Anonymous 01/23/2023 (Mon) 13:54 No.45137 del
When I first found the image board world it was back in 2013, I had no clue these sites even existed, found them by complete accident. There were tons of users and plenty of boards filled with "shit posters". It seemed to me ever since 8chan was taken down everything evaporated. Even the most basic news/political boards as well as /k/ and /tech/ boards became nearly extinct. It's as if all previous users decided to abandon image boards all at once after 8chan died. There is 8kun now but it sucks ass, it's locked down half the time and ridden by spam bots when not locked down, and worse, 99% of those boards are completely dead. Which is why I came here as a refuge.

So my question is, what the hell exactly happened? Why did so many anons all bail at once? Where did they end up going? Did they completely give up on the internet, or did they all join mainstream big tech platforms? I must admit I am a bit out-of-touch with the modern internet age of smartphones and other online gadgets so I am no normie. Maybe that's the problem? Maybe the sharp rise in smartphone use changed the internet landscape to the point it is unrecognizable today?