Anonymous 11/29/2019 (Fri) 04:55:02 No.2080 del
>you will never have bonbi over for a 4th of july barbecue
>you will never see bonbi in her bathing suit as shes takes you by the hand only to push you into the pool, stunned not only by beauty but by her mischief as well
>she will never blush in front of you as all your friends tease you about how you managed to land a perfect 10 girlfriend
>you will never get out of the pool (feeling extra hungry) with all the food ready and see your parents standing at the barbecue, proud of their biggest accomplishment in life
>your dad with a tear in his eye as he knows you've finally found the one you will spend the rest of you life with
>your mom, not being able to hold it together as she knows that's the girl who's going to make her a grandma one day (hopefully not one day soon)
>she will never cuddle up to you as you watch the fireworks show, her head leaning into your chest as you run your fingers through her hair, occasionally giving you a peck on the cheek whenever she is impressed by a firework
>you will never press your face into her now chlorine infused dyed blue hair, savoring her new fragrance
>you will never never end this American holiday with a French kiss