Roxybon - Unwinding After Work Anonymous 12/23/2019 (Mon) 21:19:26 No.3191 del
Imagine roxybon coming home from work all gross and tired. She finds you lounging on the couch and the irritated look on her face instantly shoots dread through your heart, like you know you've been a bad, misbehaving puppy about to get disciplined. You apprehensively try to get up to greet her, but she pushes you prone and slumps down heavily, sitting on your chest as she kicks off her shoes and rests for a moment. She lets out a long weary sigh and shifts around so that she's kneeling on your shoulders, pinning you down. You see under her skirt, her plump heavy balls, sweaty from a long day of work, hanging just inches above your face. You feel her fingers intertwine into your hair and grab firmly as she leans forward, dragging herself down your face, her warm damp skin leaving a trail from your forehead to your chin, until her tip stops at your mouth. You know how she can be when she's exhausted and looking for nothing but stress relief, so you obediently open up and close your eyes, trying to relax your tensed up body and hoping you'll still be able to talk after she's done with your throat.

You think your jaw may have been dislocated and give it a couple of cautious prods, but it seems fine for the most part, just quite sore. Roxybon's dozing, slumped half on top of you in your embrace, her breath rolling in gentle waves across your neck. She stirs for a moment and lightly nuzzles on your ear, a quiet apology and words of love whispered through her lips, her arms wrapping around your chest, her knee shifting to press uncomfortably between your legs before she dozes off again. You feel her heartbeat against your body slow and eventually she starts softly snoring beside you. Despite the somewhat uncomfortable position you figure you don't want to risk waking her. She's finally calmed down and you're not sure you could take another round so you just snuggle a little closer and bask in her embrace until sleep finally takes you too.