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(458.76 KB 819x819 IMG_2344.jpeg)
Serpents Anonymous 11/13/2021 (Sat) 16:50:27 [Preview] No. 37512
The U.S. government is actually the Serpent from the bible.
They worship the Devil constantly.

Anonymous 11/13/2021 (Sat) 18:23:19 [Preview] No.37513 del
they're not "the" serpent, but yeah

Anonymous 11/14/2021 (Sun) 00:26:08 [Preview] No.37514 del
yeah, the US Government gets up to some nasty shit. It's still got kids in tent camps in texas and arizona where they are abused and some of them are impregnated and they won't let press or congressional reps in to see because they don't want the pizzagate people freaking out when they discover that their wackass theories about hillary clinton raping kids in the basement of a pizza parlor were close, but that it's actually right-wing contract CorpCivic racists pumping their wads of cum into fifteen year old girls in tent camps in the desert surrounded by cyclone fencing and barbed wire. No doubt one could find a few pentagrams and glowing red glyphs among the government internment camp contractors.

Anonymous 11/14/2021 (Sun) 01:21:39 [Preview] No.37515 del
No I'm the serpent from the bible Bc I have a massive dick

Anonymous 11/19/2021 (Fri) 16:13:49 [Preview] No.37628 del
What else is new?

Anonymous 11/19/2021 (Fri) 23:27:56 [Preview] No.37629 del
Nice try leftpol faggot.
It's not specific to one party or the other, they're in all institutions.

>wackass theories about hillary clinton raping kids in the basement of a pizza parlor were close
pizzagate is a disinformation campaign to create an absurd fictional version of something that does occur. They want you to pay attention to pizzagate so you forget about Epstein and associates. It's a strawman. The media use it to discredit the concept of widespread organized perversion by people in positions of institutional power. These people are engaging in activities that are either not politically acceptable or illegal. Things like participating in group sex, sexual exploitation of minors, using illegal substances, etc. These actions can all be used used for blackmail, ah la Epstein videos. All these people are compromised and can themselves be exploited and are therefore a danger to the institutions.

Anonymous 11/20/2021 (Sat) 02:44:45 [Preview] No.37630 del
My little dick is the Serpent of the holy bible, OP. Open your ass now.

Anonymous 12/02/2021 (Thu) 00:47:50 [Preview] No.37700 del
You are disgusting.

Anonymous 12/07/2021 (Tue) 23:38:08 [Preview] No.37758 del
Yes of course, this happened again yesterday I think.

Anonymous 12/08/2021 (Wed) 22:33:42 [Preview] No.37766 del
>so you forget about Epstein and associates

You mean so you forget about the tent camps. Epstein's dead.

Anonymous 12/10/2021 (Fri) 03:15:16 [Preview] No.37776 del
As long as "you" don't worship it, you will be fine OP

Anonymous 12/14/2021 (Tue) 13:47:59 [Preview] No.37806 del
Cut the head off the serpent

Anonymous 12/14/2021 (Tue) 18:23:35 [Preview] No.37809 del
Fuck. U should die immediately!

Anonymous 12/14/2021 (Tue) 21:34:56 [Preview] No.37812 del
(110.49 KB 933x445 paul-6-audience-hall.jpg)
so I heard you like serpents

Anonymous 12/15/2021 (Wed) 11:11:47 [Preview] No.37821 del
>everything is the bible
>t. christdolt

Anonymous 12/23/2021 (Thu) 13:54:49 [Preview] No.37908 del
Yea get em.

Anonymous 12/31/2021 (Fri) 00:24:09 [Preview] No.37979 del
Just the facts here.

Anonymous 12/31/2021 (Fri) 17:23:58 [Preview] No.37982 del
(806.54 KB 1280x2966 19 april.jpg)
>still got kids in tent camps in texas
In texas satan-worshippig feds were torturing babies and burning them alive with flamethrower tanks since 1993

Anonymous 01/09/2022 (Sun) 18:35:43 [Preview] No.38075 del
Watch out for the evil Satanists!

Anonymous 01/16/2022 (Sun) 00:12:01 [Preview] No.38153 del
This is well known.

Anonymous 01/22/2022 (Sat) 16:16:29 [Preview] No.38241 del
evil is everywhere and growing stronger.

Anonymous 01/29/2022 (Sat) 16:32:32 [Preview] No.38336 del
Mexico is full, don't come over here.

Anonymous 02/08/2022 (Tue) 17:25:45 [Preview] No.38458 del
Be careful or they will give you the mark of the beast

Anonymous 02/13/2022 (Sun) 20:38:13 [Preview] No.38530 del
These are the end times.

Anonymous 02/24/2022 (Thu) 23:49:12 [Preview] No.38667 del
That is only the half of it, untold evils are committed by the USA monsters.

Anonymous 03/09/2022 (Wed) 23:58:01 [Preview] No.38922 del
Let the serpents eat eachother

pupyy Anonymous 03/10/2022 (Thu) 04:30:47 [Preview] No.38925 del
what i want nothing more

i know its hard for me

but what i do


Anonymous 03/15/2022 (Tue) 00:42:00 [Preview] No.39054 del
Don't know why I came here

For the Lamb at the center of the throne will be their shepherd; ‘he will lead them to springs of living water.’ ‘And God will wipe away every tear from their eyes.’”

Anonymous 03/15/2022 (Tue) 00:44:19 [Preview] No.39055 del
(259.96 KB 1600x1143 34_thumb.jpg)
Hahaha. I love you all so much. XD

Anonymous 03/15/2022 (Tue) 01:02:16 [Preview] No.39057 del
>20 There she lusted after her lovers, whose genitals were like those of donkeys and whose emission was like that of horses.

>3 And he said: “Truly I tell you, unless you change and become like little children, you will never enter the kingdom of heaven. 4 Therefore, whoever takes the lowly position of this child is the greatest in the kingdom of heaven. 5 And whoever welcomes one such child in my name welcomes me.

>6 “If anyone causes one of these little ones—those who believe in me—to stumble, it would be better for them to have a large millstone hung around their neck and to be drowned in the depths of the sea.

Dress Him up in outfits. Kiss butt. Kiss peepee. No butt rape. Cute!


Anonymous 03/15/2022 (Tue) 01:16:30 [Preview] No.39058 del
>Lion of Judah
I'm too tired to shop cat ears right now

Anonymous 03/15/2022 (Tue) 01:36:20 [Preview] No.39059 del
(801.06 KB 619x789 cat.png)
Being on all-fours is the only thing that arouses me, which is weird I guess. That's the Lamb imagery. Anthropomorphism is now based.

For those who exalt themselves will be humbled, and those who humble themselves will be exalted.

Anonymous 03/15/2022 (Tue) 01:50:53 [Preview] No.39060 del
It's not hard to understand, but by how much you're deceived is to how much I'm suffering. I can feel your confusion.

Anonymous 03/15/2022 (Tue) 02:46:41 [Preview] No.39061 del
Such that many shall be stupefied concerning him; thus his appearance was marred beyond that of a man, and his front side beyond that of the sons of men

from Aramaic

“Cursed is the cheat who has an acceptable male in his flock and vows to give it, but then sacrifices a blemished animal to the Lord. For I am a great king,” says the LORD Almighty, “and my name is to be feared among the nations."

To save myself and prove to you you're in it for the long haul.

The first time:

>18 You know that you were ransomed from the futile ways inherited from your fathers, not with perishable things such as silver or gold, 19 but with the precious blood of Christ, like that of a lamb without blemish or spot. 20 He was destined before the foundation of the world but was made manifest at the end of the times for your sake.

Anonymous 03/15/2022 (Tue) 03:01:03 [Preview] No.39062 del
And as for why the world has become so dark and has lost all creativity:

The earth dries up and withers,
the world languishes and withers,
the heavens languish with the earth.
5 The earth is defiled by its people;
they have disobeyed the laws,
violated the statutes
and broken the everlasting covenant.
6 Therefore a curse consumes the earth;
its people must bear their guilt.
Therefore earth’s inhabitants are burned up,
and very few are left.

Anonymous 03/15/2022 (Tue) 04:55:14 [Preview] No.39063 del
>browses 4chan.org/pol/ and witnesses the absolute plethora of wrong takes

Anonymous 03/15/2022 (Tue) 17:29:54 [Preview] No.39066 del
Decisions, decisions

Age of Order

Alternative version of the default ending of the game, where the Tarnished chooses to use the Mending Rune of Perfect Order and begin the new age as Elden Lord - the difference being, now, order in the Land Between has been restored.


Alternative version of default ending of the game, where the Tarnished chooses to use the Mending Rune of the Fell Curse and begin the new age as Elden Lord - the difference being, now, the Land Between has now been overtaken by a reviled curse.


The Tarnished allows Ranni the Witch to enact her own order of the stars and moon, becoming her consort. Ranni blocks out the sun to usher in a thousand year voyage under the Moon, and so begins the chill night that encompasses all. She removes what is bound between life, souls, and order - thus bringing the Lands Between into fear, doubt, and loneliness; where things like sight, emotion, and touch no longer exist.

Anonymous 03/16/2022 (Wed) 08:34:07 [Preview] No.39073 del
There's truly no way to fix any of you people on imageboards is there? I'm all out of ideas.

11 After this ordeal, he will see satisfaction. "By his knowing [pain and sacrifice], my righteous servant makes many righteous; it is for their sins that he suffers. 12 Therefore I will assign him a share with the great, he will divide the spoil with the mighty, for having exposed himself to death and being counted among the sinners, while actually bearing the sin of many and interceding for the offenders."

Anonymous 03/16/2022 (Wed) 16:29:32 [Preview] No.39076 del
(73.99 KB 960x1280 IMG-20211031-WA0006.jpg)

Anonymous 03/18/2022 (Fri) 14:46:19 [Preview] No.39102 del
felt bad but had a good sleep. none of this needs to be said anymore and i'm moving on. refreshed earlier and most of this is stupid. some sort of coping mechanism realistically

Anonymous 03/30/2022 (Wed) 12:12:40 [Preview] No.39206 del
Satan's minions have a lot of power in this evil world

Anonymous 03/31/2022 (Thu) 00:31:16 [Preview] No.39207 del
(3.59 MB 619x789 1644133581532.gif)
*hiccups* from drinking
Yeah, you might need to do something

The beast that was, and now is not, is an eighth king, who belongs to the other seven and is going into destruction. The ten horns you saw are ten kings who have not yet received a kingdom, but will receive one hour of authority as kings, along with the beast. These kings have one purpose: to yield their power and authority to the beast.

They will make war against the Lamb, and the Lamb will triumph over them, because He is Lord of lords and King of kings; and He will be accompanied by His called and chosen and faithful ones.”

Anonymous 03/31/2022 (Thu) 00:34:46 [Preview] No.39208 del
I want tacos. Who else want tacos?

Little peeepeee, lamb penis in the reverse direction. Who want dat? Funny!

Anonymous 03/31/2022 (Thu) 00:36:52 [Preview] No.39209 del
(238.09 KB 584x372 vwoqnedzin461.png)
The two Cherubim, ie. children of God.

Romans 8:19, NIV: For the creation waits in eager expectation for the children of God to be revealed.

Anonymous 03/31/2022 (Thu) 00:40:05 [Preview] No.39210 del
Paul was a glorified philosopher; possibly the best of the philosophers, but still a dumbshit. Take everything he says with a grain of salt. He was a PHILOSOPHER first and foremost, not unlike Christopher Hitchens. I love them just as well, but listen to their words less attentively as you were to listen to Jesus's from 2,000 years ago.

Anonymous 03/31/2022 (Thu) 00:42:38 [Preview] No.39211 del
Cute peepee! Now let's go big and hard and angry! Little peepee! Lamb peepee! Cute!

Anonymous 03/31/2022 (Thu) 01:16:03 [Preview] No.39212 del
(152.94 KB 960x1280 164868922398190735.jpg)
Mario Origami King is a good game after Elden Scrolls. It is so comfy and fun. So fun and goofy and good.

My LOVE! https://youtube.com/watch?v=wC9xuw8KDZ0 [Embed]

>Yeshua, why your peenpeen so smol?

Oh well, that's part of the plot


I will change and make it appear a certain way for a certain purpose

Anonymous 03/31/2022 (Thu) 01:21:07 [Preview] No.39213 del
I thought I might get laid by this girl (not the goal) perhaps love and even have a child with this girl, but no, I just became some dumbshit thrown to the side.

I'm used to it by now. I'm just some dumbshit. Some useless fucktard that everyone else picks on and fucks with to induce me to suicide, yet I never do it. I hate most people because I am not most people.

Anonymous 03/31/2022 (Thu) 01:25:15 [Preview] No.39214 del
He even looks like an ugly motherfucker. He's not even attractive, yet when I shit on her long ago, she sent me a video of her black boyfriend smoking pot. Why are white gentile women so fucking shit, dude? Why are they the scum of the earth? Why do they constantly make men feel like garbage? It's in their genes.

Anonymous 03/31/2022 (Thu) 01:26:39 [Preview] No.39215 del
I fucking HATE gentile white women. I hate them to the death. I would rather go on a murderous rampage to see them all die like sacks of shit than ease into the garbage world they've created. White gentile women are the scum of the earth.

Anonymous 03/31/2022 (Thu) 01:42:53 [Preview] No.39216 del
>what could have been
This life is fucking retarded, I'll have you know.

Humans are garbage fucktard shitfucks who don't deserve life.

Anonymous 03/31/2022 (Thu) 01:47:06 [Preview] No.39218 del
If you wanna see some action
Gotta be the center of attraction
Make sure that they got their eyes on you
Like the face that you see on every magazine
Be the focus of attention
Be the name that every one must mention
Come out from the shadows, it's your time
'Cos tonight is the night for everyone to see
You know that this is where you gotta be
It must be your destiny
And you belive that
This is what you waited for and it's you that they all adore
So baby
Now you feel like number one
Shining bright for everyone
Living out your fantasy, the
Brightest star for all to see
Now you feel like number one
Shining bright for everyone
Living out your fantasy, you're the
Brightest star there's ever been
Feel the heat that's all around you
Flashing lights and ectasy surround you
Everybody wants a piece of you
You're the queen of the scene, living in a dream

Anonymous 03/31/2022 (Thu) 01:48:27 [Preview] No.39219 del
“I, Jesus, have sent my angel to give you this testimony for the churches. I am the Root and the Offspring of David, and the bright Morning Star.”

Anonymous 03/31/2022 (Thu) 01:53:58 [Preview] No.39221 del
"Ichigo what a complete amateur you are! Couldn't you tell? You've been getting crushed by your own Bankai's spiritual pressure! Every bone in your body's creaking from the strain!"

Anonymous 03/31/2022 (Thu) 01:54:42 [Preview] No.39222 del
I want to kill.

Anonymous 03/31/2022 (Thu) 01:57:44 [Preview] No.39223 del

A zanpakutou's final form is called "Ban-Kai", which means "Full Release". It usually takes many years to master it. A bankai can be ten times more powerful than the first release, "Shi-Kai".

Anonymous 03/31/2022 (Thu) 02:00:08 [Preview] No.39224 del
“Truly I tell you, some who are standing here will not taste death before they see the Son of Man coming in his kingdom.”


Anonymous 03/31/2022 (Thu) 02:03:08 [Preview] No.39225 del
>body's creaking under the strain

For unto us a Child is born, unto us a Son is given; and the government shall be upon His shoulder

Anonymous 03/31/2022 (Thu) 02:04:13 [Preview] No.39226 del
If it were legal to kill I would. I would murder those who go against me. I would commit murder.

Anonymous 03/31/2022 (Thu) 02:06:05 [Preview] No.39227 del
https://youtube.com/watch?v=-Org6mqBrRg [Embed]

Anonymous 04/18/2022 (Mon) 21:46:56 [Preview] No.39390 del
Well thats how it is.

Anonymous 05/06/2022 (Fri) 00:08:58 [Preview] No.39583 del
The end is near.

Anonymous 05/11/2022 (Wed) 15:21:12 [Preview] No.39640 del
I hate snakes.

Anonymous 05/11/2022 (Wed) 21:53:14 [Preview] No.39645 del
Stop bumping your dead thread

Anonymous 05/12/2022 (Thu) 22:43:44 [Preview] No.39659 del

I made it. I made MGS

Anonymous 05/12/2022 (Thu) 22:47:56 [Preview] No.39660 del
I want to ravish a girl. A woman. Anyone. I want to topple them and kiss them completely, completely naked and shut them up with adoration and [something] of their bodies.

Anonymous 05/12/2022 (Thu) 23:07:26 [Preview] No.39661 del
(1.78 MB 640x360 1652389860605.webm)
(801.02 KB 619x789 cat.png)
Lol. Poke butt. Don't have to do the weird twerk thing. Cute butts!

Anonymous 05/12/2022 (Thu) 23:09:55 [Preview] No.39662 del
(80.24 KB 900x675 1652391195110.jpg)
Cute butt. Would grab and kiss and "go omg". Mmmmmmmmmm sheeeit

Anonymous 05/12/2022 (Thu) 23:12:16 [Preview] No.39664 del

Anonymous 05/12/2022 (Thu) 23:13:27 [Preview] No.39665 del

They think it has to go in butt, but it don't

Ooo I like butts but for different reason

Anonymous 05/13/2022 (Fri) 01:07:15 [Preview] No.39666 del
(96.07 MB 1280x720 yeah.mp4)
(41.87 KB 750x1000 1652391195884.jpg)
(499.14 KB 793x386 it's real.png)
I once said that I was agitated even when the uncircumcised followed the rules, and this piece of grace still stands. I wouldn't be circumcised if I had a choice, but as an American Jew under Judaism, I was. I have friends who aren't. It bothers me a little bit, but if you love me, it doesn't matter to me. It actually kind of turns me on because I'm under the law and you're not.

>For neither circumcision counts for anything, nor uncircumcision, but a new creation.

Anonymous 05/13/2022 (Fri) 01:12:04 [Preview] No.39667 del
Jehovah revealed to Moses a thrilling aspect of His own nature. Within the bounds of his perfect standards, Jehovah becomes whatever is needed in each circumstance to accomplish his will. Much like a human parent, Jehovah fills whatever roles are necessary to care for his children.

Anonymous 05/23/2022 (Mon) 15:28:44 [Preview] No.39774 del
Another day more slithering

Anonymous 06/11/2022 (Sat) 17:47:50 [Preview] No.39873 del
Fun fact, snskes will molt off their skin from time to time.

Anonymous 06/18/2022 (Sat) 05:07:20 [Preview] No.39903 del
Not really. I've completely changed my mind about most things I spoke about. I'm trying to get trannies to see some semblance of sanity, but it doesn't work. I can just tell it doesn't. The Holy Spirit was removed from all unbelievers I can tell.

Anonymous 06/18/2022 (Sat) 18:09:43 [Preview] No.39907 del
>The U.S. government is actually the Serpent from the bible.
100% incorrect. King Herod was the serpent (you really need to reread that part, it makes perfect sense once you see it).
The United States is one of the heads of the beast. We didn't used to believe that, but after 1972 it became rather obvious.

Anonymous 06/18/2022 (Sat) 19:26:10 [Preview] No.39909 del
(9.55 KB 1353x81 demons.png)

Basically, it's getting to the point where I'm tired of seeing people show their asses. Like, it's annoying now.

I don't know what to do . . . really . . .

Anonymous 06/18/2022 (Sat) 19:53:45 [Preview] No.39910 del

Anonymous 06/18/2022 (Sat) 20:29:02 [Preview] No.39912 del
People have a tendency to be unperturbed by angels, so God should use demons instead

My grandmother on my dad's side as I will remind you, is a gentile. She won't order a pizza. For her it is a huge ordeal. She attacks me with ad hominems, calls me a jackass, tells me I can't be nice to her, and all sorts of things. She has a lot of money, but she just sits on it, therefore, Indian scam callers call her 10+ times a day, and she responds to them every time to the point where we had to take her down to the bank and have her account changed. She won't listen to me, and hardly to anyone else, even her own son (my father).

I don't know what to do with gentiles.

Anonymous 06/18/2022 (Sat) 20:49:00 [Preview] No.39914 del
(792.70 KB 844x556 VEvuGeP.png)
(1.01 MB 731x1536 Fpi2Gx2.png)
Gentiles are stupid to the point where you just want to kill them, but the only thing holding you back is the shall not murder commandment

Anonymous 06/18/2022 (Sat) 21:08:22 [Preview] No.39916 del
(143.86 KB 960x1280 RBenNAM.jpg)
>stand in front of girl
>kiss her lips passionately
>kiss her neck
>kiss her lower neck
>kiss her chest
I'm tired of seeing ass

Anonymous 06/18/2022 (Sat) 21:10:22 [Preview] No.39917 del

Surely he took up our infirmities and carried our sorrows, yet we considered him stricken by God, smitten by him, and afflicted.

Anonymous 06/18/2022 (Sat) 21:11:34 [Preview] No.39918 del
>10 thousand fists

>David Draiman, Jew

10 My beloved is white and ruddy, the chiefest among ten thousand.

11 His head is as the most fine gold, his locks are bushy, and black as a raven.

12 His eyes are as the eyes of doves by the rivers of waters, washed with milk, and fitly set.

13 His cheeks are as a bed of spices, as sweet flowers: his lips like lilies, dropping sweet smelling myrrh.

14 His hands are as gold rings set with the beryl: his belly is as bright ivory overlaid with sapphires.

15 His legs are as pillars of marble, set upon sockets of fine gold: his countenance is as Lebanon, excellent as the cedars.

16 His mouth is most sweet: yea, he is altogether lovely. This is my beloved, and this is my friend, O daughters of Jerusalem.

Anonymous 06/18/2022 (Sat) 21:25:45 [Preview] No.39919 del
just stop

https://youtube.com/watch?v=bURU1TPgf0c [Embed]

Anonymous 06/18/2022 (Sat) 21:29:09 [Preview] No.39920 del
She won't order a pizza. Now she wants me to take her to Wal-Mart.

Just stop.

Anonymous 06/18/2022 (Sat) 21:35:29 [Preview] No.39921 del
(877.27 KB 896x819 1655588061452.png)
I knew diesel would take them down. It's a real problem, and it's gonna be beautiful. I hope my area completely collapses and all those who've done me wrong and/or done nothing suffer God.

Anonymous 06/18/2022 (Sat) 21:40:14 [Preview] No.39922 del
>Throws large clouds of smog into the air in order to send food to scum who don't deserve it
Don't care. Could literally not care less

Anonymous 06/18/2022 (Sat) 21:51:03 [Preview] No.39923 del
I deserve food.

Anonymous 06/18/2022 (Sat) 21:52:33 [Preview] No.39924 del
I deserve my mother and father getting back together, kissing back and forth in my presence. I deserve them to stay together and I will make that my life goal. You don't deserve food. You deserve love. All deserve only love, not food.

https://youtube.com/watch?v=bURU1TPgf0c [Embed]

Anonymous 06/18/2022 (Sat) 21:55:26 [Preview] No.39925 del
My mother was beautiful. She looked like this girl

Anonymous 06/18/2022 (Sat) 21:58:04 [Preview] No.39926 del
One of us will get what we want before the other.

Anonymous 06/18/2022 (Sat) 21:58:20 [Preview] No.39927 del
I'm getting hungry.

Anonymous 06/18/2022 (Sat) 21:58:54 [Preview] No.39928 del
Stop touching your doodle.

Anonymous 06/18/2022 (Sat) 21:59:33 [Preview] No.39929 del
Was your mum a nerd?

Anonymous 06/18/2022 (Sat) 22:01:34 [Preview] No.39930 del
I will make both goals desirable. However, the hunger is cured for us when food is taken away. I was very skinny when they do not force me on meds. When you take an anti-psychotic (which does nothing for me by the way) you eat a crapload of food. Seroquel, paliperidone, etc. They just make you eat. That's it.

Anti-depressants kind of work.

My mom is not necessarily a nerd, but she is a Jew, and as it says in the text, Jacob was a man of the tents, i.e. a nerd.

Anonymous 06/18/2022 (Sat) 22:04:29 [Preview] No.39931 del
Seroquel never made me hungry.

Anonymous 06/18/2022 (Sat) 22:05:10 [Preview] No.39932 del
Esau deserved the covenant.
Jacob was a conman.

Anonymous 06/18/2022 (Sat) 22:05:30 [Preview] No.39933 del
They are old, but I wish for them to get back together. I want this so much.

My dad is the guitar player

https://youtube.com/watch?v=YJoMgZqsd7Q [Embed]

Anonymous 06/18/2022 (Sat) 22:10:10 [Preview] No.39934 del
He should become a truck driver and assist with the food shortages.
Then get big wagie bux and win her back with expensive trinkets.

Anonymous 06/18/2022 (Sat) 22:12:16 [Preview] No.39935 del
Yeah, it kind of makes death desirable doesn't it?

Anonymous 06/18/2022 (Sat) 22:13:05 [Preview] No.39936 del
In other words, money means nothing, because it will be worth nothing soon if there is no food. And there will be no food.

Anonymous 06/18/2022 (Sat) 22:13:38 [Preview] No.39937 del
Sort of the same thing. Might as well make money if your unhappy either way.

Anonymous 06/18/2022 (Sat) 22:15:38 [Preview] No.39938 del
There's plenty of food.
Hopefully it makes people have more appropriate portion sizes and more versatile meal selection.

Anonymous 06/18/2022 (Sat) 22:18:27 [Preview] No.39939 del
I don't like money either. Bible through Paul said so. I told you that through him. Money means very little in the long run. In the short term it matters, but at the end it doesn't matter. Money runs out in parallel with investments toward non-evolving endeavors. TVs don't really look better. The technology isn't really improving. It's all a fake scheme. CRTs look better for example.

Anonymous 06/18/2022 (Sat) 22:20:14 [Preview] No.39940 del
My grandmother has $350,000 + assets, yet she never spends a dime. She is more Jewy than the average Jew. She is a gentile.

Anonymous 06/18/2022 (Sat) 22:23:15 [Preview] No.39941 del
You can buy yummy food and expensive trinkets.
It's also a great stress lifted to have a month's wage in the bank just sitting there.

Squirrels store acorns.
Not because they need them all, but just in case.

Anonymous 06/18/2022 (Sat) 22:23:25 [Preview] No.39942 del
Oh, you want to order a pizza and pay a tip? No, we can't do that. We have to go and pick it up.

I hate this woman.

https://youtube.com/watch?v=12wHDwNXBL0 [Embed]

Anonymous 06/18/2022 (Sat) 22:24:39 [Preview] No.39943 del
Only gentiles pay tips.
Revolt against the expectation.

Anonymous 06/18/2022 (Sat) 22:26:02 [Preview] No.39944 del
I like paying tips. People deserve a tip depending on what they're paid. It's just a pizza, but you're diverting from my original point.

Anonymous 06/18/2022 (Sat) 22:27:16 [Preview] No.39945 del
So you like being the money giver, but not the receiver?

Anonymous 06/18/2022 (Sat) 22:27:48 [Preview] No.39946 del
We can only give love when we learn to accept it.
Practice this with money.

Anonymous 06/18/2022 (Sat) 22:29:33 [Preview] No.39947 del
Also, no-one deserves a tip.
That doesn't make sense.
Why do they get a wage for goods and services.. But also expect charity from the same task?

Anonymous 06/18/2022 (Sat) 22:31:16 [Preview] No.39948 del
I don't like receiving money, correct. I like giving others things. They signed me up against my will for disability payments, but I informed them I didn't want it. I don't WANT the money. My grandmother has plenty of money, yet she holds onto it. It's a mess, but basically I want to give others money, while I'm forced out of all typical institutions and forced to become Ryu, the wandering hobo.

I don't want anything. I want things freely given, especially food. We need to figure something else out. If I were to dive deep down into the problems, they were be too numerous to make me feel like I were a part of the Earth

. . . and that is where I feel death for most of humanity is appropriate

Anonymous 06/18/2022 (Sat) 22:31:25 [Preview] No.39949 del
If they expect 10% more, they should charge it.

Anonymous 06/18/2022 (Sat) 22:35:17 [Preview] No.39950 del
I have an EBT card, but if I let her use it to buy food, she doesn't want to use it. She would rather use her own money than use the EBT card, so what is the point in it?

You see? She argues with me when I say, "it's FREE money!"

She is the weirdest fucking individual on this planet and she is an Anglo-Saxon gentile.

Anonymous 06/18/2022 (Sat) 22:36:28 [Preview] No.39951 del
Why do you deserve free food?
There are a hundred people between tilling the soil to you getting your processed tendies, all reliant on your buying power and the circulation of the economy for their survival.
Even your disability bux have whole sections of private and public enterprise, employing thousands of people to regulate, liaise and distribute it.
By not accepting, you are taking food out of their mouths.

Anonymous 06/18/2022 (Sat) 22:37:04 [Preview] No.39952 del
It's not free, it's tax dollars.

Anonymous 06/18/2022 (Sat) 22:41:53 [Preview] No.39953 del
I eat very little when I'm not on meds. The meds make me fat, and that's another part of the web which keeps us constrained. We have to find a solution which feeds all without feeding me too much. They love giving me medications that make me eat too much. I don't want it. I really don't. I love being skinny and maybe even with lean muscle, but as soon as you start taking those medications you become fat.

As I said before, all of modern institutions are held together by threads which hold all corporations together. The pharmaceutical industry supports the food industry which pushes corn syrup and MSG.

You have to go back to basic tastes and flavors like rice and beans, and peas, and basic vegetables.

I know. My mom said she "pays" for me to eat, and I said, yeah, but I don't even want that. So the whole point is that I want to be Ryu or a hobo just looking at the world from outside. They keep you enslaved by giving you free things.

Anonymous 06/18/2022 (Sat) 22:45:02 [Preview] No.39954 del
It's almost like jail or prison is not a bad alternative, because all they feed you is rice and beans. It's actually not so bad, and that's a bad sign for a society that is decadent.

Anonymous 06/18/2022 (Sat) 22:47:04 [Preview] No.39955 del
You can refuse those free things. It's against human nature, but you're capable of it.
You should get a job, start interacting with your surroundings, become self reliant.
Stop giving tips and spending money on pizza.
Live like a hobo while doing that and get a house deposit.

Anonymous 06/18/2022 (Sat) 22:47:39 [Preview] No.39956 del
That costs more.

Anonymous 06/18/2022 (Sat) 22:50:24 [Preview] No.39957 del
Unless you value ease and the simplicity of not doing it, but you won't make it as a hobo if that's the case.

Anonymous 06/18/2022 (Sat) 22:52:15 [Preview] No.39958 del
Yes, but they force me into it. Basically, because I grew up in a family which has a lot of money they accuse me of being incompetent (they did accuse me of this and I have to go off to a prison for competency restoration for this) in order to have a trial. They did it (even though I answered correctly) just in order to bring me down and make me feel like an exile. They know I'm not incompetent, but the mental health examiners were chosen to make the determination to make me look bad. A woman quit and moved away when I pointed this out.

I want to tell you that there is no curing this problem. It is too fucked. It is too bad.

Anonymous 06/18/2022 (Sat) 22:56:52 [Preview] No.39959 del
Sounds like a lot of well thought out excuses tbh. There's nothing stopping you from getting your shit together.
Mental health issues have always existed, people in the past got over them because there weren't easy ways to get out of just getting on with it.
There's nothing stopping you.
If they think you're incapable of being better than you are, and you choose to do nothing, then they are right.

Anonymous 06/18/2022 (Sat) 22:57:50 [Preview] No.39961 del
It's because I have become a slave to terrible people. My only choice is to simply run, but I right now refuse to do so.

Anonymous 06/18/2022 (Sat) 22:59:18 [Preview] No.39962 del
People are awful, so I accept my accusations and mistreatment. Hopefully, God willing, they die.

https://youtube.com/watch?v=sPNN_38Q_mU [Embed]

Anonymous 06/18/2022 (Sat) 23:01:06 [Preview] No.39963 del
>kansas boy is a racial insult

Anonymous 06/18/2022 (Sat) 23:01:47 [Preview] No.39964 del
Do something about it, stop being a cry baby.

Anonymous 06/18/2022 (Sat) 23:01:53 [Preview] No.39965 del
If I ran I would go up to Dunkey in Wisconsin.

He is one of the cherubim.

Anonymous 06/18/2022 (Sat) 23:03:26 [Preview] No.39966 del
Angels wouldn't need glasses.

Anonymous 06/18/2022 (Sat) 23:05:30 [Preview] No.39967 del
There is a solution for Him. He could acquire a firearm and shoot everyone in the courtroom. When they're deceased there is no one to counter Him, but that's what they want for a spectacle, so when He gets commanded to go off and eat rice and beans He will.

No one listens to Him.

Yes they would.

Anonymous 06/18/2022 (Sat) 23:09:34 [Preview] No.39968 del
He doesn't require a capital H.
If people listened to him, would they get anything out of it?
Angels are perfect creatures, they also wouldn't be fat.

Anonymous 06/18/2022 (Sat) 23:10:58 [Preview] No.39969 del
Cherubim are described as chubby creatures. Now you're just being deceptive. It's over. He kills everyone who does not accept me as Lord. He caused all the fires. That's why no one has found an culprit for all the food supply fires.

Anonymous 06/18/2022 (Sat) 23:11:36 [Preview] No.39970 del
He once said on /v/: "He is God"
That was all he wrote.

Anonymous 06/18/2022 (Sat) 23:13:45 [Preview] No.39971 del
He will get a 15min block on NBC then will be forgotten.
He has more chance of making an impact on society by pulling his finger out and being an adult.
Accept what you can and can't change.
You can change your personal circumstance.

Anonymous 06/18/2022 (Sat) 23:14:30 [Preview] No.39972 del
Cherubim are not described that way, they were just depicted that way in renaissance art.

Anonymous 06/18/2022 (Sat) 23:14:43 [Preview] No.39973 del
He speaks the truth, and that's what you followers of Satan hate. Truly, it is that simple.

Anonymous 06/18/2022 (Sat) 23:15:19 [Preview] No.39974 del
He sounds like he doesn't understand his own value.

Anonymous 06/18/2022 (Sat) 23:16:01 [Preview] No.39976 del
Maybe.. But so what?

Anonymous 06/18/2022 (Sat) 23:16:48 [Preview] No.39977 del
You didn't comment on my post about Esau.

Anonymous 06/18/2022 (Sat) 23:33:11 [Preview] No.39978 del
I hope the god complex mong has stopped posting so he can apologise to his family and start looking for a job.

Anonymous 06/19/2022 (Sun) 00:19:13 [Preview] No.39982 del
schizo rant

Anonymous 06/19/2022 (Sun) 00:21:56 [Preview] No.39983 del
Go back to reddit then.

Anonymous 06/19/2022 (Sun) 00:24:36 [Preview] No.39984 del
It's sad at this point.

Anonymous 06/19/2022 (Sun) 00:29:52 [Preview] No.39985 del

Anonymous 06/19/2022 (Sun) 03:13:35 [Preview] No.40014 del
(408.37 KB 1080x1130 1655605894537.jpg)
https://youtube.com/watch?v=-_IlNbsILLE [Embed]

Anonymous 06/19/2022 (Sun) 03:19:47 [Preview] No.40015 del
One of the main obstacles to overcome is the encounter with boredom in this world. How do we overcome it without hindering entertainment? You need someone who deeply loves you. That's the only real way I feel.

Anonymous 06/19/2022 (Sun) 22:06:16 [Preview] No.40020 del
You need a job to dedicate yourself to.

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