Anonymous 08/17/2020 (Mon) 06:07:45 No.13918 del
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1. In her early tik toks she's in a really dirty, run down house in a cramped space with shitty furniture.
2. In at least one of her streams that I caught you can hear her family screaming/fighting in the background and she looks scared/embarrassed like it was bringing back bad memories of abuse. If you bring it up on discord you will be b&.
3. Her entire existence just seems desperate for attention/acceptance/escapism through cosplay and the need for validation from strangers.
4. The way she behaves in streams when she's not cosplaying is very indicative of someone that has been abused. Very shy, soft spoken, reluctant, etc.
5. There were tons of posts she made on discord that were highly sexualized to an alarming degree. Apparently we're to believe it was "trolling" but if you go and read them they are way to explicate for a 15 year old shy girl to be tossing out there.
6. There are rumors of her being a product of home schooling/foster family environment. The levels of abuse in the foster care system are astronomical. Homeschooling would explain her lack of friends and provide further evidence for her strong desire for validation from strangers, let alone older men on the internet.
7. She is obsessed with anime. Generally speaking, children that are obsessed with anime and Japanese culture use it as a form of escapism and want to avoid American society.
8. The haircut she has indicates self-consciously that she is trying to make herself undesirable to men, ideally to avoid future abuse.
9. She stated that she pretended to be transgender and used male pronouns for precisely this reason.
10. 90% of females do cosplay for male attention. While it was most likely not her original intention it is disturbing that she continues to commiserate with the pedophile scum on the discord. Now, her desperation for the attention of male adults grooming her online shows she may as well have "DAMAGED" tattooed across her forehead.
11. One stream her family is singing Happy Birthday to someone in the background yet she is cramped up in her room like the freak weaboo shut in that she is.