Anonymous 05/07/2021 (Fri) 14:42:26 No.23717 del
On 2ch write that tomorrow Bonbi will stream. It is unlikely that I will get on the stream because most likely I will sleep at this time. And to be honest, the motivation to get on the stream is pretty low. What should I do there? The last time I went to her stream, I wrote in the chat several times "Hi Bonby, I am Soloninoforcer" several times, but Bonby did not see me and did not answer. Therefore, there is little motivation to go to the stream.

In addition to this reason, there is little motivation to go to the stream for several other reasons.

1 Bonby did not support, as I asked her, a public international action in support of the prisoner of conscience Alexei Navalny with her photo. It is unlikely that Bonby's contribution would have been noticed, and it would hardly have helped Navalny somehow, but for me this is important only because it is a test of people's morality. The creator of the Harry Potter books, J.K. Rowling, supported the action in support of Navalny, it has morality. And no bonbie, it partially disappointed me in Bonbie. I don't want to do anything for non-moral people.

2 Bonby will again play some boring casual game like Overwatch or something similar. If a streamer is streaming computer games, the interest of the stream for viewers depends more on the chosen game than on the streamer itself. I offered Bonby to stream Dark Souls 1 because this is an interesting game for many, but she is unlikely to take it on. It's not interesting to watch Bonbi play some kind of casual game for 3 hours. She chooses boring games to stream, so few people are interested in her streams. If she continues to stream boring casual games, then she is unlikely to become a successful game streamer.

Evil tongues write that if single women have a dog, then they must have fucked a dog at least once. Haters wrote the same thing about Bonby. On the stream, I advise you to refute this vulgarity, tell about your dog, what gender it is, and why you got a dog instead of a cat. Bitards on 2ch love women with cats more than dogs. A dog loyal to its owner for being fed, and the respect of a cat must be earned.

3 Recently when I fell in love with Bonby I suffered from the fact that I could not be with her. I don’t want to fall in love with a bonbie more so I don’t want to suffer even more. Moreover, I have no opportunity to meet her in real life. Falling in love with her slightly decreased after she did not support the international action in defense of Navalny. In addition, popularity has apparently played a role in this. It can be seen that her motivation to make interesting and beautiful tik-toks has already decreased.