Nepetabon's pet Anonymous 12/23/2019 (Mon) 20:52:35 No.3176 del
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This nepetabon seems like she would be outwardly perhaps all sweet and nice, but she'd also make you wear a cute, discrete collar at all times, so you never forget who you belong to. She'd act mostly normal in public, but in private you'd be nothing more than her pet. She'd snuggle you in her lap if you were a good boy and give you skritches behind the ears and headpats, or perhaps you'd lay on the floor next to the couch and she absentmindedly massaged you with her toes as she watched tv, but even dare to think of misbehaving and you'd get leashed and caged with no remorse. She's not cruel, she won't have you neutered, but she will insist on your junk being locked up at all times so you don't get any funny ideas about couches or some such. She never allows you to eat at the table, she sets a special bowl for you underneath, next to her feet and your bed is actually just a large comfy pillow at the foot of her bed. Once in a while, if she judges you were a really, really good boy she'll allow you to curl up by her feet on top of the bed and spend the night there.