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November's ending and roxybon has a little treat for you. You've noticed she's taken to only wearing skirts lately and as she pulls it up you realize why. "I liked your idea of filling you up with a gallon on my cum anon, so I've decided to save up a bit just for you." You stare transfixed at her balls, swollen like gallon jugs of milk, dangling under her upturned skirt. She pulls you close into a hug, a shudder running up her body as they bump against you with a soft tap. She runs her hands behind your back and stretches herself up to whisper in your ear. "They're so sensitive... Fuck, I need to release so badly and it's going to happen one way or another, but where and how is entirely up to you." She gives your earlobe a quick nervous nibble and continues "So tell me anon, have you been a good boy?"

>yes mistress, I've remained your most obedient slut
"Good", you can feel the grin spreading across her face with that single word whispered in your ear. She pulls you to the ground so that you're half kneeling half sitting in front of her. With one deft motion her foot pops the button on your pants and pulls them down, flopping you out in front of her. She steps on it, pinning you in place, her tender sole grinding on your shaft whenever she shifts weight. Her fingers entangle into your hair as she looks down at you "It's time for your reward anon, open wide and relax. If you gag and spill even a single drop I'm going to send you to bed without dessert. Now..." Her chub smacks your forehead with meaty slap, her engorged balls so close you could almost stick your tongue out and give them a little lick them before she pulls away, dragging herself down your face and into your mouth. Being pinned under her weight and with her hands in your hair she has a firm and steady grip on you as she slowly pushes herself all the way down inside of you. You're desperately trying to loosen up, but it's proving difficult as it seems her balls weren't the only thing that had swollen beyond its usual size in the past month. With your throat at capacity before and now stretching past it, you really hope you'll be able to swallow without spilling... hell, you hope you'll even be able to swallow after she's done with you.

>I'm sorry mistress I couldn't keep my hands out of my pants
Her eyes narrow, a slight pout blossoming on her face. She points to the bed, "Face down, slut". A little embarrassed, you obediently lay down on the bed and she fastens you with ribbons by the wrists and ankles to the corners so you're spread-eagled across it, your bare bottom unprotected and exposed to the air. You feel the bed shift under her weight as she kneels down behind you, followed by a hefty wet slap between your cheeks as she positions herself. Her hands press into your shoulder blades as she leans forward, depressing your body snugly into the bed. Her lips appear next to your ear with a low whisper "I'm sorry anon, I need to release so badly and I can't be gentle with you this time..." as you feel the pressure on your puckered hole start to build...

With your pounding thoroughly administered and her relief achieved, she cuts your ties and rolls you over onto your back, admiring your swollen tummy. She gives it a few cautious prods and all but giggles when it makes the cream leaking out of your butt spurt harder. She lies down next to you, her hand resting on your belly and says "I hope I wasn't too harsh, was I? Now that I've gotten *my* release, I suppose it's time for yours" and she pulls a chastity cage from behind her, dangling it above your face. "I'm sorry anon, I said no cumming for a month, and if you think no nut november isn't amusing enough to hold your attention, I'm going to take a personal interest in making sure denial december is more "fun" for you"