Anonymous 10/11/2021 (Mon) 00:58:40 No.54174 del
>адовая зачилка

Не все так однозначно (где-то там же писали, что так проявляется лактатный ацидоз. Но он необязательно бывает).
>I remember making cuts and bleeding out and waiting. I listened to some music. And at some point, it all turned. It was hard to breathe, I couldn’t breathe. I was breathing rapidly, shallowly. I couldn’t get a breath. It felt like I had no air. And my body was wracked with pain. A pain I can’t explain. Everything hurt all at once. I couldn’t sit up, it hurt to sit up. I tried laying against the wall, against the toilet. Nothing was comfortable, it all hurt. An aching, indescribable pain. Just feeling so, so sick. And as I tried to breathe, tried to move into a tolerable position, I felt nauseous. My stomach flip flopped. I fought against vomiting all over myself, I was too weak to reach the toilet at this point.

>I sank towards the floor, the sounds from my phone sounded more menacing than peaceful. A sense of doom and forboding rose within me. The music sounded almost demonic at this point. I couldn’t breathe, I kept thinking. It hurts, it hurts, I can’t breathe, can’t breathe, it hurts.

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