Anonymous 11/23/2019 (Sat) 21:05:49 No.1853 del
Roxy pasta:

Imagine Roxybon had a pp you could suck. Giving her an hour long sloppy head session, running your tongue around under the ridge of the full, shiny pink head, bulbous and slightly thicker than the shaft. Edging her by taking her to the brink of release only to stop to suck on her full, heavy balls so much that your spit is running down her cute pink butt hole, then going back to sucking her cock, feeling it throb in your hungry mouth, so hard you can feel her pulse.

Then she stands, and tells you it's you gently play with her messy balls you feel them tighten and rise a you suck her throbbing cock, you feel it become just a bit larger and more rigid in your mouth. She holds you by the back of the head, and begins thrusting. "I'm gonna cum, keep sucking, keep sucking while I cum...oh god...". Finally you get your sweet reward, as she lets out deep moans, her voice trembling and cracking, and you feel her twitching in your mouth, rush after rush of her hot load filling your mouth as you suck her dry, so much that it feels like it won't end...and you don't want it to end. Her entire body is tense and shaking. You try to catch it all, but some runs down your chin and neck. She collapses onto the bed, out of breath, her eyes barely open, unable to speak for few minutes, but for a few moans and whimpers. She lazily runs her finger up your throat and chin, collecting what you missed. You suck the mess off her long, slender finger as you look deep into each others eyes. She shows you her beautiful smile. She whispers "Good boy. Come here, kiss." You lock lips, tongues mingling, sharing the taste of her nectar with her. She turns out the light, holding you close.

You're hard and backed up, and wishing for a release of your own. You served her well, right? Just a quick, lazy handjob. Please...that's all you want. "I'm too tired. It's worth the wait. Ask again and you'll wait even longer." You cry yourself to sleep in her embrace.