25 [Preview] No.208459 del
Big toilet

NEET 08/18/2020 (Tue) 09:40:49 [Preview] No.208460 del
That's funny... I suspected the same of you... meet you at the park toilets before the next council meeting?

NEET 08/18/2020 (Tue) 09:41:19 [Preview] No.208461 del
Everyone hole is a goal.

NEET 08/18/2020 (Tue) 09:43:16 [Preview] No.208462 del
Well nugged.

NEET 08/18/2020 (Tue) 09:43:46 [Preview] No.208463 del
Shouldn't have ordered those gin + tonics from Dan's today. I don't know how alco-neets manage to keep drinking, day after day.

NEET 08/18/2020 (Tue) 09:43:54 [Preview] No.208464 del
Downloading flight sim 2020


NEET 08/18/2020 (Tue) 09:44:48 [Preview] No.208465 del
The bulge posts expanded my horizons.

NEET 08/18/2020 (Tue) 09:44:57 [Preview] No.208466 del
Perseverance is the key, you will build up a tolerance.

NEET 08/18/2020 (Tue) 09:45:35 [Preview] No.208467 del
That's a big one. Can you re-enact 9/11?

NEET 08/18/2020 (Tue) 09:45:50 [Preview] No.208468 del
Can't argue with a good bulge.

NEET 08/18/2020 (Tue) 09:46:15 [Preview] No.208469 del
The twin towers no longer exist.

NEET 08/18/2020 (Tue) 09:46:32 [Preview] No.208470 del
I suspect Hogwarts postponed your invitation on account of your developmental delays.

NEET 08/18/2020 (Tue) 09:47:50 [Preview] No.208472 del
No one can avoid the goon tax.

NEET 08/18/2020 (Tue) 09:48:34 [Preview] No.208473 del
That's more than available space I have on my hard drives.

NEET 08/18/2020 (Tue) 09:49:15 [Preview] No.208474 del
You need a big one

NEET 08/18/2020 (Tue) 09:49:56 [Preview] No.208475 del
Need to get a mod.

NEET 08/18/2020 (Tue) 09:50:15 [Preview] No.208476 del
I do need a bigger one.

NEET 08/18/2020 (Tue) 09:50:53 [Preview] No.208477 del
Even better if you can see the helmet.

NEET 08/18/2020 (Tue) 09:52:07 [Preview] No.208478 del
I prefer the term flange over helmet.

NEET 08/18/2020 (Tue) 09:54:25 [Preview] No.208479 del
(89.72 KB 1277x711 ph1.jpg)

NEET 08/18/2020 (Tue) 09:55:28 [Preview] No.208480 del
I shall endeavour to use that word.

NEET 08/18/2020 (Tue) 10:00:18 [Preview] No.208481 del
Is she talking about tone's bulge or clive's?

NEET 08/18/2020 (Tue) 10:01:50 [Preview] No.208482 del
Tones bulge and a fraction of the pies Clive eats

NEET 08/18/2020 (Tue) 10:02:56 [Preview] No.208483 del
thinking back to a simpler time, before corona, when Australia was merely on fire

NEET 08/18/2020 (Tue) 10:03:35 [Preview] No.208484 del
(128.79 KB 1125x1108 uoc8i4m79ph51.jpg)

NEET 08/18/2020 (Tue) 10:03:45 [Preview] No.208485 del
That smoke got into everything. It sucked.

NEET 08/18/2020 (Tue) 10:03:55 [Preview] No.208486 del
She was talking about Tony's Penis Size

NEET 08/18/2020 (Tue) 10:04:56 [Preview] No.208487 del
2019 was such a simple time, where we had hope that maybe we were starting to live in the future and the future might not be a dystopia and all that has seemed to fade

NEET 08/18/2020 (Tue) 10:04:59 [Preview] No.208488 del
(328.13 KB 1100x630 dsp shoes.jpg)

NEET 08/18/2020 (Tue) 10:05:49 [Preview] No.208489 del

NEET 08/18/2020 (Tue) 10:06:54 [Preview] No.208490 del
Me wants a pair

NEET 08/18/2020 (Tue) 10:07:17 [Preview] No.208491 del
Like how I like my NEETs. Thicc and thin.

NEET 08/18/2020 (Tue) 10:07:45 [Preview] No.208492 del

NEET 08/18/2020 (Tue) 10:08:49 [Preview] No.208493 del
There's not enough time between conception and birth.

NEET 08/18/2020 (Tue) 10:09:35 [Preview] No.208494 del

NEET 08/18/2020 (Tue) 10:16:30 [Preview] No.208495 del
New Thread on 16chan

NEET 08/18/2020 (Tue) 10:26:25 [Preview] No.208496 del
Centrelink will backpay me $7596.48 for my DSP claim. This is factoring in the time that I was working and on youth allowance/new start

NEET 08/18/2020 (Tue) 10:28:18 [Preview] No.208497 del
I read it wrong, Centrelink will backpay me $10350.51

NEET 08/18/2020 (Tue) 10:28:28 [Preview] No.208498 del
Noice. What are you going to do with it?

NEET 08/18/2020 (Tue) 10:28:44 [Preview] No.208499 del

NEET 08/18/2020 (Tue) 10:28:52 [Preview] No.208500 del
That is good news NEET. Was that about what you were expecting?

NEET 08/18/2020 (Tue) 10:31:40 [Preview] No.208501 del
Even better.

NEET 08/18/2020 (Tue) 10:33:48 [Preview] No.208502 del
You have to divide that amongst all of the NEETs

NEET 08/18/2020 (Tue) 10:34:14 [Preview] No.208503 del
Deposit it in my savings account, that will bring my savings up to $30,350.51
A little less, but after learning how they calculate it, it seems reasonable

NEET 08/18/2020 (Tue) 10:34:24 [Preview] No.208504 del
After the neet council has taken its fifth, you'll be able to afford a whole bucket of kfc.

NEET 08/18/2020 (Tue) 10:37:15 [Preview] No.208505 del
>savings up to $30,350.51
Very well done NEET. What plans do you have for these savings eventually?

NEET 08/18/2020 (Tue) 10:37:43 [Preview] No.208506 del
Are you saving up for anything in particular?

NEET 08/18/2020 (Tue) 10:42:14 [Preview] No.208507 del
Fucking NEETs

NEET 08/18/2020 (Tue) 10:43:10 [Preview] No.208508 del
6 (six) dim-sims (microwaved), One (1) cup of instant noodle (Suimin Prawn & Chicken) plus a lettuce salad for dinner (after drinking 9 ((nine)) beers)...

Bust a nut guy NEET 08/18/2020 (Tue) 10:44:09 [Preview] No.208509 del
How are you neets on this depressing week night?

NEET 08/18/2020 (Tue) 10:44:41 [Preview] No.208510 del
Hello, well. Yourself?

NEET 08/18/2020 (Tue) 10:44:53 [Preview] No.208511 del
Are you going to become a support worker like I told you to?

NEET 08/18/2020 (Tue) 10:46:22 [Preview] No.208512 del
G'day, BANG! Good thank you. How are you?

NEET 08/18/2020 (Tue) 10:48:31 [Preview] No.208513 del
That's good. I'm a depressed wagecuck
I applied to the tafe last night fren. I've got a numeracy and literacy test next week as part of the process to acquire fee help.

NEET 08/18/2020 (Tue) 10:48:35 [Preview] No.208514 del
Are the dim-sims nice? I don't like them when they get that rubbery feel to their coating.

NEET 08/18/2020 (Tue) 10:49:04 [Preview] No.208515 del
Property, perhaps. I'll keep on saving until I learn a bit more about it

NEET 08/18/2020 (Tue) 10:49:52 [Preview] No.208516 del
https://youtube.com/watch?v=wh3PO9Nhdjk [Embed]

NEET 08/18/2020 (Tue) 10:50:02 [Preview] No.208517 del
Good luck on the test.

NEET 08/18/2020 (Tue) 10:52:03 [Preview] No.208518 del

Because one of us sleeps with a male teddy bear?

Reported to TSA and ASU

Happened in 1945 yet no building collapse...

NEET 08/18/2020 (Tue) 10:53:58 [Preview] No.208519 del
Not as good as when steamed over a pot of boiling water, and not as good as fried but pretty damn good when you're drunk.

NEET 08/18/2020 (Tue) 10:54:52 [Preview] No.208520 del
Okay, weighing up whether to play some games or do some work.

NEET 08/18/2020 (Tue) 10:55:14 [Preview] No.208521 del
(546.48 KB 724x748 Efkf7gJXYAU7Omj.png)

NEET 08/18/2020 (Tue) 10:58:13 [Preview] No.208522 del
Hearty kek.

NEET 08/18/2020 (Tue) 11:00:14 [Preview] No.208523 del
(192.05 KB 1080x1620 a19.jpeg)

NEET 08/18/2020 (Tue) 11:02:25 [Preview] No.208524 del

NEET 08/18/2020 (Tue) 11:15:09 [Preview] No.208525 del
(402.05 KB 780x679 yes.png)

NEET 08/18/2020 (Tue) 11:15:25 [Preview] No.208526 del

NEET 08/18/2020 (Tue) 11:18:06 [Preview] No.208527 del

NEET 08/18/2020 (Tue) 11:19:51 [Preview] No.208528 del
https://youtube.com/watch?v=XZbaRd9gO3Q [Embed]

NEET 08/18/2020 (Tue) 11:19:55 [Preview] No.208529 del
(241.11 KB 393x393 mong.png)

NEET 08/18/2020 (Tue) 11:21:45 [Preview] No.208530 del
Twanged out NEET holes are just another casualty of the war on NEET arses.

NEET 08/18/2020 (Tue) 11:23:07 [Preview] No.208531 del

NEET 08/18/2020 (Tue) 11:23:39 [Preview] No.208532 del
Finished watching Star Trek Voyager and Deep Space 9, Deep Space 9 was much better, next up is Enterprise.

NEET 08/18/2020 (Tue) 11:25:42 [Preview] No.208533 del
I loved the Voyage Home

NEET 08/18/2020 (Tue) 11:26:36 [Preview] No.208534 del
Deep Space 9 is my favourite Trek. Voyager was crappy overall but had some great episodes. I did not even watch Enterprise all the way through. It is meant to get better towards the end but I never bothered after how shitty it started.

NEET 08/18/2020 (Tue) 11:27:11 [Preview] No.208535 del
It was a good one.

NEET 08/18/2020 (Tue) 11:28:42 [Preview] No.208536 del
I've heard Enterprise is pretty lame, but I am kind of looking forward to it since it is kind of backstory to how star fleet and the federation started.

NEET 08/18/2020 (Tue) 11:29:51 [Preview] No.208537 del
Good night NEETs. Sleep tight.

NEET 08/18/2020 (Tue) 11:31:12 [Preview] No.208538 del
see ya

i'm out too

NEET 08/18/2020 (Tue) 11:33:13 [Preview] No.208539 del

NEET 08/18/2020 (Tue) 11:36:39 [Preview] No.208540 del
Good night my little turkey buzzards.

NEET 08/18/2020 (Tue) 11:39:51 [Preview] No.208541 del
good night neets

NEET 08/18/2020 (Tue) 11:41:47 [Preview] No.208542 del
Goodnight mediterranean fancier.

NEET 08/18/2020 (Tue) 11:42:04 [Preview] No.208543 del
Good night. Gook night?

NEET 08/18/2020 (Tue) 11:42:26 [Preview] No.208544 del
>tfw severely depressed

NEET 08/18/2020 (Tue) 11:43:25 [Preview] No.208545 del
https://youtube.com/watch?v=QuNhTLVgV2Y [Embed]

NEET 08/18/2020 (Tue) 11:50:58 [Preview] No.208547 del
Goodnight NEETs

NEET 08/18/2020 (Tue) 11:56:16 [Preview] No.208548 del
Goodnight oriental fancier.

NEET 08/18/2020 (Tue) 11:56:48 [Preview] No.208549 del
Good night

NEET 08/18/2020 (Tue) 11:57:08 [Preview] No.208550 del
Good night

NEET 08/18/2020 (Tue) 12:01:35 [Preview] No.208551 del
Gook night.

NEET 08/18/2020 (Tue) 12:12:44 [Preview] No.208552 del
(127.19 KB 1160x774 EfrzCQcU8AAglNT.jpg)
NK you boong

NEET 08/18/2020 (Tue) 12:14:21 [Preview] No.208553 del
>the judge orders me to take off my anonymous v mask & im wearing the joker makeup underneath it. everyone in the courtroom groans at my shit

NEET 08/18/2020 (Tue) 12:26:51 [Preview] No.208554 del
10pm and SA Water still haven't shown up.

NEET 08/18/2020 (Tue) 12:34:02 [Preview] No.208555 del
(50.68 KB 640x480 3c8.jpg)

NEET 08/18/2020 (Tue) 12:34:41 [Preview] No.208556 del
I doubt they would be coming now, especially in this rain.

NEET 08/18/2020 (Tue) 12:35:37 [Preview] No.208557 del
Good night.

NEET 08/18/2020 (Tue) 12:45:44 [Preview] No.208558 del
hello I am not Aussie but I am NEET. Where do I go?

NEET 08/18/2020 (Tue) 12:48:15 [Preview] No.208559 del
Having a gaytime.

NEET 08/18/2020 (Tue) 12:49:17 [Preview] No.208560 del
Where are you from?

NEET 08/18/2020 (Tue) 12:50:41 [Preview] No.208561 del
You can stay here but you should lurk before posting, most foreigners can't handle the banter.

NEET 08/18/2020 (Tue) 13:07:17 [Preview] No.208562 del

NEET 08/18/2020 (Tue) 13:09:46 [Preview] No.208563 del
>Where do I go?
To cenno.

NEET 08/18/2020 (Tue) 19:15:49 [Preview] No.208564 del
Twanged out NEET hole.

NEET 08/18/2020 (Tue) 20:06:45 [Preview] No.208565 del
He would have lost any leniency the judge would have offered.

NEET 08/18/2020 (Tue) 20:07:04 [Preview] No.208566 del
Good morning NEETs.

NEET 08/18/2020 (Tue) 20:17:34 [Preview] No.208567 del
Morning neeto.

NEET 08/18/2020 (Tue) 21:27:08 [Preview] No.208568 del
Morning fellas.

Maybe SA Water will come today.

NEET 08/18/2020 (Tue) 21:51:57 [Preview] No.208569 del
Good morning friends.

NEET 08/18/2020 (Tue) 21:58:47 [Preview] No.208570 del

NEET 08/18/2020 (Tue) 22:08:26 [Preview] No.208573 del
(32.53 KB 663x171 Scorcher.jpg)

NEET 08/18/2020 (Tue) 22:12:19 [Preview] No.208575 del
that second one hit different

NEET 08/18/2020 (Tue) 22:13:34 [Preview] No.208576 del
verb [VIL-uh-pend]

1. to hold or treat as of little worth or account; contemn
2. to express a low opinion of; disparage

Possum would vilipend Jews, treating them as second-class citizens.

NEET 08/18/2020 (Tue) 22:15:21 [Preview] No.208577 del
What game is that from?

NEET 08/18/2020 (Tue) 22:18:08 [Preview] No.208578 del

NEET 08/18/2020 (Tue) 22:19:00 [Preview] No.208579 del
The Elder Scrolls IV: Oblivion

NEET 08/18/2020 (Tue) 22:22:39 [Preview] No.208580 del
The twang movement fought against those NEETs who would villipend NEETs who not appreciated a good flange.

NEET 08/18/2020 (Tue) 22:24:35 [Preview] No.208581 del
I saved all of these images.

I don't get it.

NEET 08/18/2020 (Tue) 22:26:01 [Preview] No.208582 del
Wooden doors can't keep my spell in a room

NEET 08/18/2020 (Tue) 22:32:11 [Preview] No.208583 del
(170.77 KB 748x752 GMSV.jpg)
Yet it's OK for women to play dress-up.

NEET 08/18/2020 (Tue) 22:37:30 [Preview] No.208584 del
I enjoy watching the video as the shit flew back over the fence.
>EXCLUSIVE: 'That's not our rubbish': Homeowner says he is taking legal action against wealthy neighbour who dumped TONS of waste 'back' into his garden in revenge after accusing him of fly-tipping the junk onto his land

NEET 08/18/2020 (Tue) 22:38:20 [Preview] No.208585 del
where is the line for the amount of makeup a woman can wear?

NEET 08/18/2020 (Tue) 22:40:57 [Preview] No.208586 del
The whites should straight up murder those curry niggers.

NEET 08/18/2020 (Tue) 22:45:07 [Preview] No.208587 del
Cruisey's ballsack exploded and the shrapnel hit me in the legs.

NEET 08/18/2020 (Tue) 22:59:38 [Preview] No.208588 del
So is it going to be imports converted or are they going to make the cars in the factory then ship over?

The article I read said some cars will be converted but was unclear on how the next batch of cars would be made.

NEET 08/18/2020 (Tue) 22:59:45 [Preview] No.208589 del
Good Morning Neets.

How are we thismorn ? Im on the train to Brisbane. Got Court Today,

NEET 08/18/2020 (Tue) 23:01:17 [Preview] No.208590 del
Good morning Nuro, good luck and keep us updated.

NEET 08/18/2020 (Tue) 23:04:47 [Preview] No.208591 del
Good morning Nuro. Good luck in court.

NEET 08/18/2020 (Tue) 23:10:42 [Preview] No.208592 del
Thanks frens.

NEET 08/18/2020 (Tue) 23:14:49 [Preview] No.208593 del
I imagine GM will do a proper conversion over there.

NEET 08/18/2020 (Tue) 23:17:48 [Preview] No.208594 del
It’s cool that asio now has more social media platforms than they’ve arrested chinese spies in the past decade, wonder why that is

NEET 08/18/2020 (Tue) 23:19:27 [Preview] No.208595 del
(84.92 KB 1434x882 Efr8oN1UEAAA4pZ.jpg)
Thanks I'm good with the one I know

NEET 08/18/2020 (Tue) 23:21:35 [Preview] No.208596 del
(1.07 MB 720x720 dLJNCIsgpLOKSMh7.mp4)

NEET 08/18/2020 (Tue) 23:28:03 [Preview] No.208597 del
(234.85 KB 1080x2340 7yd0zlfgcoh51.jpg)

NEET 08/18/2020 (Tue) 23:28:24 [Preview] No.208598 del
Is that Sco-mo?

NEET 08/18/2020 (Tue) 23:29:26 [Preview] No.208599 del

NEET 08/18/2020 (Tue) 23:31:00 [Preview] No.208600 del
Very nice. Thank you.

NEET 08/18/2020 (Tue) 23:37:58 [Preview] No.208601 del
Have a new client who came over from another company. He has shifts set up, but his only two workers are his son and daughter in law, who also live with the dad. I told the son that we can't let him and his missus continue working with his dad. I told my boss and he's trying to get NDIA to approve them working there ongoing, because of covid. It's fucking bullshit. It's a clear conflict of interest and my boss is going to make the company look like its run by mongs for letting it happen. Then again, NDIA reps are mostly fucked in the head and might approve it. I still need to sign the dad up.

NEET 08/18/2020 (Tue) 23:44:13 [Preview] No.208602 del
Sounds like you have raised the issue with the appropriate people. Copy the email into an email folder about client concerns and do the same with their responses.

NEET 08/18/2020 (Tue) 23:48:27 [Preview] No.208603 del
I logged it, I'll log the response once I get one. I think we'll lose that client though.

NEET 08/18/2020 (Tue) 23:51:47 [Preview] No.208604 del
Do the son and daughter in law actually do much work for the dad?

NEET 08/18/2020 (Tue) 23:59:43 [Preview] No.208605 del
>I think we'll lose that client though.
If the push back gets bad I would even point to that case of that chair woman and how important it is to have the care completed by several employees of the company who have a duty of care.

NEET 08/19/2020 (Wed) 00:13:14 [Preview] No.208606 del
Morning, back from the gym. Had a salad.

NEET 08/19/2020 (Wed) 00:18:50 [Preview] No.208607 del
Good morning.

That salad will steal your gains, be careful. You need meat after a workout.

NEET 08/19/2020 (Wed) 00:20:19 [Preview] No.208608 del
They do over 10 hours of paid work every day.

NEET 08/19/2020 (Wed) 00:21:57 [Preview] No.208609 del
I'll remember that for Friday's workout. Would chicken breast and steamed veggies be good?

NEET 08/19/2020 (Wed) 00:22:37 [Preview] No.208610 del
>Would chicken breast and steamed veggies be good?
Yes very good.

NEET 08/19/2020 (Wed) 00:23:34 [Preview] No.208611 del
And Dad is well taken care of?

NEET 08/19/2020 (Wed) 00:27:45 [Preview] No.208612 del
Why is that? Jury duty?

NEET 08/19/2020 (Wed) 00:28:10 [Preview] No.208613 del
Nuro got caught with a katana in public.

NEET 08/19/2020 (Wed) 00:32:22 [Preview] No.208614 del
They're just jealous they don't live by the blade.

NEET 08/19/2020 (Wed) 00:32:48 [Preview] No.208615 del
https://youtube.com/watch?v=4dKwHOfd2dk [Embed]

NEET 08/19/2020 (Wed) 00:38:39 [Preview] No.208616 del

NEET 08/19/2020 (Wed) 00:39:39 [Preview] No.208617 del
(1.11 MB 800x600 coom.gif)
Prime advertising icon/logo.

NEET 08/19/2020 (Wed) 00:46:29 [Preview] No.208618 del
Why are the stinky Linkies trading so high?

NEET 08/19/2020 (Wed) 00:47:17 [Preview] No.208619 del
(2.05 MB 1920x1080 1590048793884.png)
>tfw lonely

NEET 08/19/2020 (Wed) 00:50:54 [Preview] No.208620 del
I like the first sentence, but it should be:
>The world doesn't care how young or weak you are. Be whimsical.

NEET 08/19/2020 (Wed) 00:51:15 [Preview] No.208621 del
we can be lonely together

NEET 08/19/2020 (Wed) 00:53:26 [Preview] No.208622 del
Acquire a nice Teddy bear

NEET 08/19/2020 (Wed) 00:54:33 [Preview] No.208623 del
(539.84 KB 2047x987 EfveQ5kXgAIS0s7.jpg)
people are gathering at Epstein's island in Microsoft Flight Simulator and solving this case ourselves

NEET 08/19/2020 (Wed) 00:55:44 [Preview] No.208624 del
Have they found any evidence?

How does it work online, is it smooth or laggy at all?

NEET 08/19/2020 (Wed) 00:59:17 [Preview] No.208625 del
(1.26 MB 540x772 zL_Ln0RnoqaWKsuP.mp4)

NEET 08/19/2020 (Wed) 00:59:38 [Preview] No.208626 del
(27.15 KB 288x400 kj.jpg)

NEET 08/19/2020 (Wed) 01:02:07 [Preview] No.208628 del
I was not expecting that to happen. I thought he was going to get hit by the top metal piece.

NEET 08/19/2020 (Wed) 01:02:30 [Preview] No.208629 del
(2.14 MB 3264x2448 Hump Day Haul.jpg)
Excuse me sir, is the bread Helgas?

NEET 08/19/2020 (Wed) 01:04:09 [Preview] No.208631 del
Why did you edit the cream to say thicc?

NEET 08/19/2020 (Wed) 01:04:10 [Preview] No.208632 del
Interesting mix with plenty of goon.

NEET 08/19/2020 (Wed) 01:05:44 [Preview] No.208633 del
I don't see any Monster Energy Zero Ultra there...

NEET 08/19/2020 (Wed) 01:06:44 [Preview] No.208634 del
>tfw no one to make me feel sea-sick
I know a girl like that once but I fucked it all up.

NEET 08/19/2020 (Wed) 01:08:12 [Preview] No.208635 del
Good haul, except your bananas are too ripe (unless they are being used in banana bread).

NEET 08/19/2020 (Wed) 01:08:58 [Preview] No.208636 del
Fucking hell, haven't even started on the goon yet.

NEET 08/19/2020 (Wed) 01:15:32 [Preview] No.208637 del
Stick it to The Man! not literally, don't take any knives into the courthouse

Did you pay for it off Steam or is there torrent out there?

NEET 08/19/2020 (Wed) 01:18:18 [Preview] No.208638 del
I don't have a copy, I posted somebody else's picture

NEET 08/19/2020 (Wed) 01:19:37 [Preview] No.208639 del
Thanks for noticing

I was only going to get one when Craig told me about the 2 for $32 special.

Nor will you ever.

You serious? I don't make banana bread unless the bananas are practically black.

When do you plan on starting?

NEET 08/19/2020 (Wed) 01:20:31 [Preview] No.208640 del
>Nor will you ever.
You'll be 30 one day.

NEET 08/19/2020 (Wed) 01:20:45 [Preview] No.208641 del
Thought you were >>208464

NEET 08/19/2020 (Wed) 01:20:54 [Preview] No.208642 del
>tfw ahegao hoodie still hasn't arrived

NEET 08/19/2020 (Wed) 01:24:08 [Preview] No.208643 del
Where is the seller 'located'?
5XL size?

NEET 08/19/2020 (Wed) 01:24:48 [Preview] No.208644 del

NEET 08/19/2020 (Wed) 01:25:33 [Preview] No.208645 del

NEET 08/19/2020 (Wed) 01:27:15 [Preview] No.208646 del
Are you going to rock it to work with Mummybot around, if it arrives in time?

NEET 08/19/2020 (Wed) 01:28:39 [Preview] No.208647 del
yeah, why not?

NEET 08/19/2020 (Wed) 01:29:56 [Preview] No.208648 del
what's I see. Father sees (You)! again

NEET 08/19/2020 (Wed) 01:30:16 [Preview] No.208649 del
She might not have been exposed to the latest fashion trends.

NEET 08/19/2020 (Wed) 01:30:34 [Preview] No.208650 del
Hi, going to spam now?

NEET 08/19/2020 (Wed) 01:30:41 [Preview] No.208651 del
whats I see. Father sees (You)! again

NEET 08/19/2020 (Wed) 01:31:07 [Preview] No.208652 del
if you want me to

NEET 08/19/2020 (Wed) 01:32:25 [Preview] No.208653 del
No, but remember the door can close pretty fast.

NEET 08/19/2020 (Wed) 01:33:30 [Preview] No.208654 del
why can't my post my meme? i only post twice a day

NEET 08/19/2020 (Wed) 01:37:08 [Preview] No.208655 del
The pattern of behaviour I noticed was:
1. Every single time someone was banned
2. The text was posted on a new IP with no post history.
3. Spam proceeded.

I'll remove the word filter for now. It's purpose was to flag the behaviour.

NEET 08/19/2020 (Wed) 01:37:24 [Preview] No.208656 del
A perfect eating banana still has traces of green on the skin.

NEET 08/19/2020 (Wed) 01:42:48 [Preview] No.208657 del
Nice haul neet.

NEET 08/19/2020 (Wed) 01:46:15 [Preview] No.208658 del
did ya get the pants and shoes?

NEET 08/19/2020 (Wed) 01:47:06 [Preview] No.208659 del
Does it come with Velcro straps for those wanting them to be easy to put on?

NEET 08/19/2020 (Wed) 01:47:55 [Preview] No.208660 del

NEET 08/19/2020 (Wed) 01:49:30 [Preview] No.208661 del
Thank you.

NEET 08/19/2020 (Wed) 01:50:06 [Preview] No.208662 del
No, my velcro Dunlops are what I need for work.

NEET 08/19/2020 (Wed) 01:54:43 [Preview] No.208663 del
so you bought the hoodie for work?

NEET 08/19/2020 (Wed) 01:54:44 [Preview] No.208664 del
The neets on 16chan are much nicer and better spoken than the animals here.

NEET 08/19/2020 (Wed) 01:55:12 [Preview] No.208665 del
yes and sometimes on the weekend

NEET 08/19/2020 (Wed) 01:57:31 [Preview] No.208666 del
actually i could use one for work if i ever get my job back

NEET 08/19/2020 (Wed) 01:57:37 [Preview] No.208667 del
they live in a fantasy world

NEET 08/19/2020 (Wed) 01:58:10 [Preview] No.208668 del
Life is much better here on /nuro/ where we discuss /nuro/ and /nuro/ accessories.

NEET 08/19/2020 (Wed) 01:58:42 [Preview] No.208669 del
I don't understand why the BO lets other people use Nuro's flag.

NEET 08/19/2020 (Wed) 01:59:30 [Preview] No.208670 del
they should lock nuro in a tiffin

NEET 08/19/2020 (Wed) 02:00:21 [Preview] No.208671 del
The last few times I did it previously it created a big debate that anyone can use any flag and I got the opinion I shouldn't take action. I am happy to do it if everyone wants it.

NEET 08/19/2020 (Wed) 02:01:22 [Preview] No.208672 del
might as well create logins while you're at it

NEET 08/19/2020 (Wed) 02:04:32 [Preview] No.208673 del
You are hopeless.

NEET 08/19/2020 (Wed) 02:07:13 [Preview] No.208674 del
found the nuro orbiter
why do you worship him?

NEET 08/19/2020 (Wed) 02:07:23 [Preview] No.208675 del
I am not up for another tantrum it causes tbh.

NEET 08/19/2020 (Wed) 02:08:07 [Preview] No.208676 del
might get some stout
it is stout weather

NEET 08/19/2020 (Wed) 02:08:48 [Preview] No.208677 del
If you keep up this nasty/narky behaviour you will banned.

NEET 08/19/2020 (Wed) 02:12:29 [Preview] No.208678 del
that sounds like a good idea actually
coopers i'm guessing?

NEET 08/19/2020 (Wed) 02:12:43 [Preview] No.208679 del
Nuro had his flag taken away at one point and he started using the voltaren flag and claiming that "flags are free".
It would be hypocritical of nuro to complain about impersonators not that it has ever stopped him before.

NEET 08/19/2020 (Wed) 02:13:55 [Preview] No.208680 del
>not that it has ever stopped him before.
I doubt Nuro is posting inside Court. The magistrate would yell at him and he'll probably be there all day.

NEET 08/19/2020 (Wed) 02:22:54 [Preview] No.208681 del
I know that the current one isn't really nuro.
I was trying to explain why there is hesitation to stop it from the BO.
I'm not the BO nor a volunteer, I should've cleared that up earlier. I am just explaining it as I see it. He may very well see it differently.
I think the flags should be done away with for a week or so as a little test.

NEET 08/19/2020 (Wed) 02:25:10 [Preview] No.208682 del
What happened to the neet with the crazy mummybot that was knocking holes in the walls looking for cameras and microphones?

NEET 08/19/2020 (Wed) 02:27:12 [Preview] No.208683 del
A NEET is monitoring her situation in the roof and requires more beer.

NEET 08/19/2020 (Wed) 02:27:55 [Preview] No.208684 del

NEET 08/19/2020 (Wed) 02:28:28 [Preview] No.208685 del
That was not just any NEET.

NEET 08/19/2020 (Wed) 02:30:21 [Preview] No.208686 del
He said he had to go to court for something concerning his mummybots mental health. This was way before nuro.
I am pretty sure she tried to use cable ties to lock off their front fence which was one of those little two foot high suburban ones.

NEET 08/19/2020 (Wed) 02:32:52 [Preview] No.208687 del
(2.81 MB 3264x2448 Quarter Pounders.jpg)
No feed. No power.

NEET 08/19/2020 (Wed) 02:32:59 [Preview] No.208688 del
(2.82 MB 720x720 RYeJS7ISL4D48TQ9.mp4)

NEET 08/19/2020 (Wed) 02:35:08 [Preview] No.208689 del
Fact. Feed = Power. You will become strong.

NEET 08/19/2020 (Wed) 02:35:55 [Preview] No.208690 del
Very well done video, enough time to draw them in

NEET 08/19/2020 (Wed) 02:36:20 [Preview] No.208691 del
Big feed.

NEET 08/19/2020 (Wed) 02:38:41 [Preview] No.208692 del
accidentally picked up a grenache instead of a shiraz

NEET 08/19/2020 (Wed) 02:44:40 [Preview] No.208693 del
>the neets
All 2 of them

I thought he got caught with the knife around the Sunny Coast area which has its own courthouse.

NEET 08/19/2020 (Wed) 02:44:44 [Preview] No.208694 del
I hope the pin was still in.

NEET 08/19/2020 (Wed) 02:44:47 [Preview] No.208695 del
There's a heckin bushfire in NSW again

NEET 08/19/2020 (Wed) 02:46:19 [Preview] No.208696 del
Put it back down

NEET 08/19/2020 (Wed) 02:46:28 [Preview] No.208697 del
That's a lot of feed. Once upon a time I used to order triple quarter pounders from McDonald's, it was just your regular double quarter pounder, with another patty and slice of cheese added to it.

NEET 08/19/2020 (Wed) 02:47:04 [Preview] No.208698 del
I'm glad you explained the concept of a triple.

NEET 08/19/2020 (Wed) 02:47:28 [Preview] No.208699 del
That was cunty I'm sorry

NEET 08/19/2020 (Wed) 02:48:11 [Preview] No.208700 del
m8, you should at least explain what a double is first.

NEET 08/19/2020 (Wed) 02:52:11 [Preview] No.208701 del
(63.66 KB 750x588 Efn46fsVAAQONHh.jpg)
this kind of mistake can be deadly in current year

NEET 08/19/2020 (Wed) 02:52:29 [Preview] No.208702 del
>Sunny Coast area which has its own courthouse.
I have no clue where it happened, he said he was traveling there today.

NEET 08/19/2020 (Wed) 02:52:57 [Preview] No.208703 del
There has been a bit of wind, I wonder if it was intentional or back burning gone wrong?

NEET 08/19/2020 (Wed) 02:59:57 [Preview] No.208705 del
Thank you.

NEET 08/19/2020 (Wed) 03:01:06 [Preview] No.208706 del
I don't mind when people point out shit spelling, but I feel that they should at least tell someone in the store. Whether that happened we will never know.

NEET 08/19/2020 (Wed) 03:02:29 [Preview] No.208707 del
(40.90 KB 311x360 888931-butterbean.jpg)

NEET 08/19/2020 (Wed) 03:06:28 [Preview] No.208708 del
Motherbot is making Chicken Chasseur / French Hunter's Chicken for dindins.

NEET 08/19/2020 (Wed) 03:06:48 [Preview] No.208709 del
What a skellie.
A true exec can't even stand.

NEET 08/19/2020 (Wed) 03:10:15 [Preview] No.208710 del
Sounds yummo.

NEET 08/19/2020 (Wed) 03:10:28 [Preview] No.208711 del
Do you have those leaked nuro sex tapes? Asking for a friend.

NEET 08/19/2020 (Wed) 03:10:52 [Preview] No.208712 del
It's pretty comfy.

NEET 08/19/2020 (Wed) 03:12:17 [Preview] No.208713 del
It was the 2 meals for $9 special. I only ate one burger and small chips. The rest will be dinner or tomorrow's lunch.

Daft Brits.

Said he's going to Brisbane though. He'll clear things up when he returns. Assuming he isn't sent straight to the clink.

NEET 08/19/2020 (Wed) 03:15:03 [Preview] No.208714 del
Do you ever have trouble with them not finding the order you made on the app?

NEET 08/19/2020 (Wed) 03:17:05 [Preview] No.208715 del
>Daft Brits.
hella expensive rolls at that too

NEET 08/19/2020 (Wed) 03:18:41 [Preview] No.208716 del
>Assuming he isn't sent straight to the clink.
We'll see. I am imagine it will be a community order of sorts, but if he gets someone insane that is always a possibility.

NEET 08/19/2020 (Wed) 03:21:38 [Preview] No.208717 del
assuming he was truthful the day he told us, he'll just be herded into a courtroom with the low range drink drivers, and other dickheads, and will have 5 minutes in the dock. He'll get some kind of fine and/or corrections order and be on his way

NEET 08/19/2020 (Wed) 03:23:06 [Preview] No.208718 del
this is also assuming he is smart enough to just keep his mouth shut and act deferential to the judge and police prosecutor

NEET 08/19/2020 (Wed) 03:38:11 [Preview] No.208719 del
I sort of already have

NEET 08/19/2020 (Wed) 03:39:19 [Preview] No.208720 del
Had a quality red rooter box meal.
The burger with pub quality. The wings weren't great today though, bit overcooked.

NEET 08/19/2020 (Wed) 03:39:29 [Preview] No.208721 del
Do or do not there is no sort of
t. Yodo Monaro

NEET 08/19/2020 (Wed) 03:40:27 [Preview] No.208722 del
I don't know

NEET 08/19/2020 (Wed) 03:41:03 [Preview] No.208723 del

NEET 08/19/2020 (Wed) 03:45:20 [Preview] No.208724 del
Dry Coles chook.

NEET 08/19/2020 (Wed) 03:45:50 [Preview] No.208725 del
https://youtube.com/watch?v=9nyep2_Gnjg [Embed]

NEET 08/19/2020 (Wed) 03:52:17 [Preview] No.208726 del
https://youtube.com/watch?v=RijB8wnJCN0 [Embed]

NEET 08/19/2020 (Wed) 03:54:13 [Preview] No.208727 del
hip hop bippity bop wopa dop pop!

NEET 08/19/2020 (Wed) 03:55:10 [Preview] No.208728 del
are you making mock, boy?

NEET 08/19/2020 (Wed) 03:56:11 [Preview] No.208729 del
I'm not making anything.

NEET 08/19/2020 (Wed) 03:57:18 [Preview] No.208730 del
https://youtube.com/watch?v=5qFESko6pak [Embed]

NEET 08/19/2020 (Wed) 04:05:38 [Preview] No.208731 del
Some wanker in Texas somehow got my gmail password. I got a notification if I will authorise the login in Texax. So, I am now doing a full system scan to see what malware I picked up.

NEET 08/19/2020 (Wed) 04:09:08 [Preview] No.208732 del
What's that website to check where the source was?

NEET 08/19/2020 (Wed) 04:09:30 [Preview] No.208733 del
turn on 2fa

NEET 08/19/2020 (Wed) 04:11:00 [Preview] No.208734 del
>nslookup x.x.x.x
then whois.com/whois for domain details

NEET 08/19/2020 (Wed) 04:12:06 [Preview] No.208735 del

NEET 08/19/2020 (Wed) 04:14:17 [Preview] No.208736 del
sorry misread
i thought you meant one of those emails gmail send after a login from a strange location

NEET 08/19/2020 (Wed) 04:16:42 [Preview] No.208737 del
>i thought you meant one of those emails gmail send after a login from a strange location
You are correct. I did get that notification, but I also have 2FA on as well. What concerned me is that the authorisation notification is only given when someone logs in with the correct password (i.e. "Do you authorise.. From: shithole, Texas")

NEET 08/19/2020 (Wed) 04:19:56 [Preview] No.208738 del
so how did they log in without the second factor?

NEET 08/19/2020 (Wed) 04:26:31 [Preview] No.208739 del
neeko chan is distracting me from my jedi training

NEET 08/19/2020 (Wed) 04:31:01 [Preview] No.208741 del
I think I misused "log in". I meant to say attempted log-in that is more appropriate.

Anyone can log-in into the account and if the password is successful if they haven't reached the number of attempt, they then need to pass the 2FA check because it was a new login location. Any further access would be limited as password changes need 2FA.

NEET 08/19/2020 (Wed) 04:41:56 [Preview] No.208742 del
Sounds good. I've got a kilo of chook legs I'll be throwing into the Dutch Oven with rice.


I was only joking. I'd be surprised if it were anything more than a large fine + conviction + good behaviour bond.

Pretty much. Waiting hours for your turn is the worst part.

They released a new range of smoky bbq chicken today, was it that?

Texas, USA or Texas, QLD?

NEET 08/19/2020 (Wed) 04:44:24 [Preview] No.208743 del
>Texas, USA
Right here.

NEET 08/19/2020 (Wed) 04:46:20 [Preview] No.208744 del

NEET 08/19/2020 (Wed) 04:48:25 [Preview] No.208745 del
What have you been in court for?

NEET 08/19/2020 (Wed) 05:01:20 [Preview] No.208746 del
Lightning Strikes the steeple of a Church in Paterson NJ Catching the roof on fire during a T-storm

https://youtube.com/watch?v=O2Vd0oeVRFo [Embed]

NEET 08/19/2020 (Wed) 05:01:58 [Preview] No.208747 del

NEET 08/19/2020 (Wed) 05:04:43 [Preview] No.208748 del
I didn't try the smokey BBQ, I looked at it but wanted a burger.

NEET 08/19/2020 (Wed) 05:12:33 [Preview] No.208749 del
I miss the Argie.

NEET 08/19/2020 (Wed) 05:29:13 [Preview] No.208750 del
(107.45 KB 566x433 Wing Wednesday.jpg)
Questioning Nuro

NEET 08/19/2020 (Wed) 05:40:39 [Preview] No.208751 del
I see binges.

NEET 08/19/2020 (Wed) 06:14:07 [Preview] No.208752 del
The NEET arse jiggles to the beat of my drum.

NEET 08/19/2020 (Wed) 06:20:20 [Preview] No.208753 del
My twinkie is in need of a play session.

NEET 08/19/2020 (Wed) 06:24:10 [Preview] No.208754 del
12 degrees today in Shitbourne, feeling a little under the weather, I hope it isn't anything nasty.

NEET 08/19/2020 (Wed) 06:25:17 [Preview] No.208755 del
>Your honour, I plead guilty to being BASED

NEET 08/19/2020 (Wed) 06:25:57 [Preview] No.208756 del
It's been 10 or so years since I had that last, triple quarter pounder.

NEET 08/19/2020 (Wed) 06:35:48 [Preview] No.208757 del
Now we're sleeping in circles
On the stones of silverstream
Under nectar-weeping trees
Through blood-curdling screams

NEET 08/19/2020 (Wed) 06:37:57 [Preview] No.208758 del
How the fuck do I end up with so many pubes on my keyboard?

NEET 08/19/2020 (Wed) 06:39:12 [Preview] No.208759 del
Blow them away.

NEET 08/19/2020 (Wed) 06:40:56 [Preview] No.208760 del
He didn't care for us.

NEET 08/19/2020 (Wed) 06:41:12 [Preview] No.208761 del
I violently sneezed and now have a bit of a headache.
That was very dramatic.

NEET 08/19/2020 (Wed) 06:41:17 [Preview] No.208762 del
Still no SA Water.

NEET 08/19/2020 (Wed) 06:42:22 [Preview] No.208763 del
That sucks.

NEET 08/19/2020 (Wed) 06:43:37 [Preview] No.208764 del
(9.95 KB 255x167 judge.jpeg)
I find him Guilty, 10 years hard labour

NEET 08/19/2020 (Wed) 06:47:18 [Preview] No.208765 del
They should call it the triple bypass burger.

NEET 08/19/2020 (Wed) 06:52:45 [Preview] No.208766 del
shire tightened my nuts once

NEET 08/19/2020 (Wed) 06:54:53 [Preview] No.208767 del
testicular travesty?

NEET 08/19/2020 (Wed) 06:56:18 [Preview] No.208768 del
https://youtube.com/watch?v=jgNDA_Z2H0U [Embed]

NEET 08/19/2020 (Wed) 07:01:18 [Preview] No.208769 del
https://youtube.com/watch?v=zJQOxpcq1zA [Embed]

NEET 08/19/2020 (Wed) 07:04:46 [Preview] No.208770 del
Nice find.

NEET 08/19/2020 (Wed) 07:10:49 [Preview] No.208771 del
I was only impersonating possum in the first post, not the second one.

NEET 08/19/2020 (Wed) 07:14:14 [Preview] No.208772 del
what's my name again

NEET 08/19/2020 (Wed) 07:14:25 [Preview] No.208773 del
possum took advantage of my fragile emotional state once

NEET 08/19/2020 (Wed) 07:15:23 [Preview] No.208774 del
I was only impersonating myself in the first post, not the second one.

NEET 08/19/2020 (Wed) 07:16:35 [Preview] No.208775 del
Possum told me it is my responsibility as a woman to handle contraception not his once.

NEET 08/19/2020 (Wed) 07:17:33 [Preview] No.208776 del
Possum forced me to replace all his 10A sockets with 32A sockets once.

NEET 08/19/2020 (Wed) 07:19:28 [Preview] No.208777 del
Possum ignored the woolies girl at the self-serve checkouts when she said "Have a nice day!" to him once.

NEET 08/19/2020 (Wed) 07:20:13 [Preview] No.208778 del
Are you here webby?
What do you think of female programmers? Are they any good?

NEET 08/19/2020 (Wed) 07:20:49 [Preview] No.208779 del

NEET 08/19/2020 (Wed) 07:21:48 [Preview] No.208780 del
female (male)

NEET 08/19/2020 (Wed) 07:22:34 [Preview] No.208781 del
Not the trannys (though they seem to be abundant as programmers).
Actual chicks.

NEET 08/19/2020 (Wed) 07:22:53 [Preview] No.208782 del
I missed a call from grannybot.
Should probably call her back.

NEET 08/19/2020 (Wed) 07:23:44 [Preview] No.208783 del
I am.
The good ones are genuinely good, but they are few and far between.

NEET 08/19/2020 (Wed) 07:25:10 [Preview] No.208784 del
>Actual chicks

NEET 08/19/2020 (Wed) 07:26:08 [Preview] No.208785 del
possum replaced my anusol wipes with sandpaper once

NEET 08/19/2020 (Wed) 07:26:48 [Preview] No.208786 del
so basically they're shit
there's always exceptions to the rule

NEET 08/19/2020 (Wed) 07:27:38 [Preview] No.208787 del
most male programmers are shit too

NEET 08/19/2020 (Wed) 07:28:47 [Preview] No.208788 del
a large portion of my job wouldn't even exist if programmers could program properly

NEET 08/19/2020 (Wed) 07:29:07 [Preview] No.208789 del
Weber isn't.

NEET 08/19/2020 (Wed) 07:29:12 [Preview] No.208790 del
use the flag you made yourself cocksucker

NEET 08/19/2020 (Wed) 07:29:43 [Preview] No.208791 del
Webby was suspicious of a co-workers competency due to his curried nature once.

NEET 08/19/2020 (Wed) 07:29:48 [Preview] No.208793 del
can i woman write a compiler?

NEET 08/19/2020 (Wed) 07:29:48 [Preview] No.208792 del
I am guessing you have automated it?

NEET 08/19/2020 (Wed) 07:30:51 [Preview] No.208794 del
I would imagine so. Parsing and compiler theory used to be taught as part of a CS degree.

NEET 08/19/2020 (Wed) 07:30:52 [Preview] No.208795 del
Settle down.

NEET 08/19/2020 (Wed) 07:33:01 [Preview] No.208796 del
Has the quality of Australian CS students gone down over time?

NEET 08/19/2020 (Wed) 07:34:07 [Preview] No.208797 del
I am going to trim my nails, take a piss, call grannybot and finish my uni assignment.

NEET 08/19/2020 (Wed) 07:34:13 [Preview] No.208798 del
>Has the quality of Australia gone down over time?

NEET 08/19/2020 (Wed) 07:34:26 [Preview] No.208799 del
>full of chinks and pajeets
what do you think?

NEET 08/19/2020 (Wed) 07:35:54 [Preview] No.208800 del
I said Australians m8.

NEET 08/19/2020 (Wed) 07:36:45 [Preview] No.208801 del
You're expecting good reading comprehension on this board.

NEET 08/19/2020 (Wed) 07:37:10 [Preview] No.208802 del
(325.34 KB 1425x908 IMG_3684.JPG)
i actually found a new strategy today, go barefooted with dreds and get leniancy because you are obviously with the left / antifa

NEET 08/19/2020 (Wed) 07:38:12 [Preview] No.208803 del
Thinking about Webby's hoodie.

NEET 08/19/2020 (Wed) 07:38:26 [Preview] No.208804 del
try it next time
i bet it will work wonders!

NEET 08/19/2020 (Wed) 07:39:10 [Preview] No.208805 del
I look forward to its debut too.

NEET 08/19/2020 (Wed) 07:39:38 [Preview] No.208806 del
Thinking of Webby's woody.

NEET 08/19/2020 (Wed) 07:40:33 [Preview] No.208807 del
On the phone to grannybot.

NEET 08/19/2020 (Wed) 07:41:18 [Preview] No.208808 del
I sentence you to a lifetime of un-BASEDness

NEET 08/19/2020 (Wed) 07:41:23 [Preview] No.208809 del
Tell her I said Hi

NEET 08/19/2020 (Wed) 07:41:31 [Preview] No.208810 del
tell her the virus isn't real and not to worry

NEET 08/19/2020 (Wed) 07:43:27 [Preview] No.208811 del

NEET 08/19/2020 (Wed) 07:45:02 [Preview] No.208812 del
How is she?

NEET 08/19/2020 (Wed) 07:49:50 [Preview] No.208813 del
How did it go?

NEET 08/19/2020 (Wed) 07:51:53 [Preview] No.208814 del
>anecdote with unnecessary amount of detail
>your great-aunts second cousins brother-in-law's dog's friend's owner died
>medical complaints
>asking me about uni
>her short term plans
>anecdote about the orange tree she planted in the early 60s and knows will get cut down when the house is demolished after her death (too many relatives, I can't stop it being sold nor buy them out)
>curried sausages for dinner
>concerns about the economy, thinks there will be another great depression
>see-ya, see-ya, bye, bye, love you, bye

Pretty good. No health concerns in particular despite her age. She has accepted her death (not imminent, but she knows she won't live forever) and is happy to die and be with her husband/my grandfather.
Thank you for asking neet.

NEET 08/19/2020 (Wed) 07:54:05 [Preview] No.208815 del
>and be with
To clarify, that is her belief not mine.

NEET 08/19/2020 (Wed) 07:54:43 [Preview] No.208816 del
(2.03 MB 3024x4032 IMG_3686.JPG)
listen you cocksucking faggot i am not afraid of you my name is up on this board, come at me bro ill fucking wreck your shit and fuck it up some more when you are on the ground too

NEET 08/19/2020 (Wed) 07:54:51 [Preview] No.208817 del
I bet her husband has hooked up with someone else up there by now.

NEET 08/19/2020 (Wed) 07:56:04 [Preview] No.208818 del
Calm down Hassan

NEET 08/19/2020 (Wed) 07:56:11 [Preview] No.208819 del

NEET 08/19/2020 (Wed) 07:58:12 [Preview] No.208820 del
>shirt untucked
>no tie

NEET 08/19/2020 (Wed) 07:58:25 [Preview] No.208821 del
(98.18 KB 1594x819 belly_and_bag.png)
(42.45 KB 1594x819 crane.png)

NEET 08/19/2020 (Wed) 07:58:59 [Preview] No.208822 del
>i forgot to crop it
I am a bigger hoke than nuro

NEET 08/19/2020 (Wed) 07:59:19 [Preview] No.208823 del
Just listen to her the best you can. If she isn't going to be around for much longer you'll miss her.

NEET 08/19/2020 (Wed) 08:00:06 [Preview] No.208824 del
this alone should qualify for me for the dsp, fucking terminal turbo-mong disorder

NEET 08/19/2020 (Wed) 08:00:56 [Preview] No.208825 del
shirt is looking a bit tight there tubby, you should go for a jog ;)

NEET 08/19/2020 (Wed) 08:01:51 [Preview] No.208826 del
Who knew Nuro was the NEET who always complains about his shirt buttons being under executive strain?

NEET 08/19/2020 (Wed) 08:02:15 [Preview] No.208827 del
I thought that was his NEETstick sticking up

NEET 08/19/2020 (Wed) 08:02:52 [Preview] No.208828 del
I had the button on my trousers fall off the other day. Bit of a wake up call.
Time to do a cut I guess.

NEET 08/19/2020 (Wed) 08:04:05 [Preview] No.208829 del
really good i actually had two serious charges today that did not look good together but im not in the mood to explain specifics now i nneed a goon and a shower, it was a long trip home

also that chick in the picture got proper fucked i felt so bad, she got pulled over fo a mid range DUI and made the mistake of telling the cops her kids were at home. It was late at night and they were asleep and she got her kids taken away for the past three months...FFS

NEET 08/19/2020 (Wed) 08:04:54 [Preview] No.208830 del
>two serious charges
Your poor sister...

NEET 08/19/2020 (Wed) 08:05:57 [Preview] No.208831 del
>but im not in the mood to explain specifics now
That's a shame. I would like to hear about it.

NEET 08/19/2020 (Wed) 08:07:02 [Preview] No.208832 del

NEET 08/19/2020 (Wed) 08:07:23 [Preview] No.208833 del
blame the obsessed nasty one

NEET 08/19/2020 (Wed) 08:08:04 [Preview] No.208834 del
just post the deets, shitballs

NEET 08/19/2020 (Wed) 08:08:27 [Preview] No.208835 del
I blame him and the BO that does nothing to stop him.

NEET 08/19/2020 (Wed) 08:10:04 [Preview] No.208836 del
accurate but it was fucking hot up here today.

NEET 08/19/2020 (Wed) 08:11:44 [Preview] No.208837 del

NEET 08/19/2020 (Wed) 08:13:28 [Preview] No.208838 del
you aint twising and distorting any more shit tonight go suck a bag of dicks

he cant stop him but as if i gve a fuck i have like 5 other nuro flags i can use

nuro /out/

NEET 08/19/2020 (Wed) 08:14:20 [Preview] No.208839 del
Me and a mate had double pounders once.

NEET 08/19/2020 (Wed) 08:15:07 [Preview] No.208840 del
You better.

NEET 08/19/2020 (Wed) 08:15:13 [Preview] No.208841 del

NEET 08/19/2020 (Wed) 08:15:46 [Preview] No.208842 del
Monaro went to HJs and asked for their most recent burger.
Who the just orders shit like that?
The big jack is okay, but not great.

NEET 08/19/2020 (Wed) 08:17:43 [Preview] No.208843 del
Go dig up the orange tree and plant it in a big pot for her, or forever be a bad grandson.

NEET 08/19/2020 (Wed) 08:17:50 [Preview] No.208844 del
You be nice to her.

NEET 08/19/2020 (Wed) 08:18:39 [Preview] No.208845 del
No it isn't.

NEET 08/19/2020 (Wed) 08:18:51 [Preview] No.208846 del
>a big pot
You would need a pretty big pot to contain a decades-old tree. Spa bath size.

NEET 08/19/2020 (Wed) 08:19:57 [Preview] No.208847 del

NEET 08/19/2020 (Wed) 08:20:25 [Preview] No.208848 del
the fuck

NEET 08/19/2020 (Wed) 08:20:33 [Preview] No.208849 del
Mate, this tree is fucking massive.
It has been there for more than half a century.

I did.

NEET 08/19/2020 (Wed) 08:20:53 [Preview] No.208850 del

NEET 08/19/2020 (Wed) 08:21:13 [Preview] No.208851 del

NEET 08/19/2020 (Wed) 08:21:15 [Preview] No.208852 del
I am pretty sure nuro posted that to make us think his name is something else.
His initial meltdown would suggest 10k was right.

NEET 08/19/2020 (Wed) 08:21:41 [Preview] No.208853 del
I know his name.

NEET 08/19/2020 (Wed) 08:23:34 [Preview] No.208854 del
If he wants to mislead and confuse people about his name you shouldn't get in his way like this.

NEET 08/19/2020 (Wed) 08:24:24 [Preview] No.208855 del
Who cares, get over it.

NEET 08/19/2020 (Wed) 08:24:33 [Preview] No.208856 del
Dig up the orange tree.
Your whole family will be both impressed and ashamed hey didn't/

NEET 08/19/2020 (Wed) 08:25:08 [Preview] No.208857 del
>tfw mong

NEET 08/19/2020 (Wed) 08:25:58 [Preview] No.208858 del
rectal blowout

NEET 08/19/2020 (Wed) 08:26:48 [Preview] No.208859 del
I enjoy petty drama.

NEET 08/19/2020 (Wed) 08:27:11 [Preview] No.208860 del
anal annihilation

NEET 08/19/2020 (Wed) 08:28:29 [Preview] No.208861 del
colon catastrophe

NEET 08/19/2020 (Wed) 08:29:01 [Preview] No.208862 del
backside blowout

NEET 08/19/2020 (Wed) 08:30:04 [Preview] No.208863 del
derrière devastation

NEET 08/19/2020 (Wed) 08:30:46 [Preview] No.208864 del
Oh la di da.

NEET 08/19/2020 (Wed) 08:31:21 [Preview] No.208865 del
I get the remainder of my mong back payments on the 20th and 21st, and then my first regular payment on the 25th

NEET 08/19/2020 (Wed) 08:31:54 [Preview] No.208866 del
You must be a pretty big mong.

NEET 08/19/2020 (Wed) 08:32:31 [Preview] No.208867 del
>BO that does nothing to stop him.
Could you please:
1. Report a post; or preferably
2. Say something to the NEET.

I will most likely address an issue that needs to be addressed and that may not be immediately. If there is no engagement with other posts like his posts, it makes it hard for me to determine if you're pissed off at the board or me. I say this because the behaviour of that very poster is him taking his frustration out at the board, as he couldn't even read a post from a few hours ago of the person he was impersonating. I can take action, but for me it raises two questions.

It raises questions over the involvement on people on this board who want action (i.e. I am very happy to ignore him unless its just constant abuse towards others) and how that action is undertaken? These questions are important because when there is a clear view against the poster vocalised and their behaviour, it typically goes away or significantly reduces. As part of the behaviour is making posts about how bad and ineffective the BO/board is at the moment, which if not addressed beyond banning and deleting posts leads to a new IP to restart the cycle. What's the point of action, if I am fine to ignore it and there are no concerns I am not going addressing it. Feeding the behaviour that wants negative attention keeps the fire burning, ignore it, and it will burn out.

If you don't like this board at any stage, there are other boards to post on, and people will respond to you on them.

NEET 08/19/2020 (Wed) 08:33:51 [Preview] No.208868 del
Nice. What do you do with your savings? Invest?

NEET 08/19/2020 (Wed) 08:35:53 [Preview] No.208869 del
Goes into the 1.60 p.a. savings account. I've been thinking about transferring my savings to westpac, as they have a 3.0 p.a. savings account but need to make 5 payments on debit card per month to qualify

NEET 08/19/2020 (Wed) 08:36:19 [Preview] No.208870 del
Glad it's all been sorted m8, it's a nice feeling not having to worry about money.

NEET 08/19/2020 (Wed) 08:36:49 [Preview] No.208871 del
Seems like the poster blaming you is just trying to cause trouble and keep it going at this point.
High roller NEET.

NEET 08/19/2020 (Wed) 08:39:00 [Preview] No.208872 del
Jesus, you spend way more time writing justifications for why you don't do any moderating than actually moderating.

If your philosophy is that "rule breakers just get a new IP and come back so there is no point enforcing the rules" then you are wrong. The rules must be enforced. Ban this cunt that keeps using Nuro's flag and being narky to everyone and keep banning him every time you see him. He will get tired of it eventually.

NEET 08/19/2020 (Wed) 08:40:56 [Preview] No.208873 del
(2.27 MB 4032x3024 IMG_5123.JPG)
(2.16 MB 4032x3024 IMG_5126.JPG)
Cooked a quiche in the air fryer

NEET 08/19/2020 (Wed) 08:41:05 [Preview] No.208874 del
>they have a 3.0 p.a. savings account but need to make 5 payments on debit card per month to qualify
That sounds like it would probably be worth it.

NEET 08/19/2020 (Wed) 08:41:46 [Preview] No.208875 del
Looks nice, how do you think it went?
egg and bacon pie

NEET 08/19/2020 (Wed) 08:41:46 [Preview] No.208876 del
>Nuro's flag
I hereby claim this flag as my own.
Anyone else that dare use it is to be banned.
t. squatterneet

NEET 08/19/2020 (Wed) 08:41:51 [Preview] No.208877 del
Up to me old tricks

https://youtube.com/watch?v=PB3WwpZxhws [Embed]

NEET 08/19/2020 (Wed) 08:42:14 [Preview] No.208878 del
>air fryer
How useful are they? I've thought about getting one.

NEET 08/19/2020 (Wed) 08:42:47 [Preview] No.208879 del
Looks good. I always like that brushed benchtop surface.

NEET 08/19/2020 (Wed) 08:44:04 [Preview] No.208880 del
Well exploit'd. Beat it Tito.

NEET 08/19/2020 (Wed) 08:44:14 [Preview] No.208881 del
Cant find my phone.
It's got me in a mood.

NEET 08/19/2020 (Wed) 08:45:47 [Preview] No.208882 del
It went well, I put it in the air fryer for 30 mins at 160 degrees
It's quite versatile, I cooked last night's tempura chicken nuggets in it. I also cooked some bubble and squeak from Aldi in it, also some French fries

NEET 08/19/2020 (Wed) 08:47:08 [Preview] No.208883 del
You were already in a mood.

NEET 08/19/2020 (Wed) 08:48:03 [Preview] No.208884 del
i feel for you, the poster in question jewish subversion is beyond this boards technical moderation capabilites, which is why i constantly denied any such such positions offered as i felt it was ineffective.

my efforts are now focused on lobying Odilli to block TOR

NEET 08/19/2020 (Wed) 08:48:18 [Preview] No.208885 del
I've been wanting to buy one for quite some time now. Did you buy a fancy one or just some basic el cheapo one?

NEET 08/19/2020 (Wed) 08:50:27 [Preview] No.208886 del
>then you are wrong.
Complaining makes him feel welcome here because if he make the complaint seem valid enough, people will start agreeing him. When I start moderating that is exactly what he does. It's cyclical.

>Ban this cunt that keeps using Nuro's flag and being narky to everyone and keep banning him every time you see him. He will get tired of it eventually.
No, he changes his behaviour to make it more subtle. I'll do this week and we'll see if and how it changes into the coming week.

NEET 08/19/2020 (Wed) 08:53:11 [Preview] No.208887 del

NEET 08/19/2020 (Wed) 08:54:17 [Preview] No.208888 del
I was trying to figure that out lol.

NEET 08/19/2020 (Wed) 08:55:02 [Preview] No.208889 del
It's a basic one from either kmart/target can't remember which

NEET 08/19/2020 (Wed) 08:55:20 [Preview] No.208890 del
Flags should be scrapped.

NEET 08/19/2020 (Wed) 08:56:01 [Preview] No.208891 del
It's also the cycle of me, of what the persons.

NEET 08/19/2020 (Wed) 08:56:08 [Preview] No.208892 del
Righto, it's the Kmart one I've been eyeing for a while.

NEET 08/19/2020 (Wed) 08:58:14 [Preview] No.208893 del
I was not, I wasn't going to have a beer, I worked an hour overtime. Did lots today.
But then I get home and Monaro is talking about her arse in her jeans, k pop shit and nigerian movies blasting. can't find my fucking phone. real estate cunts asking me for statements from my account that i cant remember the password or what email address its from fuck technology

NEET 08/19/2020 (Wed) 08:59:39 [Preview] No.208894 del
Poll for what to do with flags.

NEET 08/19/2020 (Wed) 09:00:16 [Preview] No.208895 del

NEET 08/19/2020 (Wed) 09:00:49 [Preview] No.208896 del

NEET 08/19/2020 (Wed) 09:01:34 [Preview] No.208897 del
>Monaro is talking about her arse in her jeans
Go on...

NEET 08/19/2020 (Wed) 09:02:20 [Preview] No.208898 del
A good tradesman doesn't blame his tools.

NEET 08/19/2020 (Wed) 09:03:57 [Preview] No.208899 del
Just for you

https://youtube.com/watch?v=GIJp5ui4kEM [Embed]

NEET 08/19/2020 (Wed) 09:04:14 [Preview] No.208900 del
(222.20 KB 643x537 1527274498149.png)
> I'll do this week and we'll see if and how it changes into the coming week.

thank you also watch when i use the bat signal as the nurodick flag to alert you of his nasty behaviour or when he is derailing a thread.

oh fuck off absolute anonymity is how you subvert this place with multiple identities with impunity. we are getting TOR blocked and comming down on you like a hammer son.

NEET 08/19/2020 (Wed) 09:06:42 [Preview] No.208901 del
>comming down on you like a hammer son.

NEET 08/19/2020 (Wed) 09:06:54 [Preview] No.208902 del
Seems it's going to be one of those nights on here.

NEET 08/19/2020 (Wed) 09:09:02 [Preview] No.208903 del
Very good. Be careful with sharp knives when you are drunk cooking.

NEET 08/19/2020 (Wed) 09:10:25 [Preview] No.208906 del

NEET 08/19/2020 (Wed) 09:13:13 [Preview] No.208910 del
This was some of my first OC.

NEET 08/19/2020 (Wed) 09:13:56 [Preview] No.208911 del
Any NEETs invest in ETFs? I'm thinking about investing in one since I'm not going to get greater return than 3.0 p.a. with a savings account. But there's always risk involved

NEET 08/19/2020 (Wed) 09:16:44 [Preview] No.208912 del
I have looked at vanguard but never pull the trigger because too much risk. I like safe savings accounts.

NEET 08/19/2020 (Wed) 09:18:34 [Preview] No.208913 del
>tfw crook

NEET 08/19/2020 (Wed) 09:19:39 [Preview] No.208914 del
Have a goon.

NEET 08/19/2020 (Wed) 09:20:06 [Preview] No.208915 del
Make more please.

NEET 08/19/2020 (Wed) 09:20:43 [Preview] No.208916 del
>tfw no Mr Teddy Bear in bed.

NEET 08/19/2020 (Wed) 09:22:17 [Preview] No.208917 del
I did not receive an adequate amount of (You)'s for the effort I put in.

NEET 08/19/2020 (Wed) 09:23:22 [Preview] No.208918 del
Get well soon

NEET 08/19/2020 (Wed) 09:24:41 [Preview] No.208919 del
Getting fucking baked off some good keif
Time to play some VIDEO GAMES

NEET 08/19/2020 (Wed) 09:27:03 [Preview] No.208920 del
What are you playing?

NEET 08/19/2020 (Wed) 09:28:55 [Preview] No.208921 del
Have a big bong.

NEET 08/19/2020 (Wed) 09:31:03 [Preview] No.208922 del
(137.28 KB 434x650 bngfdm.jpg)

NEET 08/19/2020 (Wed) 09:31:09 [Preview] No.208923 del

NEET 08/19/2020 (Wed) 09:31:28 [Preview] No.208924 del
Drinking a beer and being a right cunt online.

NEET 08/19/2020 (Wed) 09:31:37 [Preview] No.208925 del
SA Water have been and gone again without doing anything. Told me to set a lawyer on the neighbour regarding the tree and fence.

NEET 08/19/2020 (Wed) 09:36:49 [Preview] No.208926 del
Does it still smell like poo?

NEET 08/19/2020 (Wed) 09:37:46 [Preview] No.208927 del

NEET 08/19/2020 (Wed) 09:39:30 [Preview] No.208928 del
That sucks mate. I know you have talked to the neighbour about the tree been have you been able talk to them about the drain issue?

NEET 08/19/2020 (Wed) 09:40:13 [Preview] No.208929 del
Have a wank too.

NEET 08/19/2020 (Wed) 09:53:20 [Preview] No.208930 del
Lemon stealing whores.

NEET 08/19/2020 (Wed) 09:53:51 [Preview] No.208931 del
What about the lime ones?

NEET 08/19/2020 (Wed) 09:55:07 [Preview] No.208932 del
They're okay.

NEET 08/19/2020 (Wed) 09:56:49 [Preview] No.208933 del
Is it possible to kill a Russian?
>Woman, 81, returns to life after spending the night in a Russian morgue and 'being pulled back from the other world' after doctors declared her dead

NEET 08/19/2020 (Wed) 10:00:56 [Preview] No.208934 del
Can't kill what's already dead.

NEET 08/19/2020 (Wed) 10:02:32 [Preview] No.208935 del

NEET 08/19/2020 (Wed) 10:07:35 [Preview] No.208936 del
(154.45 KB 1033x805 Pizza Hput.jpg)

NEET 08/19/2020 (Wed) 10:09:06 [Preview] No.208937 del
Looks good.

Straight to the arse

NEET 08/19/2020 (Wed) 10:17:35 [Preview] No.208938 del
I walked 17kms when I was 17, just after I got out of rehab with blood soaked socks, leaving wet footprints in the desert sand along the rail line to a house where my girlfriend lived, just to have her not answer the door.
A country mile.

NEET 08/19/2020 (Wed) 10:19:46 [Preview] No.208939 del
Rehab for what?

NEET 08/19/2020 (Wed) 10:20:07 [Preview] No.208940 del
Rehab at 17.
You prodigy.

NEET 08/19/2020 (Wed) 10:21:35 [Preview] No.208941 del
Hampstead rehab, spinal recon.
I've told you all about this.

NEET 08/19/2020 (Wed) 10:22:12 [Preview] No.208942 del
is that they all said ???

NEET 08/19/2020 (Wed) 10:23:10 [Preview] No.208943 del
Mr. Teddy says goodnight NOOTs

NEET 08/19/2020 (Wed) 10:24:14 [Preview] No.208944 del
Was that the start of the pain medication?

NEET 08/19/2020 (Wed) 10:24:49 [Preview] No.208945 del
Good night NEET and Mr Teddy. Sleep tight and keep each other warm.

NEET 08/19/2020 (Wed) 10:25:10 [Preview] No.208946 del
(16.53 KB 549x299 1595893844581.jpg)
how embarrassing i bet Justin is the nuro antagonist too.. what a shamefu dispray

NEET 08/19/2020 (Wed) 10:25:48 [Preview] No.208947 del
I liked a Justin once.

NEET 08/19/2020 (Wed) 10:27:24 [Preview] No.208948 del
Nah, I actually didn't touch any pain relief apart from pot for about 8 years after that.
While in the RAH I was on over 1/2 a litre of morphine a day, it wasn't even on a press pump, just poured in.
It was insane.

NEET 08/19/2020 (Wed) 10:34:03 [Preview] No.208949 del
Fuck that's a lot morphine. I remember one NEET talking about having issues with pain medication after an accident but I don't recall anything beyond that story. How did you break your back?

NEET 08/19/2020 (Wed) 10:40:38 [Preview] No.208950 del
(4.07 MB 3264x2448 Pizza Hut.jpg)

NEET 08/19/2020 (Wed) 10:40:56 [Preview] No.208951 del
I can't say, it narrows down who I am too much.

NEET 08/19/2020 (Wed) 10:42:17 [Preview] No.208952 del
I'd let that go straight to my arse. Enjoy!

NEET 08/19/2020 (Wed) 10:42:34 [Preview] No.208953 del
greasy, stretchy, erotic

NEET 08/19/2020 (Wed) 10:42:47 [Preview] No.208954 del
Excellent feed.
Immense power.

NEET 08/19/2020 (Wed) 10:43:06 [Preview] No.208955 del
All good. Last question when did you first tell us?

NEET 08/19/2020 (Wed) 10:45:04 [Preview] No.208956 del
All of those people on that board except one is on facebook.

NEET 08/19/2020 (Wed) 10:45:14 [Preview] No.208957 del

NEET 08/19/2020 (Wed) 10:45:38 [Preview] No.208958 del
Probably 2016.

NEET 08/19/2020 (Wed) 10:45:47 [Preview] No.208959 del
Stop trying to stalk and dox NEETs.

NEET 08/19/2020 (Wed) 10:46:03 [Preview] No.208960 del
Anyone worth wanking over?

NEET 08/19/2020 (Wed) 10:46:35 [Preview] No.208961 del
Only Nuro

NEET 08/19/2020 (Wed) 10:47:35 [Preview] No.208962 del

NEET 08/19/2020 (Wed) 10:48:21 [Preview] No.208963 del
The latest couple of rounds of board drama have me really fucking confused I don't know who is who and what their problems are, not sure if I care anymore, it would be easily solved if NEETs and the Vol/BO took more of a proactive approach towards encouraging the NEETs to use their better judgement not to act in ways that they know will cause a dust up, but they're much content with just pick one side or the other. I guess this is how /ausneets/ dies, not with a bang, but with a whimper of NEETs just being narky to each other for the rest of eternity. Very sad.

NEET 08/19/2020 (Wed) 10:49:12 [Preview] No.208964 del

NEET 08/19/2020 (Wed) 10:49:52 [Preview] No.208965 del
https://youtube.com/watch?v=A5w4GILMNzQ [Embed]

Drunk and hard.

NEET 08/19/2020 (Wed) 10:50:26 [Preview] No.208966 del
/ausneets/ only goes down for a gang bang every Thursday night.

NEET 08/19/2020 (Wed) 10:50:34 [Preview] No.208967 del
You are not helping with your holier than thou pontifications.

NEET 08/19/2020 (Wed) 10:51:02 [Preview] No.208968 del
gonna have a coffee

NEET 08/19/2020 (Wed) 10:51:02 [Preview] No.208969 del
I fucking love Carl. I wish there was more of him.

NEET 08/19/2020 (Wed) 10:51:15 [Preview] No.208970 del
All you do is skip the posts you don't like.
Unless you want to engage with the shit, which we all do from time to time.

NEET 08/19/2020 (Wed) 10:51:32 [Preview] No.208971 del
>gang bang
Don't be so crass, group love making*

NEET 08/19/2020 (Wed) 10:52:11 [Preview] No.208972 del
Where are the pics? You have to outdo Shire.

NEET 08/19/2020 (Wed) 10:52:45 [Preview] No.208973 del
Someone has to say it, I'm not going to pretend like I'm free of sin, but things can't go on like this if we want this board to continue.

NEET 08/19/2020 (Wed) 11:01:35 [Preview] No.208974 del
>but things can't go on like this
That's what we say every day about our lives. Yet year after year, we're all still here except for that exec who died of heart disease

NEET 08/19/2020 (Wed) 11:05:29 [Preview] No.208975 del
https://youtube.com/watch?v=G6d3pHkHlZ8 [Embed]
I do not want to shame our up and comers.

NEET 08/19/2020 (Wed) 11:08:34 [Preview] No.208976 del
The shame is what they need to make them harder.

NEET 08/19/2020 (Wed) 11:09:02 [Preview] No.208977 del
The neets crave excitement and they are not going to get it from you.

NEET 08/19/2020 (Wed) 11:09:03 [Preview] No.208978 del
My fren. Wish I could share this feed/power with you.

NEET 08/19/2020 (Wed) 11:09:38 [Preview] No.208979 del

NEET 08/19/2020 (Wed) 11:09:50 [Preview] No.208980 del
I'm pretty hard right now.

NEET 08/19/2020 (Wed) 11:11:03 [Preview] No.208981 del
Post the pics. All these bulge teasers tonight.

NEET 08/19/2020 (Wed) 11:11:21 [Preview] No.208982 del
My softy and balls would put a tear in their eyes.

NEET 08/19/2020 (Wed) 11:11:46 [Preview] No.208983 del
You will not gain the power required by sharing it.

NEET 08/19/2020 (Wed) 11:12:32 [Preview] No.208984 del

NEET 08/19/2020 (Wed) 11:14:04 [Preview] No.208985 del
You can not handle my bulge.

NEET 08/19/2020 (Wed) 11:16:54 [Preview] No.208986 del
I can handle any bulge. I was born to the bulge.

NEET 08/19/2020 (Wed) 11:18:01 [Preview] No.208987 del
I see the boong spirits.

NEET 08/19/2020 (Wed) 11:20:37 [Preview] No.208988 del

NEET 08/19/2020 (Wed) 11:21:13 [Preview] No.208989 del
please only drink capfuls of Metho

NEET 08/19/2020 (Wed) 11:21:33 [Preview] No.208990 del

NEET 08/19/2020 (Wed) 11:22:07 [Preview] No.208991 del
>tfw no son

NEET 08/19/2020 (Wed) 11:26:11 [Preview] No.208992 del
Thinking about Nuro's pot belly.

NEET 08/19/2020 (Wed) 11:27:01 [Preview] No.208993 del
You have us.

NEET 08/19/2020 (Wed) 11:27:18 [Preview] No.208994 del

NEET 08/19/2020 (Wed) 11:27:39 [Preview] No.208995 del
Good night NEETs. Sleep tight.

NEET 08/19/2020 (Wed) 11:28:09 [Preview] No.208996 del
Good night tightNEET.

NEET 08/19/2020 (Wed) 11:29:01 [Preview] No.208997 del
Thinking about a Westpac 3.0% p.a. savings account.

NEET 08/19/2020 (Wed) 11:30:29 [Preview] No.208998 del
Fat stacks.

NEET 08/19/2020 (Wed) 11:35:01 [Preview] No.208999 del
You lot are making me consider dropping Commonwealth.

NEET 08/19/2020 (Wed) 11:44:18 [Preview] No.209000 del
Things were simpler in the past.

NEET 08/19/2020 (Wed) 11:44:41 [Preview] No.209001 del
You were not.

NEET 08/19/2020 (Wed) 11:44:56 [Preview] No.209002 del

NEET 08/19/2020 (Wed) 11:45:47 [Preview] No.209003 del
ING is also a good option.

NEET 08/19/2020 (Wed) 11:47:17 [Preview] No.209004 del
Goodnight NEETs

NEET 08/19/2020 (Wed) 11:47:51 [Preview] No.209005 del
I'm going to have to do a lot of research since I just stuck with Commonwealth since that's what mummybot got me on.
Sleep tight.

NEET 08/19/2020 (Wed) 11:49:34 [Preview] No.209006 del
The one on the right. Good night neet.

NEET 08/19/2020 (Wed) 11:55:31 [Preview] No.209007 del
Gook night.

NEET 08/19/2020 (Wed) 12:07:33 [Preview] No.209008 del
Had a really good session at the gym.
Saw an Asian guy there wearing a shirt that said Finland on it. Had a good laugh to myself.
Lots of new people there which I am glad to see. It is a bit annoying having people there but I am glad people are getting into it.

NEET 08/19/2020 (Wed) 12:08:19 [Preview] No.209009 del
Adopt me, pls.
I never had a father.

NEET 08/19/2020 (Wed) 12:11:27 [Preview] No.209011 del
>Lots of new people there which I am glad to see
That's great mate.
How did that happen?

NEET 08/19/2020 (Wed) 12:15:16 [Preview] No.209012 del
I don't understand the question.
There are people at the gym I've never seen before. They appear inexperienced and a bit uncomfortable.

NEET 08/19/2020 (Wed) 12:20:56 [Preview] No.209013 del
>They appear inexperienced and a bit uncomfortable.
Oh fuck, that's me at the gym so far.

NEET 08/19/2020 (Wed) 12:27:07 [Preview] No.209014 del
That is okay m8. We all start there.

NEET 08/19/2020 (Wed) 12:46:37 [Preview] No.209015 del
Just had a wank.
Good night noots.

NEET 08/19/2020 (Wed) 12:55:33 [Preview] No.209016 del
When I was about 13, my dad and I drove from Coober Pedy to Aulbury/Wodonga, a couple of his friends lived there that he was very close to but hadn't seen in close to a decade. There was a husband and wife and three kids, two were deaf and he found/worked out that the first was deaf by putting the speaker on the ground, he lived with them when he was in his late 20's around when I was born. I think they lived in Toowoomba at the time. He told me about how he and the husband grew dope and how they used to play rugby for the town. They'd drink two bottles of rum and go running around town, sometimes from town to town. Pot gutted, alco, loose cunts. They grew a crop and wrapped a big bud in alfoil. When the crop had been sold, they would smoke it. When they were at that point, they got it and it was just an alfoil shell, with nothing in it. They accused each other of not waiting. Turns out there was a little hole and a rat had eaten it all. Any way the ute we took was a rusty shell of a car, it had no trim and you could see through the floor. I had to take my blankets with me because dad always went on these sorts of adventures at about 3am, it's how I ended up living up there. We just got in a car and went, then we were living there. On the way=when I moved there, we stopped at Glendanmbo dump and got all out cutlery and dishes. I still have some of the bone handle knives we found there in the shed. We ate off of a shovel, which I found out afterwards was the one he used to clean up dog shit. He said the fire killed everything. So that ute, ended up being Jimmy the Greek's first car. Dad was telling me about a story that he worked with a guy called Dimitri when he helped build the Port Augusta power station. That's actually what he did in Toowoomba too. Anyway, when I got to Coober Pedy I became good mates with Jimmy Gargasoulas. I used to call him Dimitri, his dad heard it and thought it was good that I was using his authentic Greek name and I became close to the family and him. He taiught me how to do burn outs on my bike and I cut part of my finger off. I also have a little dot in my cheek from where he shot me with an ink cartridge from a pen tube and a rubber band, it stuck in my cheek. Any way, that car we drove in was his first car and he was the guy who drove down Burke Street in Melbourne and ran over heaps of people. Something about that is ironic/funny. I can't work out what. Any way on the way to Aubury/Wodonga, in this rusty old ute, the trip took ages. We drove down to Adelaide first then across. It had no trim and mats, etc. That's why I had to take blankets, I can't remember if I mentioned that. Dad just sung Slim Dusty songs and Banjo Paterson poems. He has a great memory for that sort of stuff.
I remember vividly him singing me this song on the NSW butthole, we drove on the dirt road side. All along the river there are 'sister' towns, one on NSW, one on Vic, only one side has the bitumen. Anyway, he sung this song from this part.
Missing the first verse/chorus made it like a mystery song. I thought it was about a dog then almost cried when he got to the end. It wasn't as fast as this, he would stop between lines sometimes to remember the lyrics and it made each one sink in.
It is a precious memory, I thought it was about a dog.

NEET 08/19/2020 (Wed) 13:07:52 [Preview] No.209017 del
Dad also ended up in the Toowoomba newspaper, I forgot to put that bit in. There was a crop he grew after that the cops pulled. When they pulled them all, he decided to leave town, the crop wasn't in town, just in the bush. So they couldn't link it to him. The day he left, the night before, he dug up the cop shop lawn and planted a little plant on their front lawn.

NEET 08/19/2020 (Wed) 13:09:28 [Preview] No.209018 del
>23 minutes

NEET 08/19/2020 (Wed) 13:10:07 [Preview] No.209019 del
Good night.
I just read the bit about wank.

NEET 08/19/2020 (Wed) 13:10:58 [Preview] No.209020 del
So I guess it's actually
>43 minutes
because the other one was a good night, not a real post.

NEET 08/19/2020 (Wed) 13:14:49 [Preview] No.209021 del
This is a good one.
I guess if you are all asleep, I will go to bed too.
I drunk too much, 4 beers, 3 mindies, 1 choof. Got work at 8.
I started remembering life and who I was, no one wants that.
Memories are a lot to handle.
Good night friends.

NEET 08/19/2020 (Wed) 16:06:54 [Preview] No.209022 del
(42.75 KB 655x643 1532060863749.jpg)
>nigger posting
just chill bro and lay off the drugs

NEET 08/19/2020 (Wed) 20:18:00 [Preview] No.209023 del
this is the last warning you get today

NEET 08/19/2020 (Wed) 20:19:38 [Preview] No.209024 del
Morning all.
Have to drop Motherbot at my sister's place on the way to work. Have to remember to collect her afterward too.

NEET 08/19/2020 (Wed) 20:23:57 [Preview] No.209025 del
can't believe nobody has registered bigsloppypoos.com

NEET 08/19/2020 (Wed) 20:24:33 [Preview] No.209026 del
why haven't YOU?

NEET 08/19/2020 (Wed) 20:29:33 [Preview] No.209027 del
Interesting story.

NEET 08/19/2020 (Wed) 20:30:32 [Preview] No.209028 del

NEET 08/19/2020 (Wed) 20:31:36 [Preview] No.209029 del
Good morning NEETs.

NEET 08/19/2020 (Wed) 20:33:26 [Preview] No.209030 del
Busy day.

NEET 08/19/2020 (Wed) 20:41:43 [Preview] No.209031 del
(1.18 MB 480x360 1597693815793.webm)
Good Morning Fellow Neetus

Wanted to sleep in and relax a bit but was up early so might as well get to it.

Also thinking about morning Excercise.....

NEET 08/19/2020 (Wed) 20:43:40 [Preview] No.209033 del
days off to a good start then

NEET 08/19/2020 (Wed) 20:50:40 [Preview] No.209034 del
#BO nuke this cunt from orbit >>209032

NEET 08/19/2020 (Wed) 21:23:25 [Preview] No.209035 del
(180.98 KB 370x510 craigcat.png)
Good morning friends.
Feeling like a boong.

NEET 08/19/2020 (Wed) 21:25:44 [Preview] No.209036 del
I can help you.

NEET 08/19/2020 (Wed) 21:26:38 [Preview] No.209037 del
(2.03 KB 143x120 Tfw..png)
You have helped me enough.

NEET 08/19/2020 (Wed) 21:28:52 [Preview] No.209038 del
... and he did it.

NEET 08/19/2020 (Wed) 21:33:08 [Preview] No.209039 del
Having a wake and wank

NEET 08/19/2020 (Wed) 21:33:51 [Preview] No.209040 del
Got room for one more?

NEET 08/19/2020 (Wed) 22:01:31 [Preview] No.209041 del
Good Morning Neets and Justin

NEET 08/19/2020 (Wed) 22:08:24 [Preview] No.209042 del
Just dont forget her in the car like last time.

NEET 08/19/2020 (Wed) 22:11:34 [Preview] No.209043 del
Good morning NEET.

NEET 08/19/2020 (Wed) 22:11:59 [Preview] No.209044 del
(293.25 KB 440x582 Grudgement01.jpg)
(313.73 KB 440x582 Grudgement02.jpg)
Just a quick update: All matches played in the Cup so far are now viewable on NekoBar. The ICUP 6 playlist can be found at: https://pt.neko.bar/videos/watch/playlist/8d9881ff-e2f4-4335-8fa7-897c5219f8ea
Additionally, the last set of Group Stage matches are to be held this Saturday and Sunday, usual time, usual place. Group winners and other teams advancing to the Knockout Stage will be determined through these matches, including the pair of rivalry matches in Group B, to be collectively referred to as "Grudgement Day". Be sure to tune in for these games and more this weekend!

NEET 08/19/2020 (Wed) 22:14:23 [Preview] No.209045 del
Thank you.

NEET 08/19/2020 (Wed) 22:16:55 [Preview] No.209046 del
Fucking muggles.
>They ran at a 'for sale' sign in a neighbour's front yard, while referencing the fictional wizard's efforts to reach Platform 9 3/4 to take him to Hogwarts.
>The skit triggered a chain of events that put a 14-year-old boy in emergency surgery, having part of his skull removed to alleviate pressure from a bleed caused by a baseball bat to the head.
>Judge Gavan Meredith said five to seven men stormed the party in response, some armed with bats or poles.

NEET 08/19/2020 (Wed) 22:23:13 [Preview] No.209047 del
So one lot of trespass is A-OK (the boys running onto a property and hitting a 'for sale' sign), but the other isn't? Real fair.

NEET 08/19/2020 (Wed) 22:26:10 [Preview] No.209049 del

NEET 08/19/2020 (Wed) 22:28:27 [Preview] No.209050 del
I think a proportion response could have been detaining them or getting the pigs to take action against them. Adding "bats or poles" in group for people who are not yet an adult all adds up against them.

But it wasn't clear where the sign is in the article. In places near me those signs are very close if not on the boundary of council land (i.e. where the fences end and council land starts). Still on private land but very close to council property.

NEET 08/19/2020 (Wed) 22:28:51 [Preview] No.209051 del
Goose morning.

NEET 08/19/2020 (Wed) 22:33:07 [Preview] No.209052 del
>A former British public schoolboy has been flogged naked in Singapore for drugs offences.
>A prison officer at Changi Prison in Singapore demonstrates the caning on a mannequin

NEET 08/19/2020 (Wed) 22:34:51 [Preview] No.209053 del
>Fed-up homeowner wraps his neighbour's car in black CELLOPHANE after she blocks his drive for more than a day

NEET 08/19/2020 (Wed) 22:35:37 [Preview] No.209054 del
Me on the right

NEET 08/19/2020 (Wed) 22:36:13 [Preview] No.209055 del
Good. They should hang him next.

NEET 08/19/2020 (Wed) 22:37:32 [Preview] No.209056 del
Found my phone at work.
Feeling mighty monged this morning.

NEET 08/19/2020 (Wed) 22:38:02 [Preview] No.209058 del

NEET 08/19/2020 (Wed) 22:39:03 [Preview] No.209059 del
I think you still need to keep some of the title intact.

NEET 08/19/2020 (Wed) 22:40:00 [Preview] No.209060 del
or article ID does not exist.

NEET 08/19/2020 (Wed) 22:41:22 [Preview] No.209061 del
>Feeling mighty monged this morning.
You need to prioritise those eight hours sleep. Sleep is key to moving through the day.

NEET 08/19/2020 (Wed) 22:43:21 [Preview] No.209063 del

NEET 08/19/2020 (Wed) 22:43:32 [Preview] No.209064 del
Took some klonozepam last night for my anxiety/heart symptoms. Now my head's all fuzzy.

NEET 08/19/2020 (Wed) 22:53:45 [Preview] No.209065 del
(172.61 KB 1319x953 Dirty White Boy.jpg)
10 minutes of sunshine to brighten up my day.

NEET 08/19/2020 (Wed) 22:54:21 [Preview] No.209066 del
>Now my head's all fuzzy.
It sounds like nasty stuff:
>Duration of action: 6–12 hours
>Elimination half-life: 18–60 hours

Stay safe today.

NEET 08/19/2020 (Wed) 22:57:12 [Preview] No.209068 del
>dirty yellow cunt
>lives in another country

NEET 08/19/2020 (Wed) 22:57:22 [Preview] No.209069 del
Sorry to hear

NEET 08/19/2020 (Wed) 22:58:59 [Preview] No.209070 del
The most I've ever flogged in one day is 3 times

NEET 08/19/2020 (Wed) 23:01:37 [Preview] No.209071 del
What does he say about people reuploading his videos?

NEET 08/19/2020 (Wed) 23:10:49 [Preview] No.209072 del
These were nice stories, thank you for sharing them.

NEET 08/19/2020 (Wed) 23:13:03 [Preview] No.209073 del
Probably shouldn't stay up getting boong'd on wage nights too. Was sort of planning on chucking a sickie. Got to work to find out I'm the on call person, had to deal with a non response already. I thought it was Wednesday, I even have my Wednesday cumdies on.

NEET 08/19/2020 (Wed) 23:13:19 [Preview] No.209074 del
Good morning my friend.

NEET 08/19/2020 (Wed) 23:14:36 [Preview] No.209075 del
>I even have my Wednesday cumdies on.
I forgot about these day cumdies.

NEET 08/19/2020 (Wed) 23:16:13 [Preview] No.209076 del

“The girl(s) attacked my daughter yet again so (his daughter) started fighting back. The schools do f**k all,” he said.

“I’m happy to go and sort out the parents. See how they like it, three on one.”

A good Daddybot.

NEET 08/19/2020 (Wed) 23:19:08 [Preview] No.209077 del
I wonder where and what the teachers were doing during it?

NEET 08/19/2020 (Wed) 23:19:18 [Preview] No.209078 del
Fucking flogged down

NEET 08/19/2020 (Wed) 23:19:40 [Preview] No.209079 del
You never see them on.

NEET 08/19/2020 (Wed) 23:20:22 [Preview] No.209080 del
Sup baby

NEET 08/19/2020 (Wed) 23:21:00 [Preview] No.209081 del
(610.48 KB 686x532 ignoring the problem.png)

NEET 08/19/2020 (Wed) 23:21:31 [Preview] No.209082 del
You posted a picture of them once.

NEET 08/19/2020 (Wed) 23:22:10 [Preview] No.209083 del
Ah. Didn't notice that figure. I just searched for "teacher" and didn't find anything.

NEET 08/19/2020 (Wed) 23:22:20 [Preview] No.209084 del
(1.01 MB 320x180 downfall.webm)
Good Morning glorious neets

NEET 08/19/2020 (Wed) 23:23:42 [Preview] No.209085 del
Good morning NEET.

NEET 08/19/2020 (Wed) 23:23:58 [Preview] No.209086 del
Wednesday cumdies bulge pic tonight please.

NEET 08/19/2020 (Wed) 23:26:55 [Preview] No.209087 del
(225.56 KB 1440x1540 samurai.jpg)
(178.71 KB 1440x1495 fax.jpg)
It is quite possible that at one point a Samurai used a fax machine.

NEET 08/19/2020 (Wed) 23:27:35 [Preview] No.209088 del
The whole house still smells of your drunken debauch. I can't keep living like this. This is not the man I married.

NEET 08/19/2020 (Wed) 23:29:31 [Preview] No.209089 del
Interesting conclusion, I would like to read the translated transmission if such a record existed.

NEET 08/19/2020 (Wed) 23:31:16 [Preview] No.209090 del
Calls them pathetic trolls who live miserable lives and who can't come up with their own content...

NEET 08/19/2020 (Wed) 23:31:51 [Preview] No.209091 del
(239.61 KB 576x360 harro.png)

NEET 08/19/2020 (Wed) 23:36:01 [Preview] No.209092 del
Interesting response to them.

Letter by letter:

NEET 08/19/2020 (Wed) 23:45:47 [Preview] No.209093 del

NEET 08/19/2020 (Wed) 23:46:00 [Preview] No.209094 del
You knew what you were getting into.

NEET 08/19/2020 (Wed) 23:59:14 [Preview] No.209095 del
(34.04 KB 923x711 EfU2dJRVAAAMRo9.jpg)

NEET 08/19/2020 (Wed) 23:59:37 [Preview] No.209096 del

NEET 08/20/2020 (Thu) 00:07:30 [Preview] No.209097 del
(1.20 MB 440x404 1597864637832.gif)

NEET 08/20/2020 (Thu) 00:18:07 [Preview] No.209098 del
Good morning neets.
I've moved my phone away from my bed because I spend about 45 minutes each morning and about 30 minutes each night scrolling twitter/tiktok. Hopefully this makes me a bit more productive.
Had a very productive day yesterday. Got stuff to do today but it should be pretty straightforward.

NEET 08/20/2020 (Thu) 00:19:06 [Preview] No.209099 del
(244.76 KB 1920x1057 20200820101807_1.jpg)
(278.76 KB 1920x1057 20200820101815_1.jpg)
Having a fly.

NEET 08/20/2020 (Thu) 00:20:25 [Preview] No.209100 del
The correct term there is 'Brit'.
'Briton' means a native inhabitant.
I've noticed the BBC using the term Briton incorrectly which is odd as it is a bit of an unusual term and Brit is far better known.
It strikes me as an attempt to erode its meaning so we can no longer linguistically distinguish between the natives and outsiders.

NEET 08/20/2020 (Thu) 00:26:32 [Preview] No.209101 del
Can u custom skin the planes?

NEET 08/20/2020 (Thu) 00:29:28 [Preview] No.209102 del
>tfw you will never be a kid playing quake for the first time in the comfy world of 1996

NEET 08/20/2020 (Thu) 00:30:37 [Preview] No.209103 del
Does it have ufos that mysteriously appear, zoom off and leave you with missing time? How about tornados?

NEET 08/20/2020 (Thu) 00:31:03 [Preview] No.209104 del
Remember the Housos episode where Frankie does 'Dirty Deeds Done Dirt Cheap'?

NEET 08/20/2020 (Thu) 00:34:41 [Preview] No.209105 del
I would say so.


NEET 08/20/2020 (Thu) 00:35:34 [Preview] No.209106 del
My pore arse sings a harrowing tune

NEET 08/20/2020 (Thu) 00:36:26 [Preview] No.209107 del
>tfw ywn have nuro stretch your sphincter the way his belly stretches his shirt

NEET 08/20/2020 (Thu) 00:37:05 [Preview] No.209108 del
went to teh boobies cafe for a cofefee

NEET 08/20/2020 (Thu) 00:41:53 [Preview] No.209109 del
Good morning and good luck with the stuff

You may be right

Duke Nukem > Doom > Quake

No, all the episodes blended into one another.

Are you playing a legit copy online or an offline-only torrent?

NEET 08/20/2020 (Thu) 00:43:00 [Preview] No.209110 del
https://www.bitchute.com/video/DSPTwpXrVTpV/ [Embed]

NEET 08/20/2020 (Thu) 00:46:22 [Preview] No.209111 del
legit copy.

NEET 08/20/2020 (Thu) 01:02:41 [Preview] No.209112 del
Good morning. Good luck with the productivity goals today.

NEET 08/20/2020 (Thu) 01:07:14 [Preview] No.209113 del
>tfw depressed and anxious

NEET 08/20/2020 (Thu) 01:08:38 [Preview] No.209114 del
https://youtube.com/watch?v=7xEsvaDbXCc [Embed]

NEET 08/20/2020 (Thu) 01:12:52 [Preview] No.209115 del
We'll give the NEETs no rest

t. Arse Gremlins

NEET 08/20/2020 (Thu) 01:14:47 [Preview] No.209116 del
>tfw tumesced

NEET 08/20/2020 (Thu) 01:15:11 [Preview] No.209117 del
>tfw hungry and lazy

NEET 08/20/2020 (Thu) 01:18:00 [Preview] No.209118 del
>tfw HORNY

NEET 08/20/2020 (Thu) 01:18:46 [Preview] No.209119 del
(181.70 KB 894x865 Russian Dogs.jpg)
(198.04 KB 940x791 Russian Dogs 2.jpg)
(22.33 KB 230x345 Sputnik.jpg)

NEET 08/20/2020 (Thu) 01:20:06 [Preview] No.209120 del
>Strelka went on to have six puppies with a male dog named Pushok who participated in many ground-based space experiments, but never made it into space.[16] One of the pups was named Pushinka (Пушинка, "Fluffy") and was presented to President John F. Kennedy by Nikita Khrushchev in 1961. A Cold War romance bloomed between Pushinka and a Kennedy dog named Charlie, resulting in the birth of four pups that JFK referred to jokingly as pupniks.

NEET 08/20/2020 (Thu) 01:23:58 [Preview] No.209121 del
I put on a wet shirt and put my dressing gown on top of it due to the cold and now there is a slightly odd smell to it.

NEET 08/20/2020 (Thu) 01:29:12 [Preview] No.209122 del
Why did you put on a wet shirt?

NEET 08/20/2020 (Thu) 01:30:31 [Preview] No.209123 del
It has been pissing cats and dogs so all my clothes are dirty or still wet on the line.

NEET 08/20/2020 (Thu) 01:32:34 [Preview] No.209124 del
I find your prejudice towards dirty clothes to be unbecoming of a neet.

NEET 08/20/2020 (Thu) 01:32:45 [Preview] No.209125 del
Big stinky neet

NEET 08/20/2020 (Thu) 01:33:01 [Preview] No.209126 del
NEET wet T-shirt contest

NEET 08/20/2020 (Thu) 01:34:32 [Preview] No.209127 del
I don't want to wear cum-stained clothing in front of female roommate.

NEET 08/20/2020 (Thu) 01:41:56 [Preview] No.209128 del
what's my name again

NEET 08/20/2020 (Thu) 01:42:07 [Preview] No.209129 del
Possum called a Jewish woman an "oven dodging whore" once.

NEET 08/20/2020 (Thu) 01:46:33 [Preview] No.209130 del
Who hasn't?

NEET 08/20/2020 (Thu) 01:53:59 [Preview] No.209131 del
he did not.

NEET 08/20/2020 (Thu) 02:06:56 [Preview] No.209133 del

NEET 08/20/2020 (Thu) 02:07:43 [Preview] No.209134 del

NEET 08/20/2020 (Thu) 02:08:02 [Preview] No.209135 del
I wonder what the effects of space travel although break had on their bodies. I know people living much longer in the space station have issues with bone density.

NEET 08/20/2020 (Thu) 02:18:43 [Preview] No.209136 del
Imagine imagining imaginative imaginings.

NEET 08/20/2020 (Thu) 02:29:07 [Preview] No.209137 del
Someone just posted this on the uni discussion board:
Moment to appreciate the Real numbers is the only complete ordered field
That is all, no question.

just feel like we need to sometimes sit back and appreciate things like this, that seem quite bizarre (even if it is beyond the scope of the course to prove)

Hope everyone is having a good day

NEET 08/20/2020 (Thu) 02:30:27 [Preview] No.209138 del
Imagine being based

NEET 08/20/2020 (Thu) 02:31:38 [Preview] No.209139 del
Going out to lunch with my sister tomorrow, first time I've seen her in months so I'm looking forward to it. I've got to keep living for little moments like this.

NEET 08/20/2020 (Thu) 02:36:05 [Preview] No.209140 del
mummybot wont know i got kfc for lunch

NEET 08/20/2020 (Thu) 02:38:52 [Preview] No.209141 del
>just feel like we need to sometimes sit back and appreciate things like this, that seem quite bizarre (even if it is beyond the scope of the course to prove)
True, you do need those movements to keep you moving forward.

>Hope everyone is having a good day
Same to you mate.

>I've got to keep living for little moments like this.
With everything online I do appreciate those moments.

NEET 08/20/2020 (Thu) 02:42:09 [Preview] No.209142 del
Cock and arse.

NEET 08/20/2020 (Thu) 02:43:33 [Preview] No.209143 del
Read the first line of my post m8.

NEET 08/20/2020 (Thu) 02:48:57 [Preview] No.209144 del
Ah understandable, please use
>these arrows to indicate a quote of text

NEET 08/20/2020 (Thu) 02:54:14 [Preview] No.209146 del
That shit was horrific. Poor lady.

Pimples bother me, imagine if it was your whole face being burned.

NEET 08/20/2020 (Thu) 02:54:59 [Preview] No.209147 del
>imagine if it
*I do not think I could cope very well if my whole face was burned

NEET 08/20/2020 (Thu) 02:57:45 [Preview] No.209148 del
I know but I am a very lazy enet.
Even by neet standards.

NEET 08/20/2020 (Thu) 02:57:58 [Preview] No.209149 del
(110.20 KB 764x513 Stinky NEET.jpg)

>although break

Thanks. You too

It will be good for your mental health.

NEET 08/20/2020 (Thu) 02:59:45 [Preview] No.209150 del
I'd sue the medical staff for keeping me alive.

NEET 08/20/2020 (Thu) 03:00:59 [Preview] No.209151 del
Only time we use our cheap as clothes dryer is when it rains for days on end. We probably use it a few times a year. I can imagine though that might not always be possible especially if you're living in a unit or tight living space.

NEET 08/20/2020 (Thu) 03:03:16 [Preview] No.209152 del
Do you have a Do Not Resuscitate medical tag with your information and medical requests (i.e. do not treat for major life sustaining injuries)? I have no clue if they matter in Australia under the law.

They will keep extending your life as long as possible if the care is decent in the hospital.

NEET 08/20/2020 (Thu) 03:07:23 [Preview] No.209153 del
(105.45 KB 1062x524 Kombucha.jpg)
Had one of these, it contains 4 types of tea which I found interesting.

NEET 08/20/2020 (Thu) 03:07:44 [Preview] No.209154 del
I have a Do Not Ejaculate tag as I'm on no fap.

NEET 08/20/2020 (Thu) 03:08:06 [Preview] No.209155 del
you can have DNR tattooed on your chest and they'll still ignore it
it has been before the courts before

NEET 08/20/2020 (Thu) 03:08:30 [Preview] No.209156 del
Better to be safe than sorry. What if it is 'hands free'?

NEET 08/20/2020 (Thu) 03:09:09 [Preview] No.209157 del

NEET 08/20/2020 (Thu) 03:09:56 [Preview] No.209158 del
Was it very bitter?
I didn't mind a different Kombucha drink I had once, but I found each mouthful very bitter. I don't mind the bitterness but it was too much and was overpowering.

NEET 08/20/2020 (Thu) 03:10:32 [Preview] No.209159 del
>it has been before the courts before
Interesting, I though they would ignore it in Australia.

NEET 08/20/2020 (Thu) 03:14:01 [Preview] No.209160 del

NEET 08/20/2020 (Thu) 03:16:14 [Preview] No.209161 del
/ausneets/ airlines???

NEET 08/20/2020 (Thu) 03:18:26 [Preview] No.209162 del
Any of you tried those Fray Bentos tinned pies??

NEET 08/20/2020 (Thu) 03:18:38 [Preview] No.209163 del
Had a salad. Might have a nap now.

NEET 08/20/2020 (Thu) 03:19:48 [Preview] No.209164 del
I've considered trying them for a while but never got the chance before cutting those types of foods out of my diet. You can be our guineapigNEET for those.

NEET 08/20/2020 (Thu) 03:20:53 [Preview] No.209165 del
>before cutting those types of foods out of my diet

NEET 08/20/2020 (Thu) 03:21:04 [Preview] No.209166 del
i got sick of them after gallipoli

NEET 08/20/2020 (Thu) 03:21:20 [Preview] No.209167 del
Sick of being a fat shit.

NEET 08/20/2020 (Thu) 03:23:06 [Preview] No.209168 del
I can't believe bluey has been euthanised because an episode said 'ooga booga I'm gonna get you' this is why adults shouldn't watch kids shows

there's an ABC kids tv show called zog but nobody's cancelling it

NEET 08/20/2020 (Thu) 03:23:57 [Preview] No.209169 del
pissed this train company doesn't provide Monster Energy Zero Ultra to emplyoees

NEET 08/20/2020 (Thu) 03:25:06 [Preview] No.209170 del

NEET 08/20/2020 (Thu) 03:25:32 [Preview] No.209171 del
(5.89 MB 720x720 W0Mg5VMcS73rcf0s.mp4)

NEET 08/20/2020 (Thu) 03:25:56 [Preview] No.209172 del
that was all wwi soldiers ate
that and bullets lmao

NEET 08/20/2020 (Thu) 03:28:21 [Preview] No.209173 del
(27.62 KB 400x400 hb2jdnX1_400x400.jpg)
is this?

NEET 08/20/2020 (Thu) 03:28:57 [Preview] No.209174 del
>but nobody's cancelling it
Probably not aware of what it means or it is not known. They just seem to be cutting that episode with "'ooga booga" probably removing those words.

It has been happening for a long time. In the Simpsons there is an episode where one of them is council office and a smear campaign runs with one of them saying they snort cocaine. It is cut out when aired in Australia and the transition afterwards was very jarring that something happened before they moves on.

NEET 08/20/2020 (Thu) 03:29:08 [Preview] No.209175 del
Werther's originals.

NEET 08/20/2020 (Thu) 03:29:10 [Preview] No.209176 del
Did a really smelly yellow poo

NEET 08/20/2020 (Thu) 03:29:30 [Preview] No.209177 del
Me in pictures.

NEET 08/20/2020 (Thu) 03:29:59 [Preview] No.209178 del
The picture didn't seem to upload.

NEET 08/20/2020 (Thu) 03:30:55 [Preview] No.209180 del
I didn't realise they were that old.
I want to try frying hardtack with jam like that other neet did.

NEET 08/20/2020 (Thu) 03:31:07 [Preview] No.209181 del
(49.25 KB 1037x379 Ef0x2QvU8AA-Bl_.jpg)
enjoy noots

NEET 08/20/2020 (Thu) 03:31:08 [Preview] No.209182 del
It did for everyone else.

NEET 08/20/2020 (Thu) 03:32:01 [Preview] No.209183 del
Kek, what is your take on this one nuro?

NEET 08/20/2020 (Thu) 03:34:52 [Preview] No.209185 del
A slight bitterness, no more than your average ginger beer.

Have one in the pantry, never tried them before.

I don't bother reading those articles. They just piss me off.

You wouldn't want the train driver hopped-up on that shit.

>and bullets

NEET 08/20/2020 (Thu) 03:37:36 [Preview] No.209188 del
looks like a female neck thingo

NEET 08/20/2020 (Thu) 03:55:12 [Preview] No.209190 del

NEET 08/20/2020 (Thu) 03:56:14 [Preview] No.209191 del
Rotten tea.

NEET 08/20/2020 (Thu) 03:59:10 [Preview] No.209192 del

NEET 08/20/2020 (Thu) 03:59:45 [Preview] No.209193 del

NEET 08/20/2020 (Thu) 04:10:25 [Preview] No.209194 del
Is this a cult book?

NEET 08/20/2020 (Thu) 04:12:32 [Preview] No.209196 del
a "forgery" written 100+ years ago that somehow accurately predicted everything (((they))) do...

NEET 08/20/2020 (Thu) 04:15:01 [Preview] No.209197 del
>tfw no cute gf

NEET 08/20/2020 (Thu) 04:16:34 [Preview] No.209198 del
You need to settle for anyone that will have you.

NEET 08/20/2020 (Thu) 04:16:51 [Preview] No.209199 del
>ay papito

NEET 08/20/2020 (Thu) 04:17:54 [Preview] No.209200 del
(82.06 KB 564x564 Clipboard07.jpg)

NEET 08/20/2020 (Thu) 04:23:29 [Preview] No.209201 del
The elders of zion were meant to have a virtual inspection of my flat today, but they seem to have forgotten. They were meant to send me an email.

NEET 08/20/2020 (Thu) 04:32:50 [Preview] No.209202 del
cool it with the anti-semitic remarks