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Ace In The Hole (1951). An alcoholic, down on his luck, newspaper reporter who had gotten fired from previous publishers due to his eccentric aggressive behavior is desperate to make a comeback and make it big. In order to do that, he needs a scoop. An ace in the hole so to speak. He just happens to find one, and it's a biggie, at the right place and the right time. A man is trapped in a collapsed cliff dwelling, and the reporter decides to talk the Sheriff and make a deal to help him win an assured re-election, in favor he'll be the only one allowed to see and talk to the trapped man, so he can get the whole scoop on his own, and on his own time so other publishers can't possibly beat him to it. He and the Sheriff could be local heroes.... only if the man survives in time for the rescue crews to get him out safely... and that is one daunting, dangerous and long task ahead.