Roxybon - 69 Anonymous 12/24/2019 (Tue) 12:27:30 No.3217 del
Imagine roxybon lying back-to-front on top of you, her legs pinning down your arms, her weight almost comfortable against your body if not for her large, heavy balls resting on your face as she's fully submerged inside your throat. She's propped up and playing with your pp and even though she's not moving her hips you can feel her very slowly and steadily getting heavier on your face. She likes playing around with you in this way, completely immobilizing you and then bringing you to the edge over and over again, sometimes keeping you there for a pretty while, but never enough to actually tip you over, until she's had enough excitement herself and you feel her grow even bigger than she already was in your mouth. She brings you to the edge one final time, and just as you start feeling your sweet release she plugs her pinkie to the hilt into you, preventing you from spilling even a single drop of yourself on her, instead her now immensely large balls tighten as she pours herself straight down your throat more and more and more, gushing like a neverending torrent until your belly's full and feels like it's going to burst and all the while you can't do anything other than just twitch uselessly in her hands.