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What many people aren't aware of is that Bonbi actually lost her hymen as pre-pubescent girl during a 2 hour gymnastics class. After a long session at the trampolines and rings, she brought her leg up onto the barre in a standing split and felt a painful tearing sensation in her lower abdomen: her hymen had ruptured. Though a girl losing her 'maidenhead' through athletics, horse-riding, and other activities is not uncommon, the shock of the event caused her to develop a hostile relationship with her genitalia and her own sexuality. As her father led a weeping Bonbi from the gymnastics meet, blood staining her leotard, he sensed his girl-child had crossed a Rubicon of great significance. The effects, however, did not make themselves known until much later when Bonbi had reached that mystical age when she was expected to take an interest in boys and explore her own sexuality; it didn't happen. Her father despaired, "why does my daughter shut herself up in her room NOW, at the prime of her life?" He was wont to liken her to a 'voluntary Rapunzel' to Bonbi's chagrin. What her father did not know, however, was that Bonbi had discovered a popular video sharing and social media application: "Tik Tok". From the commanding heights of her 'maiden tower' Bonbi could interact with and breed new friendships with a great many disparate people without triggering her sexual pathos nor her dysphoric vaginal self-image. She was a smash hit. Her prolific output and meticulous cosplays made her a star nonpareil among lolicons(little girl enthusiasts) across the gamut of internet social media sites from 4chan to Reddit to Discord.