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>ywn meet bonbis parents for the first time as you host Thanksgiving
>ywn assure them that their daughter is safe and in good hands as you cook for them a traditional soutern thanksgiving dinner
>ywn win the approval of her father as you impress him with your devout words and religious knowledge as you say grace
>ywn win the approval of her mother over as you do all the cooking and cleaning that night yourself, treating bonbi as if she were a queen
>ywn send them off knowing their daughter is with the right man who will love her for who she is as a person despite all her social setbacks and the rough childhood shes suffered through
>ywn close the door as you wave them goodbye while letting them know you'll be at their farm for Christmas, with everyone's stomachs stuffed and appetite satisfied, you can check this night off as a success
>everyone's except yours
>ywn find bonbi in the kitchen, cleaning up the pie you intentionally dropped for her to clean so she can make up for being a lazy cunt the whole night
>ywn slap the shit out of her for telling you the turkey was a little dry and that the mashed potatos could have used a little more butter
>ywn bend bonbi over the kitchen table, lift up her skirt and start passionately hate fucking her right in the exact spot where her parents were just adoring over you for being such a good partner in just the moments prior
>ywn fuck her for hours on end to the sound of her crying tears, begging you to stop, pleading that this night could have been different
>ywn pull out only for you to put back in, this time into her mouth as you feel your great release shooting down her throat, leaving her a cum dumpstered, teary eyed and snot nosed mess for the fourth time this week
>tfw you will never burn off those Thanksgiving dinner calories with bonbi