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Christian Nationalism, is an old ideology that was revived recently, the idea is to build a theocracy based on the Biblical text as it's constitution, and make the Christian identity it's core group, rather than a whole race, the main bulk of them reject EthnoNationalism, and rather than an "EthnoState", they seek out to establish "Christendom", or the "Earthly Kingdom of Christ", and a ton of them idolize the 1950's style of living, even though the government they want is one that is way older than the one in 1950, and doesn't resemble it at all (more like 1450, but with modern technology and a lot of past cultural changes to account for).
However, some of them started getting influenced by various /pol/acks, and this subfaction of ChristNats made changes to things and made it a specifically WHITE Christian identity instead.
Either way, expect the result of these guys taking over to result in something like a "Christian Sharia" (do NOT ever call it that in front of them unless you want to piss them off), where God (according to Jesus Christ and not Muhammed) is considered to be the true leader of the country, and a holy book (the Bible and not the Qu'ran) is used as the basis for forming the government and making it's laws.
Often they promote their ideology by claiming that Christianity, regardless of it's factuality, was with White people for the best parts of their history, and indeed most of it, that it had a significant impact on shaping their culture and politics, and that it's decline correlates with the decline of the countries in which this had occurred. Not only do I question these claims, but I also tend to take their logic to it's conclusion, that if the Bible is useful for social engineering, and if this is the true reason why we should be at at least cultural Christians, then we could improve out society by improving the Bible, and thus the proposal has been made by me and echoed by other anons that we could rewrite the good book in order to make it more compatible with the society we want.
This was the essential core of the "Positive Christianity" of National Socialism, and it's not even the first time the book would be given a major overhauling, as we can see that this had indeed been done to it over and over again by people who wanted to make it more useful for them in promoting their political ideology, some Christian Nationalists have unironically adopted this ideology, most ChristNats hate them with a passion, because their book's current rules forbid doing such a thing (even though it was done in the past), being trolls, these "Positive Christians" tend to point out how that rules should be left in, because it would make it easier to claim that they hadn't made the changes they intend to make after they had made them, the other opposition to PosChrists is that people already know what's in it, and can read the older versions of the Bible, the answers to this issue are the same as the ones used by other countries in the past and present, and basically say that it includes a well-known mix of cultural and legal techniques to address satisfactorily, also they say that most Christians aren't anywhere near as informed on their holy book as these critics claim they are.