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His priorities are on domestic issues, not foreign policy. He does want to effectively shrink the military's operating budget by 10%, by redirecting that funding to building and repairing infrastructure. I read his book, and his focus is on building the country and preparing rural communities for the looming automation crisis.

>Is universal basic income the only welfare or is there other stuff involved, and how does he pay for it?

As I explained the GST will fund at least half of UBI, but it won't replace welfare. Welfare recipients will have the option to either take welfare or UBI, but not both. The purpose is to allow people who want to work to do so while receiving $1000 a month that they wouldn't receive if they were on welfare (which pays more.) The current law disincentivizes injured people from ever working again once they go on welfare, because just a few hours of work or volunteering could disqualified them from receiving their benefits.

I think his other political views will come out as journalists start asking him hard questions. Until then you can read more about his political platform here: