Roxybon - Punishment Anonymous 12/24/2019 (Tue) 16:49:49 No.3225 del
Imagine roxybon sitting in your lap so she's facing you. She slides her arms around and up behind your shoulder blades, pressing her body into your own, poking you in your abdomen. She feels you react to it and lets out a soft giggle as she nuzzles on your ear. By now you're feeling pretty tight in your own pants, but you're locked up and starting to feel a bit uncomfortable, which she seems to also notice and take even more delight in as she doubles her efforts in teasing your ear and neck with nuzzles. She then shifts her weight and rotates your bodies so that she's now the one sitting and you drop to the floor in front of her. You eagerly eye her skirt for a moment and start reaching when she slaps your hand away and says sternly "Did I give you permission? I don't think so, I guess you need to be reminded..." She stands up and points to the bed. "Strip, face down." You obey with quiet resignation, nervously anticipating your punishment. You feel her kneel down on your knees, pinning them to each side then roxybon grabbing your arms and roughly pulling them back and locking them in place behind you. You feel her weight pushing your wrists into the small of your back as she leans forward, her mouth appearing next to your ear with a capricious whisper "I do so love it when you misbehave, anon" as you feel something hefty flop onto your rosy cheeks with a wet slap.