Anonymous 01/24/2023 (Tue) 05:46 No.9274 del
So, WHY does Yonkers have such a massive ‘Hate Boner’ for his Klim?

He is *always* talking about and drawing attention to him.

- Sexual?
- Unrequited love?
- A replacement for never having an older male role model?
- Re-directed self-hatred/self-loathing?
- Rage at the knowledge that he killed his own brother?
- His inability to accept his PDD and social isolation?
- Knowledge he has no future: no gf/wife/children/forever alone?
- Jealousy/Envy?
- Seeing his own reflection in a Mirror?

Yonkers, stop spamming and sperging out about your Aussie b/f who married his step-sister on her 12th birthday, and fed her donkey semen on their Wedding Night, you fucking idiot. Just let it go ffs. It's just a shitpost to wind you up. Stop replying to that troll, you fucking idiot.