Zero bon - A fun time Anonymous 12/24/2019 (Tue) 15:16:40 No.3219 del
Imagine zero bon tying you down to her bed with the promise of fun times, but you realize too late she didn't quite specify who the fun times would be for. At first her fingers feel like magic as she plays with you, getting you to the edge quickly but then always frustratingly keeping you inches away. After what feels like an eternity she finally lets up and lets you stew for a bit. She's careful not to press against any sensitive areas as she snuggles up to you and quietly teases you with ideas of unreleased tensions, but after a while she straddles your tied up body and gyrates until she sees you can't take any more. With a final thrust she fully pushes herself down while leaning forward, her soft whisper in your ear "I'm not on the pill anon", but you're stuck in place and already too far gone to do anything about it now. All you can do is watch in horror as she clamps down on you further and you fall over the edge spilling yourself deep inside her, pumping yourself dry. When you're done she gives you a gentle kiss and whispers "I'm sorry for being so mean, I guess I can give you a chance to fix this". She pulls herself up and plonks herself squarely on top of your mouth and says "You better act quickly and suck hard anon, you got a lot in there", as her laughter chimes around you and she grinds herself down into your face some more, your juices already starting to seep out of her.