Heart Anonymous 12/01/2019 (Sun) 16:14:31 No.2167 del
What I wouldn't give to slip my hand under her shirt and make my way up her tender body savoring each fleeting moment my hand brushes against each new curve and crease and finally underneath her bra as I put my hand over her breast just to feel her beating heart.
Imagine the warmth...it must be radiant...

Yes now uphold a blade, and drive it down just beneath the sternum while carving a path parallel along her ribs. As she writhes in agony you began prying the ghastly wound apart before plunging your hand deep into the crimson chasm that is her chest. Feeling about you come to a sporadically beating heart. Grasping it you are deafened by her blood curdling screams as she pleads, and prays for merc not knowing no one for miles around will hear say for the inhabitants of the floral and fauna. With little effort you rip her vile still beating heart from her wicked body all the while she’s convulsing, and before what little life she has left is gone you lean forward whispering in her ear “ now you know how it feels”