Baseball pasta Anonymous 11/24/2019 (Sun) 09:41:59 No.1880 del
a teenage girl spends every waking moment of her most formative and would be constructive period of her youth into adult hood on a phone app cosplaying characters. Seems a little strange but thats just the current era. But in this multi-year formative period a large portion of that time was dedicated to 1 on 1 interaction with a known pedophile that is actively grooming her. She is aware and willing. They spend what has to be weeks or months meticulously constructing a narrative counter to reality that when revealed can only lead to destruction, and is paving the path to oblivion with every waking moment she endeavors in it.
She treats the "reveal" like a party. The entire time (and even now) she is spending time here shitposting and astroturfing to further reinforce the game she is playing. I've read doujins by shindoL that ended happier than this for the protag.

I played baseball when I was her age. The gulf of what she is as a person and I know a person to be is wider than her pusy after anonce gets done with her.
Its some pretty dark shit homes, like utter void of despair stuff. For her mind I mean. We'll move on to something else but this is this bitch's life and she seems to have forgotten it. Maybe bonbi was the real cosplay.