Anonymous 03/15/2019 (Fri) 03:22:48 No.20063 del

I'm not 20046, but I think that's fairly common. Before the Internet was discovered by capitalists (which began to shit spam and advertising and data harvesting on it as soon as they could figure out how) there were thousands of extremely useful, informative, and entertaining web sites run by individuals who wanted nothing more than to share their expertise and creativity and be rewarded with recognition of their knowledge and skills. Web sites not only didn't need any kind of advertising revenue to survive, they were better without it because of the root motivation of the people behind them.

"Web rings" existed before Altavista and Google that catered to whatever subject you could imagine. You could find sites dedicated to rebuilding motorcycle engines or creating doom levels or building backyard foundries or hot wives in semen bars or making your own solid rocket engines or whatever anyone wanted to show off their leet skills with. They were driven by a recognition economy, not by advertising or money, and it was great. Before that was the work put into newsgroups. Before that was the work put into dialup BBSes.

Unfortunately, it's usually only a matter of time before the profit-focused notice thriving recognition-based economies and start trying to exploit them to make a buck even though doing so will most likely destroy what made them great in the first place. Big dollar in eyeballs.