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They'll move in together in some apartment on the lower price range in some southern town to make sure nobody knows who they are, surviving on her patreon money. That'll be the first time they ever meet. They've known each other a long time and talk to each other all day so it won't be awkward for either of them. They'll have awkward sex that night which'll get less awkward as they go again and again day in and day out...what else is there for them to do? bonbi will have stopped making tiktoks and have gone full blown patreon cosplayer by this point, using her cute loliesque image the same way belle delphine and lana rain do to make her money (she'll never do 18+ content), all while hiding the fact that she moved in with her boyfriend to keep milking that innocent image. As their money dwindles, bonbi, thinking she's 'working hard', will grow tired that seth hasn't changed from his neet ways and has no job or plan for the future and is mooching off her, which will make her grow to resent him over time, and as time passes she will realize how unattractive and useless the man she burned all bridges to be with is and will think of leaving him every waking moment of her life, but she never will because she has nowhere else to go. she will be scared, abused, but above all else she will be severely depressed over the life she has chosen with the man she thought she loved. Taking seth's .45 that he stole from his mom to protect him and bonbi from any deranged orbiters they were to come across, she makes one last instagram post, and in her last message to the world there will be no apologies, only regrets. She will tell her family how she always hated them and how she wished she died when she got sick as a kid, she'll tell her fans this is all their fault for pushing her further and further into seths arms, and she'll say sorry to each one of her animals back home for leaving them. Humming hard times one last time, she closes her eyes and puts the gun to her head.

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Then we realized the director was going for an End of Eva tier hard left right at the end of the season. It was artistic suicide, performed as a 21st century play not unlike a digital shakespeare AI construct. And we just kept our part as the digital audience that the writer or the play intends to participate with. Newfags and cucks forgot we were always meant to be here shitting out shitposts and laughing at these dumb girls as they dance and sing, for free mind you. They do it for free. Newfags forgot its just for fun, they fell in love with a construct. This will be their baptism if they get on board with the don't care train. They will get it and start posting good OC, witty posts, and stop caring about a dumb thot. I got off track, but its been a fun ride.

The entertainment of the future: interactive 24hr audience participation groupthink tragicomedy, with complimentary bonus emotional trauma