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(333.20 KB 1920x1080 1405434033191165868.jpg)
WOW is real, evil people are the Horde Anonymous 04/30/2021 (Fri) 00:39:10 [Preview] No. 34715
Warcraft is real life.
It seems the Horde is winning, and that they're way ahead.
What can be done?

Anonymous 04/30/2021 (Fri) 00:49:15 [Preview] No.34716 del
shit's fucked fam
grab a some wine in a can
buy a gun
ride this thing out and have a laugh

Anonymous 05/01/2021 (Sat) 05:07:26 [Preview] No.34785 del
You seem to be aware as well.

Anonymous 05/05/2021 (Wed) 07:32:22 [Preview] No.34853 del
Evil Horde are running things.

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