Anonymous 02/17/2021 (Wed) 03:54:58 No.21763 del
You don't have to post anything there. This is an absolute garbage dump for those who do not understand how the ru-segment of the Internet works. This place is no longer of value to truth rus-anon. This is an absolute honeypot for the users of social networks, who think that here they can say anything, pseudo-anonymity is honey in this pot.
Moderator 2ch: 1. Sees the IP of any post, provider, city. 2. Sees all posts from the IP address throughout the site. 3. Can view the history of all IP address bans. 4. If there are System ID fingerprints from other sites, it can completely deanonymize the user. 5. Google ID is also recorded. For example, you have your –£ouTube channel, which you go to through your Google account, in another tab is open 2ch. Makaba recognizes your ID and allows you to scribble posts without a captcha. This infuriates the local fifteen-ruble kremlebots so much that they then massively raided your YouTube channel. Standard situation.
The administrator passes the IP, even if he is not asked about it - reporting to the special services, so they monitor the public mood, who and what really thinks about the government. COPM is installed, everything goes to the major on the table.