Anonymous 05/07/2021 (Fri) 23:40:35 No.23742 del
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On the stream Bonby seems to have noticed me. My nickname is Psy 43. At the beginning of the stream, I introduced myself just like here (Soloninoforser) and asked what her cosplay was like? isn't it a fox? She answered something, but I did not understand what. After that, in the chat, I several times offered Bonby to talk in a personal message. I could tell her something interesting and useful about psychology or social adaptation. I myself could not write to her in a personal message because her message was closed. I asked Bonby to answer me in chat or in a personal message, because I do not understand oral English well and might not understand her answer. But Bonby didn't answer me. Apparently Bonby doesn't want to communicate with me. Very sorry.