Anonymous 01/07/2019 (Mon) 00:28:16 No.19594 del
> He does want to effectively shrink the military's operating budget by 10%, by redirecting that funding to building and repairing infrastructure.
This actually impresses me as it seems like a plausible sane goal. As in he is actually thinking about how to achieve something with some realm of political possibility. If he pulls the troops home from the middle east and cuts the F-35 program he maybe able to get there easier than some would say. I suppose, in the long long long shot chance that he wins or should I say if you win? he could get that with an alliance of war skeptic tea party republicans and progressive democrats.

>His priorities are on domestic issues
That's not bad. Though he'd better have a foreign policy plan. The 10% cut is a reasonable recognition of the fact that, even if the US does disengage we can't just get rid of everything all at once (nor should we, but it should be much more defensive).

>As I explained the GST will fund at least half of UBI, but it won't replace welfare. Welfare recipients will have the option to either take welfare or UBI, but not both. The purpose is to allow people who want to work to do so while receiving $1000 a month that they wouldn't receive if they were on welfare (which pays more.) The current law disincentivizes injured people from ever working again once they go on welfare, because just a few hours of work or volunteering could disqualified them from receiving their benefits.
This has some logic to it but the way you were screaming about it and running out CEOs is still retarded. I don't care for the rich either but that running them out of the country talk won't help things. Especially since such redistributive talk has a history of expanding in scope those who it labels as the "better off" and horrible consequences for a lot of the people you so claim to want to help. Overall I'm still very skeptical of UBI.

>preparing rural communities for the looming automation crisis.
If he actually cares about rural communities then I'll some points on that. I'm middle road but more skeptical of automation just not blackpill.

> Until then you can read more about his political platform here:
Well, I honestly may look int him more. Him larping as some supporter on a random chan and sounding like a commie is a horrible first impression. I wouldn't know how, even if he wins, do even a quarter of the things he wants the way he wants with our to current parties, unless he has some crazy plan to elect a bunch of congressmen or some how intents to use the populist factions of each party to put pressure. Which would be possible with somethings but would be hard to actually hold as a coalition. You need to sharpen you're marketing pitch a well and be ready to answer hard questions better.

I still think this is pretty retarded, but the fact that I'm impressed at all surprises me. So have a carrot.