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Anonymous 01/21/2023 (Sat) 13:57 [Preview] No. 45102
does anyone else feel like they could have something "watching" through their eyes?
as in something like spectator mode on a game, when you die, and are watching the POV of a teammate?
its like theres some other world or existence that is watching via you, be it entertainment or education
sometimes i feel its like it could be myself, perhaps watching my life pass before my eyes right now, unknowingly acting out past events decades before i die
other times i feel like it could be people in the future, somehow seeing through me, into the past which is our current present
even something like aliens somehow getting my POV, just looking at how life is here or some extradimensional entity seeing what the 3rd dimension is like, as opposed to the 3863th dimension, or even that life is a simulation, and the people running it are just spectating me, maybe i'm a player that just doesn't know it until i win/loose (a lot like that one rickandmorty clip), or maybe i'm just an NPC
does anyone else relate to this?

Anonymous 01/21/2023 (Sat) 20:04 [Preview] No.45109 del
The universe is infinite. There is an infinite amount of possibility. That said, almost anything that can happen probably did happen, is happening now or will happen in the future. CERN is finding this shit out by breaking down tiny particles, the more they break down the more there is they find, it's like an endless rabit hole. So.... could the massive universe be the same way? Probably. Hell, there is a theory we could possibly be a tiny microcosm of a massive blackhole outside the universe we know of, inside a much bigger outer-verse and then who knows how vast that gets? Maybe everything we witness today is God.

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