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dye4you Anonymous 04/30/2022 (Sat) 04:49:57 [Preview] No. 39491
>endchan team manages to somehow break the entirety of 9chan
what the fuck is this? did you ban your own server or something?
gj fags

Anonymous 04/30/2022 (Sat) 22:01:09 [Preview] No.39500 del
okay and?

dye4you Anonymous 04/30/2022 (Sat) 23:23:51 [Preview] No.39502 del
would appreciate if it moderators could go a single day without fucking their userbases thanks

Anonymous 05/01/2022 (Sun) 22:26:45 [Preview] No.39512 del
Endchan devs aren't the most competent if you know about the history of this place

dye4you Anonymous 05/02/2022 (Mon) 03:05:00 [Preview] No.39514 del
ecco has to be malicious or severely mentally challenged to not notice the fact he keeps banning the entire website
why the fuck are they so hard to contact

Anonymous 05/02/2022 (Mon) 04:49:23 [Preview] No.39515 del
Cope Matt, nobody cares about your dead shithole.

Anonymous 05/02/2022 (Mon) 22:52:04 [Preview] No.39521 del
(141.94 KB 600x800 OminousSoyjak.jpg)

Anonymous 08/08/2022 (Mon) 11:17:47 [Preview] No.40551 del
Americans think that the elites want to collapse the economy so that the globalists can buy property cheaply, but what if the ruling class wants to kill off the 99% so that they can steal property?

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