Anonymous 02/04/2021 (Thu) 06:02:02 No.31638 del
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i wrote OP after coming back from the dentist, almost all my teeth need to be worked on in some way, gotta get wizdoms extracted too
i have bad overcrowding (always have), so getting gunk out of my teeth is hard, my teeth used to cut floss
my teeth are still sifting right now too, they just fucked me out of a implant, so i now i just have a piece of titanium & someone else's bone in my skull for no god damned reason (pretty demoralizing to be honest)
i got one of those free mini toothpaste tubes from the dentist, and i bought "crest gum care" mouthwash
i also accidentally got the wrong toothpaste i wanted from the store just now, they didn't have much there so i just grabbed it so now i regret it
theres god damn nothing for toothpaste for some reason, i don't know why they're all out of toothpaste