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>however I'm skeptical about the whole universal income policy because this would be 4x to 5x the cost of all our military expenditures combined and we just can't hyper-inflate our currency like that without serious painful financial consequences.
I know. Completely unsustainable. Even when I see some remote reasoning behind such proposals the question always is: how do you pay for it? Someone who would stand against CEOs and wallstreet is a boon but there are more constructive ways to challenge there power.

>I agree with him on shrinking the military budget because I'm against this endless war for profit agenda
Yeah. I'm actually surprised someone with such retributive talk has such a small reasonable proposal for cuts, frankly I'd like a little more. Our current inflated budget actually makes us less effective at fighting as we are paying for overpriced toys over real war equipment. I'm looking at you Lockheed and how you murdered the f-20 in cold blood