Alienbon - Abducted Anonymous 12/24/2019 (Tue) 09:28:32 No.3208 del
A low rumbling permeates the night overhead stirring you from your sleep. You open your eyes and immediately regret it as you're suddenly assaulted by a piercingly bright light. For a few moments you feel weightless then a cold hardness pressing against your back and something snagging your wrists and ankles, locking them in place. You venture a peek around and see you're strapped to a steel table in the middle of a room full of bizzare machines all whirring and blinking, alien text streaming across displays.
Your eye catches on a figure silhouetted against the bright light. It seems fairly humanoid, though the hands seem wrong for some reason. It moves closer, out of the glare and you realize it's because her fingers are freakishly long, which is immediately followed by your heart jumping into your throat as you look up and see her completely pitch black eyes, no iris, just void.

She sidles up to the table and you instinctively try to shrink away, but you're tied down tight. With a sly little smirk she touches her fingertips to your forehead and you hear a voice echo in your head "No need to worry, no harm will befall you. We do not butcher our cattle." She hoists herself onto the table and plonks herself down onto you, straddling your chest. Her fingertips press against your forehead again and suddenly your head is filled with a mess of visions, all very primal, all very... carnal with no head or tail to them, you just know you're starting to get very uncomfortable in your pants.
Satisfied with the results she pulls away, yanks your pants down, and proceeds to lower herself onto you. She bounces experimentally up and down a few times and then clamps down on you tightly, at which point you feel something tendril-like unfurl inside her and wriggle down your peehole. Panic floods your body as it probes deeper and deeper and then starts widening as slightly squishy marble shaped objects start pushing down through the tendril. When the last one squeezes into your sack she lightens her grip and grinds on you, slow at first then faster and faster. The weird feeling of the tendril lodged inside you mixing with the pleasure from her movement drives you crazy. You feel as if you're maddeningly right at the edge, but any attempt to step beyond is met with an invisible barrier. She clamps down again and moans, this time fluid pouring into your balls, making them swell. After a few shuddering moments she detaches herself from you, allowing you to expel all excess fluid, though still unable to release yourself.

Again her fingers seek out your forehead and you hear the voice, slightly more wavering this time "G-gestation period is about two of your months. A p-perhaps unfortunate side effect of the seeding is t-that it suppresses your ability to release, though it does n-not suppress your natural urges so you might get somewhat pent up. J-just try not to think about it too much and you should be fine." To your surprise you find yourself thinking that yeah, that's completely normal and totally fine, as you feel yourself calming down almost unnaturally quickly.
She slides off of you and starts fiddling with some buttons on the wall, at which point the brilliant white light surrounds you again, the feeling of weightlessness returns and the last thing you sense before getting your lights knocked out are the warm sheets of your own bed.
You wake up the next morning, events of the previous night distant like a dream. Surely nothing like that could have actually happened right? You tell yourself you've gotta stop watching weird hentai right before bed... though to be honest your balls do seem ever so sightly swollen. You give them a couple of cautious prods. Surely it's just your imagination.