Anonymous 11/29/2019 (Fri) 04:56:03 No.2081 del
>you will never go on a camping trip with bonbi in the summertime
>you will never impress her with your firestarter skills as you take care of the 'bon'fire
>she will never not roll her eyes whenever you make a bon pun
>you will never sit across from bonbi and get lost in the fire in her eyes
>you will never roast marshmallows and make smores with bonbi
>you will never have to help bonbi with her marshmallow because she keeps fucking burning it
>she will never sit next to you in awe while you accomplish the task of roasting a marshmallow with just the right amount of burn and assemble the perfect smore
>you will never enjoy your marshmallow because you keep giving her yours and by the time you done roasted another mallow' she's already finished her smore in an endless cycle of you feeding her your smores
>you will never care about that because a happy bonbi is all that matters...and she had to sit next to you while you made her smores
>she will never cuddle up to you as the fire dies down and you both drift off to sleep
>you will never pretend to be asleep while she is sleeping against your chest, enjoying every one of her inhales and exhales as the minutes pass you by
>you will never feel a peck on your cheek and hear her giggle because she thinks she got you while you were sleeping
>but you weren't