Roxybon - Drunken Dancing Anonymous 12/24/2019 (Tue) 15:23:35 No.3221 del
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>And this is our assertive mistress when she gets drunk and tries to dance
And as the night grows long she drunkenly leans heavily into you, toppling the two of you over. She lands on top you, pinning you to the ground, a position you've become much accustomed to. She sloppily slobbers you with a kiss then leans into your ear and tells you in a slurred whisper how much she appreciates you bringing her that bottle of wine and she absolutely should do something to repay you, as you start feeling something hardening against your abdomen. She reaches down, pulls up her skirt, then sluggishly pulls herself upright on top of you. She hovers over your face for a moment as you obediently open for her, then slumps down and and gives a few half-hearted pumps before she collapses in a drunken coma on top of you, her chub still inserted halfway down your throat.