Anonymous 06/08/2021 (Tue) 20:22:59 No.35718 del
That was a lot on the newest ideology in our community, so here are two dead old ideologies that have been getting revived in recent times, with significant gains in traction, at least in terms of becoming known:

National Communism ("NazBol") is the variety of National Socialism where the anarchism of communism is introduced to replace the government of socialism, it sought the gradual erosion of the state, but Hitler wisely saw the room for subversion in this, and gutted his movement of such beliefs and their adherents during his internal ideological purge on the "night of long knives", good thing too, a lot of these guys were actively working with Communist Jews and other soviet sympathizers to try and clip the claws of the rising Reich as a prominent competitive force to the USSR, many were also betraying the movement in more obvious ways as well, giving it's supporters up to the Marxist terrorists that were behind so many attacks that when the time came to stand up to the Soviets, the NatSocs decided to move the entirety of groups most likely to produce such domestic terrorists and traitors to internment camps, far away from what they would consider to be their most vital targets to attack in order to sabotage the Reich from within.