Roxybon - Chastity Anonymous 12/24/2019 (Tue) 16:47:20 No.3224 del
Roxybon sneaks up behind you and wraps her arms around your midriff as she whispers in your ear "I'm sorry anon, I know being locked up has been tough for you, but my toys have to earn their release. Here..." She turns you to face her and you see in her slightly open mouth the tiny key to your freedom. She pulls you close against her body and leans in to kiss you, pushing the key into your mouth and with some alarm you realize pushing it further and further back. She squeezes your body unexpectedly and in a moment of clouded judgement you inadvertently swallow. She pulls away with a grin on her face, admiring her handiwork and says with a giggle "Well I guess you'll just have to stay pent up a little bit longer" as she slaps her hand between your legs and cups it, leaving you with a quick little grope before walking away.