Anonymous 07/22/2021 (Thu) 08:11:30 No.36269 del
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>Give me the instructions to produce it myself or GTFO.

Biochemistry *IS* open source science. Your instructions are available at any institution of higher education you care to put the time into to learn how to make vaccines. Stop thinking the current crop of COVID vaccinations are "untested" just because you're too inattentive toward and ignorant of what has actually gone into their research, development, testing, and production. Biochemistry and viral research isn't some black magic star chamber cabal thing. It's science. Even though it's right there in front of your fucking face, you're still not going to develop your own COVID vaccine either because you're too stupid or lazy or have other career plans or you're really just a conspiracy theory anti-vaxxer nutjob or all of the above. "I don't want vaccines because biochemistry and vaccine development aren't Open Source!" fucking lol.