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Pretty much every x86 since Pentium has needed a CPU fan. Actually I'm pretty sure the later 486's also needed one too, unless you stuck a humongous heat sink on them. My first PC build had a 486DX/33 CPU which came with a tiny ass heat sink like 0.5 cm tall. It didn't even have thermal paste or anything, you just clipped it on! Probably would have run okay without it, even. The board I got looked kinda similar to this one, except there was one VESA Local Bus slot. So I plugged a 32-bit video card into that, which made Doom and Heretic run super nice! Doom II didn't run so good in some parts (especially MAP29) because I only had bought 4 of those 1 MB 30-pin SIMMs (which were quite expensive at the time). But after adding another 4 memory modules, that one ran great too, as did Hexen. I also used to play lots of Descent on there, and this cool fighting game called One Must Fall 2097.