Anonymous 06/08/2021 (Tue) 20:22:16 No.35717 del
Similarly to National Socialism, National Capitalism is where the private ownership of person or property that is represented by the government is only recognized as valid for a specific group of people (meaning those who aren't White cannot truly own anything, even themselves, which essentially means that those who aren't White have no legal protections and are defacto slaves to those who are White), essentially "NAP for me and those like me, but not for anyone else".
As with National Socialism, there are also more "tame" or "reasonable" versions of this ideology, where instead of total dispensation with the personhood of those outside the group, there is merely a caste system or hierarchy that exists, such as with Hitler, where he simply created a caste or hierarchy where his people were simply given specific forms of preference to the other peoples living in his lands.
National Capitalism took an opposite evolution on the internet from National Socialism, first of all the environment of NatSoc was WigNat, to the point that even Literally Hitler would find it too unreasonably extreme for his tastes, add to that the constant bashing of all forms of "Capitalism" and "Libertarians" by the /pol/acks, which gives anyone with a taste for minimalistic laws and economic regulations the feeling of a need to prove themselves as being just as edgy and extreme as the NatSocs, and the result was the infamous NatCap "SlaveState EthnoNationalism", which, when it includes "Females" and "Non-Whites" in the category of the "slaves", produced a very kinky ideology that endorses the keeping of one's own daughters as loli sex slaves, the hilarious fact that it was a pedophile's paradise was the true reason a lot of the NatCaps became more restrained and closer to the more accurate characterization of Adolf Hitler's concept of what "EthnoNationalism" implies, that and a lot of them, like a lot of NatSocs, ended up meeting a lot of Females and Non-Whites who they genuinely liked and didn't want to see come to harm, or they just thought about things in more philosophical or compassionate terms, and decided that hurting innocent people wasn't a good idea.
This ideology is a new one, and the product of the meeting of the old "libertarian" /pol/ and the new "nazi" /pol/, the anons realizing they have common ground on a lot of their beliefs, and with a few changes to make the two compatible (prioritizing "nationalism" over "capitalism" by only applying the rights of ownership of self and property to specific groups of people they deemed to be worthy) a new ideology was synthesized from combining the two.
As this is a brand new ideology which the marxists and feds are unfamiliar with, and thus lacking in ability to respond to with shilling, they have instead tried to make it synonymous with mainstream ""civic nationalist" libertarianism, and produced quote a few memes in order to get this result, however, National Capitalists tend to know what they believe in and what makes it unique and new, and they also know that "Civic Nationalism" is an ultimately meaningless concept promoted by COINTELPRO gatekeepers and people getting paid off by Jews to shit up imageboards (or doing it for free).